How To Straighten Your Hair

So you want to straighten your hair? I'm tempted to give you the lecture on accepting yourself just as you are, but I'll bite my tongue for now and give you a step-by-step guide on how to straighten your hair instead.  

To straighten your hair:

  1. Wash and condition your hair as usual.
  2. Towel dry your hair by gently blotting hair with the towel. Remember that wet hair is more vulnerable to damage so be gentle with your hair when it is wet.

  3. Put a protective product on your hair as the blow dryer is going to blow the bejesus out of it.
  4. If you use a straightening product, put it on your hair now and distribute evenly.
    how to straighten your hair
  5. You know how they divide your hair into sections when you're at the salon? Though it's never easy to reproduce what they do at the salon, do the same thing as best you can (and next time you're at the salon, watch closely to see how they do it). You're going to divide your hair into sections and put all the sections up on top of your head except for the bottom section.
  6. Using a brush, select a small segment of hair from the bottom section that you did not put up. Start at the top of the segment of hair and gently brush from the roots to the ends, blow drying as you go. You'll want to keep the hair away from your head so as not to burn your scalp with the blow dryer. Always keep the blow dryer moving and go from underneath your hair to on top of it with the blow dryer.
  7. Never spend too much time in one spot with the blow dryer. Think of it like you do brushing your teeth -- you'll want to try and hit all the spots evenly.
  8. While you want to keep some tension on your hair as this helps to straighten it, it's a fine line between not enough and too much. Basically, you want to minimize pulling and stretching wet hair while trying to keep tension consistent.
  9. When one segment is dry and straight, move on to another segment of your hair, and repeat the sequence above. When all of the hair in a section is dry and straight, then unclip another section of the hair that is on top of your head and go through the same sequence.

If you want Jennifer Aniston hair, you'll have to complete your styling with a flat iron as described in How To Use a Sedu Flat Iron to Style Your Hair. And please, please, please remember to always condition your hair. Straightening your hair regularly does damage it, and you need to make up for the abuse. Finally, every once in a while, let your hair go natural and allow it to dry on its own--yes you heard me right--no blow dryer, no flat iron. And repeat after me, "I am beautiful just as I am."


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