How To Avoid Bad Hair Days

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good Hair?

We've gotten a lot of mileage out of "bad hair day." The term conjures up a comically unfortunate hairstyle, an anomaly for someone whose hair is normally at least presentable, if not stylish and dignified. Why do bad hair days happen? How much of it is meddling and mistreatment, as opposed to bad luck? Who's to blame? Anyone? Some higher being?

Does the phrase resonate with us because of our inclinations to boil all of life's problems down into a relatively trivial, unrelated complaint? Or does it resonate because something relatively minor can overwhelm and ruin our day?

First of all, you must make sure that you aren't just projecting your unrelated, larger issues onto perfectly innocent hair. Take a few moments to reflect on your day. Is your hair to blame? If it helps, take a picture of yourself right now and compare it to a picture of you on a good day. Does your hair look any different?

If you're certain that your hair is indeed bad today, then it's time to diagnose the problem and see to it that the mistake is never repeated.

  1. If your bad hair days become increasingly common, you run the risk of turning them into... normal hair days. Typically, the reason for this will be the condition of your hair. Is your hair too oily or too dry? Both extremes can definitely cause bad hair days until you nurse your hair back to luscious health. To do this, you must modify your hair products, grooming habits and nutrition. Read our articles about how to care for dry hair and oily hair. Right those wrong tresses!
  2. Sometimes a new hairstyle can cause bad hair days. People often have to wait for several days or maybe even a couple weeks before their new style grows enough to look good. Sometimes the bad hair days continue as the hair grows. If you can't shake the bad hair day, then you should get your hair styled for a second time, by a different stylist. If the bad hair ceases as the hair grows, then observe how long your hair must be in order to look good in that style. The more guidance and detail you can give a hairstylist next time, the more you can avoid bad hair days in the future.
  3. Do your bad hair days happen after rushed mornings? We all develop a healthy routine in the morning as we prepare for work, school or loitering. Oversleeping leads to rushing, which can upset the routine. Guess what? This is often why we leave for work upset over bad hair. We didn't have time to follow the routine. Maybe we blow-dried our hair more than usual or, in a mad rush, applied too much hair spray. Maybe we forgot product that our hairstyle requires. Maybe we ran out of product because we were too rushed the previous morning to take account of the empty bottle. The point is, rushing won't help you avoid bad hair days, but it can cause them.

I bet there's someone with perfect hair at work, school or wherever you loiter - someone who never suffers even a moment of imperfect hair. Every follicle is in place. Every cuticle shines healthily. '(Sigh...) If only there were a way... for my--my hair....' you think.

While we all hope that person has a spectacularly bad hair day sometime, the truth is that you can have hair that healthy, too. You can be the person who never has a bad hair day. It's all a matter of whether you want to tolerate the occasional bad hair day, or devote the time and effort to ensure that it never happens again. Are you ready to take these three steps?

  • Develop the discipline to adhere to a good morning routine.
  • Honestly detail your routine and hair desires with your hairstylist.
  • Come to terms with your hair type and make the necessary adjustments to prevent oiliness or dryness.

If so, you can avoid bad hair days.


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