Remove Unwanted Body Hair: Shaving and Waxing Tips and More

Learn About Temporary and Permanent Hair Removal

There are multiple ways to remove unwanted body hair temporarily or permanently.  The method of hair removal to use depends in part on your hair and skin.  Here are some shaving, waxing and other tips to help you to decide the best way to remove unwanted body hair. 

  1. Shaving- These easy shaving tips will show you the proper way to shave for body hair removal. There are two ways to shave, with an electric razor or with a wet/disposable razor. Electric razors are very quick and easy to use. They are convenient enough to use anytime and anywhere. There are many different types made specifically for your hair and skin type. For example, some are made to release a soothing gel for people with sensitive skin. Be sure to follow the instructions for the care of your razor to be sure it works properly. Change the blades regularly.

    Wet shaving is another option. Choose a good disposable razor to prevent ingrown hairs and razor burn. The best method is in the shower to allow the steam to soften the hair and skin, which should help lessen irritation.  Use a rich shaving cream or hair conditioner and shave in the direction that the hair grows. If you are shaving a beard, say in front of a mirror, be sure to splash your face several times with warm water to soften it. If you are working on any area with really long hair, for example your head or back, try to trim the hair to ¼ of an inch. While shaving, be sure to stop and rinse your razor periodically to prevent clogging. Always use a sharp blade and only use disposables two or three times before replacing. Shaving using either of these methods typically only lasts a few days.

  2. Waxing- These waxing tips will help you properly take care of unwanted hair. Waxing is done by applying a hot wax formula, usually honey-based, to the area. Then a cloth strip is applied over the wax and when it cools and hardens to the strip (which only takes a few seconds), the cloth is pulled off in one quick swipe. Waxing can be used anywhere on the body, but is more popular for lips, eyebrows and bikini areas. Be sure to work on only a small portion at a time. Depending on the area being waxed, it may sting a bit, but only for a second. Redness and puffiness can also occur temporarily. However the benefit is quite worth it. Take an ibuprofen 30 minutes before the procedure to minimize pain and puffiness. Waxing isn't very expensive and it is always a good idea to let a professional do the job before trying it yourself at home. If skin tends to be sensitive, apply aloe vera to the area afterward. Any tenderness and redness should subside within an hour. Waxing usually lasts up to a month.

  3. Depilatories- These can be creams, gels, or lotions. They work by dissolving the hair below the skin's surface. Nair is one of the most popular depilatory creams. It is very effective on coarse hair and only takes about 10 to 20 minutes for the whole process. However, products like these can sting or burn the skin, especially if left on too long. They are known to have an unpleasant odor and most of them cannot be used on the face.

  4. Electrolysis- This is a permanent hair removal procedure that is performed by a professionally trained electrologist. They insert a needle into the hair root, and an electric current is sent to the root, killing it off. This procedure is absolutely painless. Electrolysis is very safe, and unlike depilatories or bleaches, no harsh chemicals are used. However, do your research before choosing an electrologist. There are no permanent side effects, only a slight redness of the skin occurs after the procedure, but goes away quickly. The total amount of treatments needed varies from person to person. They usually last between fifteen minutes to an hour. The cost could range from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on the area being treated. Just be sure to get a consultation and ask any questions that you may have.

  5. Laser Treatments- This is also a permanent hair removal process performed by a dermatologist. A pulsed laser is used to remove unwanted hair from the body. Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. A big requirement is that the hair must be darker than the surrounding skin, because if the skin is darker, too much of the laser energy could be absorbed into the skin, which is not healthy. Coarse, dark hair is best. Blonde or red hair is not because it doesn't absorb enough laser energy. Treatment cost depends on the size of the area, generally $500 per session with an average of four sessions needed. One session can produce long term hair removal, but since hair grows in cycles, multiple sessions are optimal to be sure all is removed. Any area can be treated with the exception of the eye area. Talk to your dermatologist if you feel this may be a good procedure for you.  

From shaving tips to laser treatment, you now know about body hair removal options. Good luck choosing the best one for you.


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