How To Blow Dry Hair: Using Blow Dryers

Try These Hair Care Tips when Using a Blow Dryer

Blow drying hair

Blow drying your hair is not the healthiest method to dry your hair - better to let it air dry. However, blow drying is sometimes necessary.  As long as you protect your hair from the heat with a good thermal protectant spray and have a healthy hair maintenance routine, blow drying will not be that damaging. 

To safely blow dry your hair:

  1. Towel dry hair until it is about 2/3 damp.

  2. Mousse or hair gel can be added to wet hair before blow drying to achieve a desired look.

  3. Section hair in four even sections, for instance two sections on top and two in the back. If you have straight hair, use a blow dryer with a wide tooth comb attachment for better distribution of heat. If hair is curly, use a diffuser attachment to keep curls in place.

  4. Dry one section at a time on high heat starting with the roots, which take longer to dry. As your hair dries, work down to the ends on a lower setting. The ends of your hair tend to dry faster, and if they are overheated they could become brittle and result in split ends.

  5. Dryers should be at least 6 inches away from hair to prevent heat damage. If not using any type of attachments, make sure you wave the blow dryer back and forth to prevent scorching of the hair and burning of your scalp.

  6. You can also use a round brush on the bottom of hair, brushing in a downward motion while blow drying over the hair in the same direction. You can achieve a sleeker, straighter look using this method. Remember, though, never to blow dry in an upward motion because it could cause hair to frizz.

  7. Frequent blow drying can dry out your hair. Take these steps to protect your hair from harm:
    • It is always a good idea to use a heat protectant serum on hair to prevent heat damage.
    • Once your hair is thoroughly dry, apply an everyday conditioner to counteract any moisture loss or heat damage.
    • When blow drying naturally dry hair, always use a thermal protectant like ThermaSilk. Also, blow dry on the lowest setting possible to prevent over-drying and frizz.
    • To prevent damage for all hair types, never blow dry hair while it is soaking wet because this can scorch the hair. Always direct the airflow downward and in one direction to prevent frizz and split ends. Try not to use your blow dryer more than once or twice a week.
    • Another protective measure is to use a shampoo with humectants. These are designed to bind moisture to your hair, which can protect it from heat damage. The shampoo comes in oil-based and water-based solvents for different hair needs.

Try out different blow dryers and look for one that is designed to help protect your hair.  Make thermal protectants part of your everyday hair maintenance before drying your hair. 


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