How To Detangle Hair Without Damaging It

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There are many ways to prevent tangled hair. However, if your hair is tangled, do not panic or pull at it as this will only make it worse. Your hair can kink up or tangle for many different reasons - it can happen during rain storms, in windy weather, and even after swimming.  Once you've learned how to keep your hair tangle-free, I recommend checking out the excellent guide 1001 Beauty Tips to learn how to have great-looking hair and skin.

Here's how to keep your hair smooth and silky:

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly before washing to get any loose hairs or dirt out. Hair tends to tangle on its own when it's dry, and wetting your can make any tangling worse.
  2. While your hair is wet, use a wide-toothed comb and section hair off in small sections. To prevent knots, comb beginning at the ends and slowly move up, section by section, to the roots.
  3. There are a wide variety of hair products made for detangling hair. Apply these products to wet hair and comb with a wide-toothed comb. Detanglers come in different forms. The most popular products are spray-on mists, but shampoos and deep conditioners can also have detangling ingredients. These products are available for different hair types, such as gentle formulas for fine hair or children's hair and heavier-duty formulas for thick hair. Hair detanglers can also provide a second service like shine serum or frizz control.
  4. Since tangles tend to happen at the ends of hair, be sure to apply a deep conditioner to the ends. This will soften them and help to prevent tangling.
  5. If your hair is already tangled, apply a dime-sized amount of oil or conditioner to the knot to loosen it with a wide-toothed comb, carefully combing out the knot. Do not pull sharply or your will break your hair; you may even tear it from your scalp.
  6. To prevent tangling while blow drying your hair, use a blow dryer with a wide-toothed comb attachment and blow dry the hair straight down, one small section at a time.
  7. If gum is stuck in the hair, a product like peanut butter, olive oil, or mayonnaise can be applied to the gum to soften the gum, making it easier to work out of the hair.
  8. If a scrunchie or rubber band is tangled in the hair, it is best to cut out as much of the band as possible, then work the rest of it out of the hair.
  9. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase at night or pulling your hair back before bed also prevents tangles because it keeps your hair from moving around too much.
  10. If worse comes to worst, cut the knot or tangle out; before doing that, try to work out as much of the hair as possible so you will not have to cut as much hair. Cut very close to the knot and only what you have to. After cutting, condition the ends to prevent them from splitting.

If your hair is prone to tangles, make professional detanglers a part of your everyday hair routine. Shop around and invest in a good detangling product. It is far preferable to losing hair unnecessarily.


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