Permanent Lipstick and Lip Liner: Get Permanent Make-Up

Get Make-Up Tips About Permanent Cosmetics

Woman getting a permanent lip tattoo

When we think of permanent make-up like lipstick and lip liner, we usually think of a permanent solution for those wanting to look their best without the everyday inconvenience of applying makeup. But did you know that cosmetic lip tattooing is also used to correct damage caused by oral cancer, chemotherapy and sun damage?  And it is an excellent solution for those who are partially or completely blind or have an unsteady hand and cannot apply their own makeup.

Although believed to be a new procedure, cosmetic lip tattooing has actually been a beauty-enhancing practice used by women in ancient Mediterranean and African cultures for years.  Today, cosmetic lip tattooing is available through tattoo artists, cosmetologists and surgeons almost everywhere. Permanent lip liner is used to perfectly shape the lips by outlining them with color while permanent lipstick is used to color the fleshy part of the lips.

The procedure for permanent cosmetics such as lipstick or lip liner is done similarly to the way a tattoo is done. Usually a tattoo gun is used to automatically inject the ink color into the lip area.  Sometimes the professional artist chooses to apply the ink by hand with a needle since a gun can be more painful due to the lip area being very sensitive. Although manual cosmetic tattooing can be less painful, it takes a lot longer and can be more costly than automatic tattooing. Before you decide to get a lip tattoo, you may want to know some permanent make-up tips first. Here's how to get tattoos and permanent make-up for lipstick and lip liner.

  1. Your first step in getting permanent lipstick and lip liner is to decide on a professional who will perform the procedure. It is a good idea to do your research on those who specialize in permanent cosmetics since using an inexperienced professional artist could result in damaged lips. Ask the professional you are interested in to provide you with a portfolio of her work. Find out how many years of experience she has had doing this type of work. While it is not necessary in most states for cosmetic tattoo artists to be certified, there are some that are.  Certified professionals are a wiser choice when considering an artist for this type of work. To find out if a practitioner is certified, check with the American Academy of Micropigmentation.
  2. Your second step toward achieving permanent lipstick and lip liner is to have a consultation with the professional you have chosen for the procedure. Having a consultation done is a must to ensure that any medical conditions or drugs you may be taking will not interfere with your surgery.
  3. Usually within 24 hours after the consultation, your permanent lipstick and lip liner procedure will take place. Before the procedure begins, however, a topical anesthetic may be applied to your lips to reduce pain since the lips are a very sensitive area. After the procedure, you should expect a little swelling and bruising to your lips that can last anywhere from a few days to a week. You should avoid any sort of activity involving your lips for the next several days. Makeup and sunlight should be avoided as well.
  4. Finally you will probably have to return after six to eight weeks to finish your application of permanent lipstick and lip liner.  It is rare that one visit is enough and swelling must be at a minimum to continue this type of procedure.

Please keep in mind that even though the permanent lipstick and lip liner procedure is permanent, the color can fade in the years to come, depending on the individual. With that said, enjoy your new lips and a beautiful new you. If you like how this cosmetic tattoo came out, you may want to consider getting permanent make-up for your eyes as well!


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