How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner over False Lashes

Girl with eyeliner and false lashes

The key to making false eyelashes blend is to apply a dark liquid eyeliner over the false lash line on your upper eyelid. The challenge is that liquid eyeliner dries quickly and requires a steady hand.  Because liquid eyeliner is applied after you have already put on much of your foundation and eye makeup, it can also make cleaning up complicated. The following tips will help you apply eyeliner to make your false eyelashes blend well.

    1. Get your own brush and trim it. The applicator brush that comes in a liquid eyeliner is often useless for this task; you will want to obtain your own long-handled brush with a thin line of bristles or one with a tapered tip. Avon makes a flat "push brush" as does Sephora and MAC. If you are fearful of too heavy a line, use a nail trimmer and clip a few of the bristles off of either side of the brush to produce a thinner brush for a thinner line, or clip straight diagonally across and trim a few bristles to make as thin a brush as possible. When you first practice, you might want to try a few cheaper brushes that you can cut to your own specifications. You can always customize the bristles, so when selecting a brush, go by what you feel comfortable with in your hand. Make two of these brushes, one to apply and one to blend.
    2. Assess what kind of liquid eyeliner is feasible for this task. Liquid eyeliner comes in the standard bottle with a little brush in the cap, and many brands such as Too Faced, Paula Dorf and others make a liquid that, when mixed with any eyeshadow, can make a customized liquid liner. This option might work out well for beginners since you can make your liquid formulation not too wet and it can be lightened or darkened with other shadows. If it is too wet, let it sit for a minute to make it tackier.
    3. Assess the correct color for you. The correct color for a dark-lined look is likely not black; it is probably brown, plum, navy, hunter green or a brown-black. Even Marilyn Monroe's done-up eye was actually liquid brown eyeliner, not jet-black as it appears. Black can be glamorous, but also very aging and at times, actually makes your eye look much smaller. Only go as dark as you need to blend the false eyelashes.
    4. You need a steady hand. This is almost impossible to do freehand on yourself, so you need to take your application hand with your brush in it and prop your elbow on a counter or table so that your hand does not shake during application. Lean your face toward your propped arm and into your hand (not the other way around), so that you have a steady grip. A steady grip means a straighter and more even line.

    5. Apply the liquid liner from the applicator that came with the liquid eyeliner to your own custom brush by brushing it on your brush enough to evenly coat the brush without getting it too wet.

    6. In front of your mirror, assume the elbow on the table position with your applicator hand, which will be your dominant hand and lean your head toward your applicator.
    7. Looking straight ahead, close the eye that corresponds with your dominant hand (if you are right-handed, this will be your right eye) and take your left hand over your eye, and very lightly with your pinky pull your top eyelid taut, and if possible, angled slightly upwards.

    8. Starting on the outside corner of your eye, place your brush with the bristles held straight and tap the brush lightly against the lash line, sort of briefly "pushing" it and lightly wiggling the brush into your lash line and just above that on the lid where your false eyelashes end.

    9. Lift up the brush to assess the application.  If it looks good, take a clean brush of the same size and line the brush up again and move inward from the middle of your eyelid. From the middle of your lash line, just lightly brush the excess that is already on the lid toward the inner corner from the middle to about ¾ of the way in toward the inner eye. Do not line all the way around until you assess all of your eye makeup to decide if you need the extra liner. You need only go as far over as the false lashes need coverage to blend. If you are raising your eyelid slightly with your pinky finger, you will achieve the "cat eye" look without trying any other fancy tricks, so just try to conform to the natural lash line and not worry about "creating" an eye shape.
    10. Keep your eye closed, and have a Q-tip with some makeup remover already on it prepared to clean up any mistakes.
    11. Keep your eye closed long enough to allow the liner to dry. Look for any missing or bare spots, and just dot on with a quick tap on those areas, and blend.
    12. Repeat with the other eye by reapplying eyeliner to your custom brush, pulling taut the closed eyelid, and pressing the brush bristles into the lash line from the outside inward. Repeat steps nine through eleven.
    13. If you find yourself beauty-impaired during step 8, instead of the push and wiggle method, try dotting the liner along your lash line with a pointed brush, then lightly sweeping a brush from inner eye to outer eye to "connect the dots."


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