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  • How To Clean Incolay Stone

    The intricate carving on your Incolay jewelry box needs special care. Follow these instructions carefully for the best results.
  • How To Clean Hemp Shoes

    Need help cleaning hemp shoes? Get cleaning tips to keep hemp materials from getting dirty. Here's how to clean hemp shoes.
  • How To Buy an Hermes Handbag

    The Hermes handbag line has become justifiably famous and well-regarded, but it can be a trick to get a hold of or afford a Hermes handbag.
  • How To Clean Vans Shoes

    The popular Vans sneakers are comfortable and come in trendy colors. Learn tips for keeping your Vans shoes clean.
  • How To Wear a Palestinian Scarf

    Need help wearing a Palestinian scarf or kuffiyeh? Get clothing tips for wearing this accessory. Here's how to wear a Palestinian scarf.
  • How To Clean a Silver Chain That Turned Black

    Your beautiful silver chain is now a black mess. This is tarnish, a natural problem for all silver items, and you can easily clean it off. Here's how.
  • How To Avoid Buying a Fake Diamond Ring

    An engagement ring is a major investment. You want the most diamond you can afford -- and you don't want to spend your money on a fake. Here's what to know.
  • How To Clean and Care for Leather Gloves

    Leather gloves are functional, durable and even stylish. But you can't just throw them into the washer to clean them. Here's what you need to know.
  • How To Attach Spurs to Boots

    Follow these steps to attach spurs of any size to your cowboy boots for a more authentic look.
  • How To Clean Jewelry Castings

    Here is an explanation of how jewelry is made by casting and in how to effectively clean jewelry castings.
  • How To Clean Military Medals

    Military medals should be treated respectfully; they can be treated the same way as jewelry for cleaning. Here’s how to clean military medals.
  • How To Wrap Hair in a Silk Scarf

    A silk scarf can boost your beauty, day or night. In the daytime, a scarf adds to your personal style. At night, it can keep your hair from tangling. Read on for more.
  • How To Wear a Top Hat

    Wearing a top hat takes a certain panache, a personal style that stands out from all the rest. If you want to wear a hat like this for a formal occasion, here's what...
  • How To Assemble a Magnetic Bracelet

    Aside from being a jewelry accessory, a magnetic bracelet has health benefits. Here's how to assemble a magnetic bracelet.
  • How To Wear a Scarf Over a Dress

    Interested in wearing a scarf with your outfit? Get fashion tips and ideas for wearing scarves. Here's how to wear a scarf over a dress.
  • How To Use Tiaras with Short Hair

    Sure, all beauty queens seem to have flowing hair like a fairy-tale princess. But you can look like a princess, too, even if your hair is short. All you need is a tiara!
  • How To Wear a Tiara

    Learn to wear a tiara with pride and style and you will be the belle of the ball or look like a perfectly deserving beauty queen.
  • How To Adjust Plastic Frame Temples

    If the plastic frame of your eyeglasses become bent or damaged around the temples, take these steps to adjust your plastic frame.
  • How To Identify a Real Diamond

    Artificial stones can be very beautiful, but if you're paying top dollar for a ring or other jewelry, you want a real diamond. Here's how to recognize the genuine gem.
  • How To Use Jet Dry in Gold Refining

    Jet Dry dishwashing agent can not only get your dishes extra clean but can also help your gold refining work.
  • How To Identify Vintage Costume Jewelry

    If you develop an eye for genuine vintage costume jewelry you can unearth some real finds in the antique shops and some beautiful pieces of costume jewelry.
  • How To Use a Tiara with Medium to Long Hair

    Style your medium to long hair perfectly to set off a tiara and help your hairstyle and tiara combination unleash your inner princess!
  • How To Use a Polariscope to Make Jewelry

    A polariscope can help you to determine the optic character of your gems so that you can best combine or choose gems for your jewelry designs.
  • How To Spot a Fake Guess Handbag

    If you pay top dollar for a Guess handbag, you want the expert craftsmanship and real fabrics that brand is known for. You don't want to waste money on a knock-off purse.
  • How To Spot a Fake Vera Bradley Purse

    Vera Bradley's bright fabric purses are super-trendy, and everybody wants one. But they're expensive. If you lay out the cash, you want to get the real thing.
  • How To Identify Real 925 Silver

    925 silver is also known as sterling silver. If you are paying top dollar for a piece, obviously you want sterling and not silver-plate. Here's how to tell you've got...
  • How To Identify Old Bulova Watches

    Bulova watches were originally made and distributed to WWI military officers and are now collector’s items. Learn to identify an old Bulova watch.
  • How To Tell a Diamond from Moissanite

    Are you buying a diamond or a synthetic stone? Moissanite is a natural quarts, but most moissanite you'll find is manmade. It's pretty, but don't pay diamond prices...
  • How To Temporarily Fix Your Eyeglasses

    Eyeglasses lose screws, get broken frames, and have other problems all the time, leaving you without eyewear unless you temporarily fix your eyeglasses.
  • How To Soften Leather Boots

    New leather boots are stiff and uncomfortable, but you can soften leather boots through a few easy steps.
  • How To Tie and Wear Scarves on Your Head

    Wearing a scarf just makes a woman feel prettier. It's fashion-forward and trendy to add a head scarf to your style, and there's more than one way to tie them.
  • How To Spot Knock-Off Prada Purses

    Carrying a designer purse boosts your style, and Prada is a fashion favorite for handbags. But you might buy a bag and realize later it's a knock-off, not the real thing.
  • How To Stretch Women's Shoes

    If your women's shoes do not fit as nicely as you would like, you can try to stretch your shoes to fit with a variety of shoe care methods.
  • How To Tie a Scarf Butterfly Wrap

    A butterfly wrap is tied in a way to resemble a butterfly's wings. Learn to tie a wrap and add a special touch of personal elegance to your outfit.
  • How To Soften Leather Shoe Laces

    Leather shoes are one of the most popular of leather products. Learn how to soften the leather shoe laces so they are not stiff and difficult to tie.
  • How To Get Cheap Insoles

    You can save money on footwear by finding insoles at rock-bottom prices. Try discount and thrift stores to get these items that add comfort to your shoes.
  • How To Freshen Smelly Shoes

    Smelly shoes can be caused by bacteria. You can wash some shoes. New insoles might help. Adding powder to your feet before you put on your shoes is a good idea.
  • How To Find Vintage Jewelry

    Old jewelry styles are returning to the fashion scene, and you can make your own stylish mark or start a collection with these tips to find vintage jewelry.
  • How To Shine and Care for Patent Leather

    Patent leather looks good when bright and shiny, but can become dried and cracked. Learn how to clean and shine patent leather shoes and purses.
  • How To Find the Perfect Ballet Shoe for Your Feet

    Every dancer's foot is slightly different, so you should take care in finding the proper ballet shoe for your feet and for the dancing you intend to do.
  • How To Evaluate Sapphires

    The sapphire is a brilliant gem that can really accentuate a ring, necklace, or other jewelry. Knowing how to evaluate sapphires will help you to get the best gem and...
  • How To Select Jewelry for a Job Interview

    Need help finding jewelry for job interviews? Use these fashion tips to wear the right jewelry. Here's how to select jewelry for a job interview.
  • How To Select Decorations for a Purse Party

    If you love bags, hosting purse parties is a great way to get a great deal on handbags. Here are a few simple tips on how to select decorations for a purse party.
  • How To Select the Perfect Eyeglasses

    You can be fashionable even with those eyeglasses. You just have to choose the right pair of eyeglasses that suits you well. Here is how.
  • How To Find a Girlfriend's Ring Size

    Determining your girlfriend's correct ring size can be a bit tricky. However, there are a number of tricks that can help you figure her ring size out without her...
  • How To Protect Silver Jewelry

    Whether you have solid silver jewelry or silver-plated items, you will need to protect this jewelry from the factors that can cause it to stain, tarnish or even rust.
  • How To Evaluate Ametrine Gems

    Natural or not, ametrine gems can be a bit pricey. Here are some tips when evaluating the value of ametrine.
  • How To Return the Shine to Patent Leather

    Fortunately, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can actually bring back the shine to patent leather surfaces easily.
  • How To Rethread Pearls

    If the thread keeping your pearls in place breaks, the first step to rethread pearls is to place a cloth on a table and recreate the design of the pearl necklace.
  • How To Dye Leather Shoes

    To make your leather shoes looking like new, you can dye your leather shoes either as a restoration or to give them a new look.