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  • How To Dull a Shiny Black Shoe

    Once in awhile you purchase a new pair of shoes that is too shiny and glossy for its own good. You can dull a pair of shiny black shoes with a couple of tricks.
  • How To Deodorize Shoes

    Instead of throwing away your shoes, here’s how you can deodorize shoes and eradicate the smell.
  • How To Purchase Loose Swarovski Crystals

    Due to the massive popularity of Swarovski crystals, they are often imitated. Here are some tips on how to buy genuine loose Swarovski crystals.
  • How To Put on Snowshoes

    In order to properly snowshoe, it is important that you know exactly how to wear snowshoes. Here’s how to do it.
  • How To Cut Quartz Crystal

    Quartz crystal is among the most commonly used crystals, with popular applications including watch making and jewelry using cut quartz crystal.
  • What Are the Best Cold Weather Gloves

    We all know that cold weather gloves are essential for protecting your digits during the harsh winter season, but how would you choose among the different varieties?
  • What Are the Best Warm Gloves

    These are some of the critical things to look out for if you’re on the hunt for the best warm gloves for your winter purposes.
  • How To Correctly Wear a Magnetic Bracelet

    It is important that before using the magnetic bracelet, you first know what it does and its effects. It is important as well to wear it correctly.
  • What is a Chocolate Diamond

    The chocolate diamond is actually a product of great marketing and branding. Before the year 2000, no one really paid much attention to this brown bauble.
  • How To Pin a Corsage or Boutonniere

    Save yourself the potential faux pas and follow this easy and simple to understand guide to pinning a corsage or boutonniere.
  • How To Make a Personalized Name Bracelet

    Here are the steps to be successful in creating a personalized name bracelet (even if there isn’t a wrong way to do so).
  • How To Clean Antique Silver without Polishing

    Most antique silver owners prefer cleaning their silver without polishing it. The reason behind this is they don’t want to remove the patina of their antique silver.
  • How To Pack a Purse

    What exactly are the things we really need to pack in our purse, and how would we do it?
  • How To Clean Tanzanite Jewelry

    To ensure that you will enjoy your Tanzanite for generations, here are some simple procedures to clean your Tanzanite jewelry.
  • How To Pick an Emerald

    When shopping around for emeralds, you should take great care in picking them out and make sure you’re getting the real thing for what it’s really worth.
  • How To Clean a Watch Crystal

    Through normal wear and tear, your watch crystal will come to need proper maintenance and cleaning.
  • How To Make Your Own Jewelry

    If you have an eye for design, you only need to learn the basics such as how to properly use the jewelry making tools and you are free to practice your own ingenuity.
  • How To Clean a Burberry Purse

    Here’s how you can clean your delicate Burberry purse and make it look like new.
  • How To Clean Silver Jewelry at Home

    Silver jewelry has its own understated elegance and panache. Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to clean your silver jewelry easily and inexpensively.
  • How To Clean Rough Rubies

    Proper cleaning will unveil the full virtues of the gemstone. Here are some of the ways that can lead you to a striking rough ruby of high value.
  • How To Choose Between Leather and Neoprene Handyman Gloves

    Among handyman gloves, you will probably come to a point when you need to choose between leather and neoprene gloves.
  • How To Make Your Own Post Earrings

    Among the many types of earrings, the easiest to decorate are the post earrings, which have a length of wire where you can arrange various bead designs.
  • How To Make Mosaic Jewelry

    Mosaic jewelry is fun to adorn and can exude uniqueness in a person. At the same time, it can be another cheap but classy fashion accessory.
  • How To Choose Eyeglass Frames for a Flat Nose

    If you have a small or flat nose bridge, there are still stylish eyeglass frames made for you. Here’s what to look for.
  • How To Make Paper Clip Jewelry

    It does not take much money to create paper clip jewelry, but it makes the kids excited and proud.
  • How To Choose a Hat

    When choosing a hat, always consider the shape of your face, your overall body shape, the size of the hat, your outfit, the event and your reason for wearing one.
  • How To Make Shoe Covers for a Costume

    Some costumes need shoe covers in order to make the illusion complete. For example: an animal has furry feet that do not look like shoes.
  • How To Care for Tourmaline Jewelry

    With proper care you will be able to enjoy your tourmaline jewelry for many years. It can even last for generations.
  • How To Choose a Yellow Diamond

    If you pick out a yellow diamond, also known as canary for its subtle brilliance, here are the four C’s you want to consider before embarking on the purchase of a...
  • How To Care for Leather Boots

    It is said that caring for leather boots is much the same as caring for your skin: they require regular and special maintenance.
  • How To Care for a Scarf

    Just like any article of clothing, a scarf needs to be taken care of really well. Here’s how you take care of a scarf.
  • How To Choose a Wallet

    Getting a wallet is no joke as it combines both your sense of style and awareness of personal needs. Wallets come in various forms, designs, and materials.
  • How To Choose a Wedding Ring

    The wedding ring, unlike the food at the reception or the flowers at the wedding - is meant to last for a long, long time, as a reminder of what marriage is: forever.
  • How To Change a Wenger Watch Battery

    Here are the steps on how you can change the battery of your Wenger watch by yourself.
  • How To Care for Suede & Leather

    It may be difficult to clean suede and leather, but it is still possible to care for it with these steps.
  • How To Find Retail Stores Selling Magnetic Jewelry

    Magnetic jewelry is growing in popularity because of the benefits of providing fashionable accessories while helping to promote healing through magnetic therapy.
  • How To Make Wooden Body Jewelry

    Wood is a great material that you can use to create body jewelry, since it has a unique color and texture that glass, metals, and precious stones do not have.
  • How To Make Jewelry with Glass

    Glass jewelry allows plenty of customization once you have mastered the techniques involved in glass jewelry making. Here are ways to create your own glass jewels.
  • How To Buy Formal Cuff Links

    In buying formal cuff links, quality of the items is very important. Finely crafted cuff links may be more expensive, but they are guaranteed to retain their shine...
  • How To Care for Your Accessories

    Every woman knows that her accessories are as important as her dresses. Here are some tips and tricks to taking care of your fashion accessories.
  • How To Make Spiral Beaded Necklaces

    Spiral Beaded Necklaces are simple projects that will result in elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry far more sophisticated in appearance than they are difficult to...
  • How To Make a Woven String Bracelet: Bracelet Instructions

    Accessories to complement your outfits do not have to be expensive or branded. In fact, you can create your own accessories using strings. One of these is the woven...
  • How To Make a Polar Fleece Hat

    With fleece hats, you can still look fashionable while your head relishes the softness of the fleece hat. If you want to have your own fleece hat, here are the steps.
  • How To Make Homemade Ear Gauges

    Ear gauges are starting to be increasingly available in the market. But making your own ear gauges is easier than finding the right size of a particular ear gauge.
  • How To Buy a Feather Boa

    Want your own feather boa? Below is the buying guide for wise and trendy feather boa shopping
  • How To Make Clip on Earrings from Pierced Earrings

    You can buy clip-on earrings in any store that sells jewelry and accessories. But what about the pierced earrings you’ve accumulated over the years?
  • How To Make Jewelry with Paper

    Tired of seeing other people wearing the same accessories? Try making your own jewelry with paper. Paper jewelry is very strong and is easy to decorate and customize.
  • How To Make Jewelry from Old Spoons

    Making your own jewelry out of old sterling silver spoons is a great way to transform unusable spoons into something beautiful and valuable.
  • How To Make Jewelry at Home

    Jewelry is usually associated with money and expensive trinkets. However, you can actually create jewelry at home. This is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing...
  • How To Make Cord Jewelry Necklaces

    One of the easiest accessories that you can make on your own are cord jewelry necklaces. These necklaces are simple yet elegant.