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  • How To Identify Jade

    Jade is easy to identify once you learn its properties. Use these tips to identify real jade.
  • How To Accessorize a Cocktail Dress

    A cocktail dress can get taken up a notch with the right accessories. Learn how to accessorize a cocktail dress by following these tips.
  • How To Shop for Gemstones

    Learn what to look for when you shop for gemstones.
  • How To Recognize Popular Jewelry Chains

    Learn to recognize the different types of popular jewelry chains.
  • How To Judge a Diamond Cut

    They say that the cut makes the diamond. Learn how to judge a diamond cut with these tips.
  • How To Understand the Different Settings for Your Diamond Ring

    Learn ten different types of settings for your diamond ring and how each secures your precious gem.
  • How To Make Fused Glass Pendants

    Fused glass pendants can be made by cutting sheets of glass into desired shapes, heating in a kiln, then making and attaching a link to secure it on a necklace or chain.
  • How To Evaluate Diamond Color

    Contrary to popular belief, diamonds come in an array of colors, not just clear. And some colors, being rarer, are much more valuable than others. These tips will help...
  • How To Buy Watches

    If you have any plans to buy watches, the sheer volume of choices available might overwhelm you, between quartz watches, mechanical watches, and automatic watches.
  • How To Choose Glasses

    Wearing glasses draws attention towards your face, which is why you need to choose your glasses wisely. Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the best glasses...
  • How To Choose a Diamond

    Before you go off blindly poking at the glass case, here are the four C’s of what you have to consider when you choose a diamond.
  • How To Shop for Shoes

    No matter how fashionable that pair of shoes, if the heels are too high or the shoes too tight, then they will be a waste of money. Some tips on how to shop for shoes.
  • How To Wear High Heels

    Other than a good fit, the key to wearing high heels is to wear them for extended periods of time at home before going out in public.
  • How To Choose a Ruby

    When choosing a ruby, check online availability and pricing, then buy from a physical store to see them in person. Be familiar with how rubies are cut, set and priced.
  • How To Shop for Wedding Rings

    Follow these tips to shop for wedding rings. It can be a very enriching and rewarding experience, one that can help bring you and your fiance even closer than before.
  • How To Shop for High Heels

    There are five R's to buying high heels: right fit, right design, right heel, right time and right support. Following these five R's will assure less foot pain.
  • How To Wear Colorful Shoes

    Spice up your spring and summer look with colorful shoes. Here is how to wear them without looking too over-the-top!
  • How To Make Bow-Adorned Shoes

    Oversized bows are one of the hottest trends this year. Learn how easy it is to add bows to almost any pair of shoes.
  • How To Store Jewelry

    Storing jewelry involves learning how to separate pieces such as earrings, the proper way to hang necklaces, and how to store beaded items.
  • How To Clean a Diamond Ring

    The secret in achieving a splendid result when cleaning a diamond ring is taking care that every bit of dirt and unwanted debris is removed.
  • How To Identify Bakelite Jewelry

    If you want to buy Bakelite jewelry or would like to verify an existing piece, follow these simple guides in identifying Bakelite jewelry.
  • How To Remove Odors from Shoes

    Odors from your favorite pair of shoes are really bothersome, but don't fret, because there are various ways to prevent and remove odors from footwear.
  • How To Avoid Getting Blisters from Brand New Shoes

    A nice pair of high heeled shoes, or pointed leather shoes might look great but give you blisters all over. Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting blisters from...
  • How To Keep Jewelry from Discoloring Skin

    Learn reasons why certain types of jewelry may discolor your skin and how you can prevent it from happening.
  • How To Save Money on Accessories

    The right accessories can take an outfit from ordinary to exquisite, but they can also take a chunk out of your budget. Learn where to find accessories at bargain prices.
  • How To Shop for Clothes at Goodwill

    Goodwill stores offer a lot of discounts for your tight budget. As your dollar’s value becomes less, it is only practical to find the best deals for your shopping...
  • How To Break in Your Baseball Cap

    Baseball caps look good when they look worn. Learn how to make your new baseball cap look as if you've had it for years.
  • How To Make a Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet

    The peyote stitch design dates back to some centuries ago, when Native Americans used them. They used these designs for adorning ceremonial garbs or for creating...
  • How To Make Hemp Jewelry

    It is not really the first thing that comes to mind when people deal with anything related to cannabis, or more easily known as weed. But before making something or...
  • How To Connect Jewelry Clasps with French Coil

      I will be using a simple sterling silver hook clasp (above).  You can use any type clasp, as the results come out the same.  Although, if you use this type...
  • How To Make a Beaded Wire Ring

    Just when you thought bead works are only possible in necklaces and bracelets, this set of instructions will teach you how to create your own beaded wire ring.
  • How To Make a Basic Wire Loop for Jewelry Making

    Jewelry making is a lot of fun! I would have to say that it’s not only a hobby but also a form of therapy as well. It is stress-busting and meditative. And when...
  • How To Make Hemp Necklaces

    The first step in making a hemp necklace is to select the type of hemp twine you'll be using.  The twine comes in a variety of colors and sizes, although most hemp...
  • How To Judge a Girl by her Shoes

    If you really want to know someone, there are several ways you can go about it. First you can talk to the woman - but that would require time and effort. You can hire...
  • How To Tell if Your Diamond Is a Fake

    When you head out to buy diamond jewelry, or receive it as a gift or as part of an inheritance, it is beneficial to get it checked and appraised, because in many...
  • How To Choose Eyeglasses

    Often the first thing people notice about you is your face. If you wear eyeglasses then your glasses will make up a good part of the first impression you make. To...
  • How To Repair Cuts in Leather

    Leather is an expensive material and one is always careful and cautious about keeping a favorite leather jacket or other garment away from accidental damage. But,...
  • How To Clean Leather Shoes

    Leather shoes don't come cheap and rather than wearing them out and having to buy a new pair frequently, it makes sense to know the correct methods to clean and...
  • Making Pretty Hair Bows: Baby and Toddler Hair Bows

    Making beautiful hair bows for girls is easy. You can make any kind of bow you want, out of any pattern or color. They can be as simple or as complicated as you want....
  • How To Determine a Real Diamond: A Diamond Guide

    Are you shopping for a diamond? Maybe you’re trying to find out if the gift you received was a real diamond or a zirconium? Whatever your reason, identifying whether...
  • How To Make a Bra Purse

    Are you in need of a tiny purse for a night out? Maybe you want to recycle your old bra into something useful. Believe it or not, you can do both. Follow these...
  • How To Clean Discolored Fake Pearls

    A set of fake pearls can be a lovely addition to your costume jewelry wardrobe. If your set has started to yellow or has lost its luster, it may just need a good...
  • How To Care For a Fine Watch

    This article provides some tips to help you care for your watch and to keep it working and looking its best.
  • How To Tie Scarves: Satin, Silk, Knit Scarf and More

    There are many different types of scarves and many ways they can all be tied. The main types include: The Long Knit, The Short Knit, The Long Silk or Satin, The Square...
  • How To Wear Strapless Sandals

    Like many of the best summer fashions, strapless sandals for both men and women originated in Hawaii but have since made their way to the rest of the states. Here are...
  • How To Buy Diamond Jewelry

    Diamond jewelry is a significant purchase, but it's not one that needs to be scary. Armed with some basic information, you can buy diamonds with confidence, either...
  • How To Tie Your Shoes

    Learning to tie your shoes properly is an important part in taking care of your shoes and avoiding accidents; tying your shoes will prevent tripping over shoelaces,...
  • Buy Authentic and Trendy Designer Purses and Handbags

    Designer handbags are not just for the rich and famous. More and more people are spending thousands of dollars to own a designer handbag. Why the craze over these...
  • How To Batik

    Batik is an art that combines dyes and hot wax to create beautiful fabrics. Steps to create this type of art are as follows...
  • Determining Your Shoe Size: Fitting and Shoe Size Conversion

    Do you know how to measure shoe size? Making sure that you are wearing the right size shoe is a basic for daily comfort. Shoes that are too small are one of the major...