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  • How To Make a T-shirt into a Tank Top

    Running low on tank tops this summer? Not partial to the big and baggy sleeves on your new tee? Why not turn your favorite t-shirt into a tank top instead? This quick...
  • How To Make Jeans Look Worn

    Make your jeans look worn before their time by following these simple instructions.
  • How To Make a Yarn Wig

    Learn how to make a colorful and fun yarn wig with these easy instructions.
  • How To Make an Apron Top

    Learn how to make a flattering apron top with these easy directions.
  • How To Make a Corset Top

    Learn how to make a corset top that will flatter any figure.
  • How To Make Arm Warmers

    Learn how to make arm warmers for yourself quickly and easily.
  • How To Find a Strapless Bra that Really Fits

    Since your foundations will make or break your outfit, choose a strapless bra that really fits.
  • How To Wear Wide Leg Pants

    Tips to help you maintain a sleek silhouette while wearing wide leg pants.
  • How To Wear a Romper

    Rompers are not just for toddlers anymore. Here's how to wear a romper and wear it well!
  • How To Minimize a Large Bust

    Everyone thinks a big bust is the greatest, but if you'd had one your whole life, you often feel differently. Here are tips on how to minimize your bustline or at...
  • How To Wear Tweed

    Tweed is a great look, but you have to know how to pull it off. Here are tips on how to wear tweed without looking like a twit.
  • How To Develop a Signature Style

    Have you ever had a friend say that's so you when looking at an article of clothing? If so, then you're well on your way to developing a signature style.
  • How To Learn about Oscar Night Dresses

    The Oscar Awards night is considered the best fashion show in the world. Here's how to learn all about how dresses are prepared for Oscar night.
  • How To Choose Perfume for Men

    Like perfume for women, choosing men’s perfume, aftershave, and cologne fragrances depends on the person’s needs and personality.
  • How To Know New Fashion Designers in Couture

    Here's how to keep yourself updated with the latest in couture and fashion business - by visiting websites dedicated to just that.
  • How To Know Famous Fashion Designers

    Fashion designers are some of the most influential people in society. Here's how to learn more about famous and influential fashion designers.
  • How To Make Plus Size Shopping Easy

    Shopping for plus size clothing can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here's how to make shopping an easier task.
  • How To Wear a Hat for Plus-Size Women

    These days, plus-size women can be just as fashionable as anyone else, especially when it comes to accessorizing. If you're a larger lady, add some flare to your...
  • How To Dress for Plus-Size Wedding Guests

    Weddings are times of celebration. But, as a plus-size guest, if you can't find anything to wear, you definitely won't be celebrating in front of your closet that day....
  • How To Wear Colored Tights

    Colored tights are making a comeback in the fashion world. But you have to know how to wear them properly to avoid being the laughing stock of your town. Here are some...
  • How To Dress for the Office

    Every time you walk into your place of employment, your wardrobe makes a statement about how you view your job. If you want to impress both your boss and your...
  • How To Bleach your Jeans

    If you love the look of bleached jeans but you don't want to pay an outrageous price for a pair, consider making your own. Grab your favorite pair of blue jeans and...
  • How To Shop for Sexy Lingerie

    Here are some tips on how to shop for sexy lingerie whether you are buying an item for a special someone or for yourself.
  • How To Wear 80's Clothing: 1980's Fashion Trends

    Have you been invited to an 80’s party but have no idea what to wear? Want to amuse your family and friends with a special old-time get-up? These tips will help...
  • How To Find Carnival Costumes

    It could be a costume party for your office, or a carnival event at your child’s school. Out of nowhere, you suddenly find you need carnival costumes.
  • How To Buy Pants - for Women

    Women have a lot of things to consider when buying clothes, especially when we women buy pants, because there are a lot of pants out there, all made differently.
  • How To Design Your Own Prom Dress

    To design your own prom dress you have to plan in advance. Look through fashion magazines for the best style and fabric used by top dress designers for prom purposes.
  • How To Find A Ghetto Prom Dress

    Many parents dislike ghetto prom dresses due to their own preferences for the old prom standards. Still, some parents have allowed their children to find a ghetto prom...
  • How To Shop for Mother of the Bride Dresses

    When shopping for the mother of the bride dresses, try to stay within the color scheme of the wedding and consider the time of day as well as season of the wedding.
  • How To Shop for Easter Dresses

    For Easter, consider a classic dress for the little girl in your life; it can be worn more than once and fit into your budget.
  • How To Find Tiffany Prom Dresses

    Tiffany prom dresses can be found by going to the website for the House of Wu. From there you can search for your favorite and then look for local stores.
  • How To Buy A Dress

    When buying a new dress, keep in mind the occasion, take accurate body measurements, check the dress for flaws, try it on, and check return policies.
  • Go to the Next Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Runway Events

    The who's who in the fashion industry is there, and you want to be, too. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year....
  • How To Get Oscar Dresses

    If you would like to get Oscar dresses for you to wear to the prom, a wedding, a celebration, or any special moment where you want to turn some heads, don't despair.
  • How To Choose the Right Prom Dress

    All prom dresses look beautiful, but if you choose the right prom dress that will suit your body type, that is what will make you really look wonderful.
  • How To Buy a Prom Dress

    Here are a few tips to make sure you buy the perfect prom dress, one that can surely earn you the title of Prom Queen.
  • How To Get Styles from Fashion Week

    Get your styles from Fashion Week, the compass of the fashion industry, telling models, designers and spectators the direction of the fashion world for the next few...
  • How To Shop for Beach Wedding Dresses

    Because a beach wedding is unconventional, customary bridal dress just won’t do. Here are a few tips to help you shop for beach wedding dresses, ones you’ll truly...
  • How To Be Part of Fashion Week

    The fashion industry convenes annually in four venues—New York, London, Milan and Paris to showcase new designs. Here's how to participate.
  • How To Get Styles from the Victoria's Secret Angel Fashion Show

    After watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, most women want to obtain the styles worn by the Victoria's Secret Angels, to surprise their lovers or husbands.
  • How To Get Body Shape Fashion Tips

    There are four body shape categories most women fall under. Read on to get body shape fashion tips that will work for your figure.
  • How To Get Backstage at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    It's one of the most exclusive events in the fashion industry, and it's doubly difficult to get backstage access to the Victoria's Secret fashion show.
  • How To Do Spring Fashion

    No matter what the skies look like, you'll look as fresh and pretty as the first blooms of spring if you know how to dress right. Read on to find out how to do spring...
  • How To Follow Oscar Fashion

    The Oscar Awards ceremony might be a total snooze fest, but we don't really watch the Oscars to find out who wins. We stay tuned to follow Oscar fashion.
  • How To Find Styles from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    You can snag the looks worn by the gorgeous gazelles on the runway! Read on to find out how to find styles from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
  • How To Go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    Unless you're in the fashion industry, there's no way you can go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. However, there are ways to make it feel as though you were there.
  • How To Pull off Red Carpet Fashion

    Some of the dresses worn look too intimidating and high fashion for normal people, but anyone can pull off red carpet fashion if they just know how.
  • How To Build Your Own Letterman Jacket

    Ah, the Letterman jacket. Once a prized possession of high-school jocks and nerds alike, the Letterman jacket remains to this day a testament to unwavering school...
  • How To Always Be in Fashion

    Fashion trends come and go so fast, you'll end up with an outdated wardrobe if you don't keep current. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure you will always be in...
  • How To Collect Historic Designer Clothes

    If you love history, or you're interested in studying the fashion of past ages, here are some of the ways to collect historic designer clothes.