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  • How To Show Off Sexy Legs

    Ways to show off your sexy legs could include wearing mini-skirts, high heels, fishnet stockings, swimsuits, and skirts with a side slit.
  • How To Find Mardi Gras Costumes

    To find the perfect Mardi Gras costume, rent from a local costume store or buy through the Internet. Craft stores have supplies to make a mask.
  • How To Shop for Hats

    When shopping for a hat, consider your overall body shape, facial shape, and avoid hats that are wider than your shoulders.
  • How To Find Halle Berry's Oscar Dress

    Two of Halle Berry's elegant Oscar gowns can be seen on the designers' websites: Elie Saab, a Lebanese designer; and British designer, Marchesa.
  • How To Pull Off 80's Fashion

    Dressing like the 80s requires denim, leather jackets, layering clothes, leggings and bright pastels.
  • How To Find ABS Oscar Dresses

    Allen B. Schwartz, or ABS, creates celebrity Oscar gown knock-offs and sells them at Bloomingdale's, Saks, Neiman Marcus, and other locations.
  • How To Wear a Camisole

    A camisole is a versatile fashion item. Use these ideas to get the most wear out of your camisoles.
  • How To Fix a Broken Zipper Easily

    Dresses, skirts, and pants with broken zippers are unwearable, but not un-fixable. Instead of throwing away a garment, fix a broken zipper easily or replace it with a...
  • How To Make a Lion Costume

    Making a costume for your child means saving money and getting a really individual look. Read this guide on how to make a Lion costume.
  • How To Shop with your Preteen Girl

    When a daughter gets into the preteen stage, she starts shopping for fancy designs and styles different from those of her parents.
  • How To Buy a Prom Dress Online

    Buying for prom online is practical because you can shop around. Here's where and how to buy prom dresses from the best online stores.
  • How To Find an Affordable Prom Dress

    The prom is one of the most memorable events for a teenager, especially the girls. To find an affordable prom dress, here are some tips you might find useful:
  • The Importance of Dressing for Individuality

    The importance of dressing for individuality cannot be brushed aside. How we dress often defines our personality, age and fashion sense.
  • How To Put Side Panels in Pants

    Side panels give jeans a quick and easy makeover. Using cheap material from the fabric store or even old sheets, a truly personalized pair of pants can be made in 1...
  • How To Hem Pants

    When the inner seam comes loose in your favorite pair of slacks, causing them to drag the floor, that's the moment to learn how to hem pants.
  • How To Dress Like a Ballerina

    Whether you are taking up ballet lessons, participating in ballet recitals or just playing dress up, here are some tips to dress up like a ballerina.
  • How To Wear a Hat

    Through the years, hats have evolved as a fashion statement. These tips will help you wear a hat with confidence and free from possible fashion faux pas.
  • How To Replace a Drawstring

    Don’t get rid of your favorite pair of sweatpants just because the drawstring is gone! Learn how to replace that drawstring and add a few years to your favorite...
  • How To Find the Best Fitting Plus Size Clothes

    Both men and women face difficulty when searching for the perfect plus-sized clothing. Learn tips on how to be successful with your shopping.
  • How To Shop Wisely During Clothing Sales

    We all love to find a great bargain when shopping for clothes. It is easy to fall victim to sales and overspend. Learn how to shop wisely at sales events.
  • Add 1920s Fashion to Your Modern Wardrobe

    Explore your fashion possibilities through combining current fashion trends with the highlights of the Roaring Twenties era.
  • Where to Find Plus-Size Fashion Discounts

    Women will be able to find plus-size clothing at discount prices if they know where to shop. Accessories can also help create a new look.
  • Tips for Organizing a Successful Clothing Swap

    A clothing swap is a win-win situation for everyone involved as it doesn't involve the exchange of money. Learn how to hold a successful clothing swap with your friends.
  • How To Resell Your Prom Dress

    If you can manage to part with the prom dress that you wore on your magical evening, you could make extra money and help someone else as well.
  • How To Find Fashion Bargains

    Is your closet feeling your budget cuts? Do you feel the need to update your wardrobe yet don't have the funds? Look here for ideas to get new clothes at bargain prices.
  • How To Make Hips Look Slimmer

    Ladies -- Learn how to choose clothing that will make your hips look slimmer. Try our favorite ideas and you'll love your new look!
  • How To Choose Tops for Large Arms

    Women with larger arms can dress fashionably and downplay the size of their arms through their choice of clothing.
  • How To Do Clothing Color Coordination: Fashion Tips

    Fashion is like art, you should know how to combine colors and make them look appealing to your audience. Knowing the right colors to complement your skin, your style,...
  • How To Dress to Look Thinner

    Most women have an area of their body they'd like to improve. Learn how to dress in a way that will flatter your figure.
  • How To Dress Business Casual for Men

    Although success is normally associated with more formal business attire, here's how to know the best way to dress 'business casual' as well.
  • Dressing for Graduation: Formal Dress for Boys and Girls

    Graduation is a much-awaited event by college seniors. This is not only a celebration of success but also a time for families, faculty members, and students to gather...
  • How To Dress for Your Shape

    Do you believe that you can look sexy even if you don’t have the perfect 36-24-36 body? Yes, you can! Know how to choose the right dresses to complement your unique...
  • How To Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

    Your favorite shirt has deodorant stains on it. Now what? Before you throw away your perfect outfit because of a deodorant stain, take a few minutes to try and rescue...
  • How To Choose Socks

    Fact is, not everybody knows how to choose the right kind of socks. Here are some guidelines in choosing the perfect pair of socks.
  • How To Dress Appropriately for Your Age

    Growing up means our clothes change as well. Here are some tips on how to dress appropriately no matter what age you may be.
  • How To Shop for Clothes at Goodwill

    Goodwill stores offer a lot of discounts for your tight budget. As your dollar’s value becomes less, it is only practical to find the best deals for your shopping...
  • How To Choose the Right Belt

    If you are knowledgeable about belts and choose the right fit for your figure, you can enhance your look from stylish to chic and glamorous, or rugged and manly for...
  • How To Customize Your Bra After a Mastectomy

    Tired of not knowing how to choose the right mastectomy bra for you? Here are some factors to consider in custom-designing your mastectomy bra.
  • Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type: Women's Swimwear

    A swimsuit or two is essential to your wardrobe, especially if you plan on attending out of town meetings or taking vacations where you might enjoy the sun and the...
  • How To Find the Best Jeans for your Figure

    If you wear jeans that are not intended for your figure, you can look badly dressed and mismatched. Here's how to find the best jeans for you.
  • How To Buy Pants That Flatter Your Body Type

    Whether you need it for work or you just want to be fashionable, you need at least one good pair of pants that will flatter you. Find the perfect pair with this advice.
  • How To Find Your Best Clothing Colors

    Looking stunning may be as simple as wearing the right color of clothes. Here are some tricks on how to find the best clothing colors to suit you.
  • Tips for Finding the Best Deal in Formal Wear

    Find the best deals on formal wear for special occasions with these tips.
  • How a Man Can Dress Stylishly in Tight Clothing

    Tight clothing on men can be attractive or a disaster. It is possible to wear form fitting clothes and look sexy yet respectable.
  • How To Wear a Mini-Skirt

    Confident women with nice legs often wear mini-skirts. Teen girls also enjoy this style. Learn the proper times and accessories for teens who choose to wear mini-skirts.
  • Assessing the Trend of Designer Clothing for Kids

    Designer clothes are popular for kids. Learn how to determine the trends, decide which clothes to buy, and places to buy them.
  • How To Decide on a Prom Dress Style

    Prom, it's an important moment in every girl's life. Here is how to choose the proper style of prom dress exactly right for you.
  • Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Teens

    Find out tips and strategies to dress fashionably regardless of your dress size.
  • How To Tuck Your Shirt into Your Pants

    Thinking about the best way to do something that you do everyday? Tucking your shirt into your pants is easy, but there are ways to achieve the perfect tuck. Here...
  • How To Save on Your Heating Bills by Dressing for the Cold Weather

    How do you save on your heating bills? The answer is to properly dress for the cold weather. Here are some helpful tips.