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  • How To Accessorize a Red Dress

    What goes well with a red dress? Check out these fashion forward tips to accessorize a red dress for the best effect.
  • How To Accessorize a Silver Dress

    Silver dresses are shimmering and stylish all on their own, which can make it a bit tricky to accessorize a silver dress without a few fashion tips.
  • How To Wear a Sexy Vest

    A sexy vest can stretch your wardrobe by accessorizing your regular outfits, giving them a sexier look.
  • How To Accentuate a Small Butt

    There are patterns and colors as well as the proper cut of clothes that will help accentuate a small butt. It is not a problem too many of us have!
  • How To Wear Velvet

    Velvet is warm, luxurious, and stylish but it takes a bit of extra effort to wear velvet effectively without looking a bit garish.
  • How To Apply a Rhinestone Iron-On T Shirt Transfer

    Rhinestone iron-on transfers add fun and bring attention to an otherwise ordinary t-shirt. Follow these steps to do your own rhinestone iron-on t-shirt transfer.
  • How To Identify Authentic Stella McCartney Handbags

    Learn to tell the difference between genuine Stella McCartney handbags and designer knockoffs without the genuine McCartney style and quality.
  • How To Identify Authentic Gucci Handbags

    Need help finding real Gucci bags? Get tips for avoiding fake Gucci handbags. Here's how to identify authentic Gucci handbags.
  • How To Use a Tie Clip

    Learn the proper way to choose and wear a tie clip to add that extra touch of elegance and convenience to your tie and overall men's apparel.
  • How To Hide Your Rear End with Clothing

    Not proud of your backside? You can hide your rear end with the right choices in clothing to cover up and draw attention to your body's better features.
  • How To Identify an Authentic Chanel Handbag

    Learn to tell an authentic Chanel handbag from a fake handbag to get the best deal on Chanel.
  • How To Hide Man Boobs with Clothing

    Man boobs are unsightly and embarrassing. To boost your self-esteem, you could lose weight or work out. You can also conceal them by learning to dress well.
  • How To Identify Authentic Yves Saint Laurent Handbags

    You want to strut your stuff with a designer purse. Fashionable handbags can be expensive, and who want to spend that money on a knock-off?
  • How To Increase Cleavage

    Not satisfied with your natural curves? You can have a sexier look by adding to your cleavage. Make the most of your breasts with a few simple tricks.
  • How To Tie a Military Tie

    A soldier's appearance is very important to the military. Learn to tie a formal military tie, the Windsor Knot.
  • How To Get the Perfect Fit from Jeans

    Words can't explain how the perfect pair of jeans can feel. Find the perfect fit on a new pair of jeans with these style and measurement tips.
  • How To Tie Hawaiian Dresses

    A Hawaiian dress is a great souvenir you can actually wear when you're back home relaxing. The styles' easy sizing means all you have to do to get a custom fit is tie...
  • How To Stretch Tight Jeans

    It's depressing when you can't fit into your favorite jeans. But before you go on a diet, consider that maybe the fabric has shrunk a little and you can stretch them...
  • How To Find a Cross-Dressing Event

    If you are a cross-dressers, you need parties where you can show off how good you look in a crowd that gets you. Websites and chat rooms are good places to start.
  • How To Tie a Ribbon Bowtie

    A bowtie and a tuxedo just can't be beat for men's elegant fashion. Learn how to tie a ribbon bowtie for your next formal affair.
  • How To Tailor a Man's Suit

    Nothing is more striking on a man than a well-tailored suit, and the steps to tailor a man's suit are simple enough that anyone who can sew well can tailor a suit.
  • How To Sew a Bow Tie

    If you need and do not have your own bow tie, you can make your own in just a few steps. Follow these directions to sew a bow tie for your next formal event.
  • How To Fireproof Cloth Using Alum

    Aluminum potassium sulfate or alum can be used to make your own fireproof cloth at home for safety around the fireplace or any other fireproofing needs.
  • How To Shop for Petite Clothing

    Use these tips to shop for petite clothing that flatters your figure while fitting in the sleeves, inseams, and waist.
  • How To Find a Dress for a Big School Dance

    The big school dance is coming up, you may have a date, but you will definitely need the perfect dress for the dance. We can help with that.
  • How To Stone-Wash Jeans at Home

    Stone-washed jeans are trendy, and the style is easy to create at home. Stone-washed jeans are soft and look well-worn. Salt, sandpaper and pumice stones are all you...
  • How To Find Vintage Queen Size Clothes

    Need help finding vintage clothes in queen sizes? Get tips to find queen size vintage clothing. Here's how to find vintage queen size clothes.
  • How To Find Tops for Busty Women

    The fashion world doesn't always help out the well-endowed woman, but you can use these tips to find tops that will flatter busty women perfectly.
  • How To Find Trendy Baby Clothes

    Make your child the best looking baby at the park with these sources of trendy baby clothes.
  • How To Find Women's Suede Moccasin Boots

    Looking for suede moccasin boots for women? Get tips on buying women's boots. Here's how to find women's suede moccasin boots.
  • How To Find Discount Motorcycle Clothing

    You don't need to ride a Harley to wear motorcycle clothing, but everyone could stand to get their motorcycle gear at a discount.
  • How To Select a Handbag for Professional Use

    Handbags allow us to carry our essential belongings while maintaining a professional look. Learn how to choose suitable handbags for professional use.
  • How To Find Petite Clothing

    Are you looking for petite clothing designs? You can buy petite clothes with these tips. Here's how to find petite clothing.
  • How To Find Cheap Designer Jeans

    Want to wear designer jeans? Use these tips to find affordable jeans by designers. Here's how to find cheap designer jeans.
  • How To Select a Women's Pant Suit

    Looking for pant suits for women? Get fashion tips to help you find a woman's pant suit. Here's how to select a women's pant suit.
  • How To Find Designer Replica Lingerie

    Enjoy the same style and design of your favorite designer lingerie brands by opting for the more cost-effective designer replica lingerie.
  • How To Find Designer Fabrics

    Here are some tricks that you can employ to get your hands on fabulous designer fabrics without too much of a hassle.
  • How To Select Shoes to Wear with a Full-Length Gown

    Do you need dress shoes to wear with a gown? Get tips for selecting women's shoes. Here's how to select shoes to wear with a full-length gown.
  • How To Explain Cross-Dressing

    Here are some steps you might want to follow when explaining cross-dressing to your parents.
  • How To Encourage Imaginative Play with Dress-Up Clothes, Props

    Imaginative play is not only enjoyable, dress-up clothes and props also allow kids to explore their creativity and learn from the characters they are portraying.
  • How To Choose Slenderizing Women's Clothes

    What woman doesn't want to look slimmer? Follow these diet-free-zone tips on how to find clothes that can remove pounds from your frame!
  • How To Reuse Clothes

    There are numerous ways to recycle and reuse clothes and contribute to an evolving eco-friendly world.
  • How To Dress Bohemian

    Dressing in the Bohemian style means you are interested in freedom of thought and individualism. Take some time to go Bohemian in the proper spirit.
  • How To Dress Dramatically Different Bridesmaids

    If you have dramatically different bridesmaids, do not despair. There is a dress solution to make your wedding party ensemble look good on your wedding day.
  • How To Dress Rich on a Budget

    Think like the rich and it will be easy for you to dress rich, no matter that you are shopping on a budget.
  • How To Dress to Minimize Full Hips

    You don’t have to exercise to minimize your full hips. With the right choice of clothes and accessories, you can quick-fix your problem and minimize your full hips.
  • How To Dress Like a Rock Star

    Feel it. You are a rock star. Confidence, more than anything else, is the most important ingredient to perfect a rock star outfit.
  • How To Dress for a Black-Tie Affair-Men

    Men have fewer choices when it comes to their outfit for a black-tie event. If this is your first time to attend a black-tie gathering, read on to learn what you need...
  • How To Dress for a Black-Tie Affair-Women

    Women have more options on what to wear to a black-tie event as compared to men. Learn how to dress for a black-tie affair by reading the guidelines listed here.
  • How To Remove Rivets from Jeans

    If you want to re-size a pair of jeans, the rivets can be an impediment. Learn several ways to remove rivets from jeans without ruining the cloth.