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  • How To Dress for Work Over 50

    Dressing up for work properly and fashionably once you are over 50 will increase your confidence and other people’s confidence in you.
  • How To Dress in Vintage Chic

    Once you know how to dress in vintage chic properly, you’ll get a unique style that will make a statement.
  • How To Dress Formally when Pregnant

    Instead of frowning because of the bigger you, glorify the changes in your body. Here are some tips you can use to dress formally when pregnant.
  • How To Dress for a Fifties Party

    Getting ready for a Fifties party? Make sure you dress right so you can rock-around-the-clock all night!
  • How To Dress for Divorce Court

    Going to divorce court for divorce proceedings may not exactly be a fun time, but it’s possible to make it less unpleasant by dressing well.
  • How To Dress for Church

    The church is a place of worship, and it is just right to want to dress appropriately. Here are some guidelines to remember when you dress for church.
  • How To Dress for a Casual Dinner Party

    A casual dinner party is one of the easiest occasions to get ready for, and it’s very likely that you already own a wardrobe piece or two that will fit the bill...
  • How To Dress for Cheerleading Tryouts

    Want to be a cheerleader? Super! Remember, if you are about to go through cheerleading tryouts, you have to make sure you dress for the part.
  • How To Dress for a Rehearsal Dinner

    As with all other wedding occasions, it’s good to know how to dress appropriately for a rehearsal dinner.
  • How To Recycle Pantyhose

    he sad news is nylon is non-biodegradable. Yet in this era of recycling, discarded pantyhose can have a new lease on life. Here are 20 ways to recycle pantyhose.
  • How To Design a Walk-In Wardrobe

    If you have extra space at home, consider making your own walk-in wardrobe through the following steps.
  • What is a Burqa

    Muslim custom requires that a woman’s body and face should not be seen by any man other than the husband, which is where the burqa comes in.
  • What is Faux Leather

    For the sake of animal welfare and saving money, faux leather is not a bad choice, especially if you love the look of leather.
  • How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

    Your wedding dress is one of the most important reminders of your wedding day. Here are some ways that you could effectively preserve that wedding dress.
  • How To Prepare a Patch for Applique

    Whether you want to attach the applique by hand or use a sewing machine, here are some tips on how to prepare a patch for applique.
  • How To Create an '80s Costume for Men

    If you want to know how to create a perfect '80s ensemble for men, read on and just follow these tips.
  • How To Create an Afro Puff

    Styling your hair into an afro puff is relatively easy, and the afro puff is a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • How To Create a Punk Rocker Costume

    Yes, it’s Halloween and the news is true. Punk is back. Here are some fun steps to bring authenticity and dread to your punk rocker costume.
  • How To Create a Godfather Costume

    For your next costume party, command the respect of the crowd by wearing a costume likened to the famed character of the Godfather.
  • How To Create a Showgirl Costume

    It’s fairly easy to create a showgirl costume even with the most basic of materials.
  • How To Create a Gypsy Costume

    A gypsy costume is one of the easiest costumes to put together. You don’t even need to go out and buy one!
  • How To Pack a Men's Suit

    Here are the best methods in how to pack a men's suit, keeping it clean, wrinkle-free, and neat.
  • How To Measure Fit for a Men’s Dress Shirt

    You will need to know your proper body measurements to properly determine the size of men's dress shirt that will be just right for you.
  • How To Measure Dress Size

    It’s always a good idea to keep note of your measurements so you know which dress size to get that is just right for you.
  • How To Manage Frayed Jeans Cuffs

    You probably have that one pair of jeans that has lasted you for years. No problem, you just need to follow these tips in managing these frayed jeans cuffs.
  • How To Make Your Own Hobo Purse

    A hobo purse can be a good fashion accessory for anyone trying to go for a bohemian or even hippie feel to one’s getup. It is the perfect do it yourself project.
  • How To Make Your Pantyhose and Tights Last Longer

    To minimize runs and tears and other hosiery disasters, here’s how you can make your pantyhose and tights last longer.
  • How To Model Wedding Dresses

    Why should you wait for the man of your dreams, when you could get the chance to wear a wedding dress at any time? Consider modeling wedding dresses.
  • How To Clean Ugg Boots

    Clean your Ugg boots regularly so the stains and dirt don't build up. They will be easier to clean if you maintain your boots properly.
  • How To Measure Men's Suit Size

    You might not be ready to pay for an Armani suit but you can certainly go to a quality tailor knowing your men's suit size and have your suit made there a la Armani.
  • How To Make Western Chaps and Vests

    Apart from being symbolic clothing, Western chaps and vests are still very useful clothes for people who work on ranches and other heavy duty occupations.
  • How To Measure Women's Chest Size

    Your chest measurement is different from breast, bra, or cup size, rather it’s a measurement that will help you figure out your perfect bra and cup size.
  • How To Measure Hips

    Skirt the issue of ill-fitting clothes once and for all by following these steps on properly measuring your hips.
  • How To Choose a Spring Skirt to Minimize Hips

    If the current season is spring, then you will need to know how to choose a spring skirt that will make your hips look flawless to other people.
  • How To Choose a Belt Buckle

    The belt buckle can be used to show your unique personality, your personal taste and even artistic inclination.
  • How To Make Your Bust Look Fuller without Surgery

    A lot of women want full-looking breasts. Surgery is one option, but here are some less invasive measures that would make your breasts seem firmer and well-packed.
  • How To Choose a Style of Hat

    Choosing a hat style to match your personality and style is pretty easy. All you need is a mirror and a few people to give you the encouragement you need.
  • How To Measure Leg Circumference

    A little background information is always a big help. Here’s how to measure leg circumference for men, women, and children.
  • How To Choose a Neckline That Flatters Your Face Shape

    When it comes to choosing your clothing, the details are what are most important. One of the details that can make or break your outfit is the type of neckline.
  • How To Care for Raw Denim

    A lot of effort has to be put into raw denim, and if you are an enthusiast, you naturally like to know how to properly care for your raw denim jeans before the first...
  • How To Choose a High-Quality Handbag

    You don’t necessarily have to buy a handbag from well know designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Versace. There are many high-quality handbags available.
  • How To Buy Your Inaugural Ball Gown on a Budget

    The inaugural ball is not just a political event; it’s a fashion event as well. If you are attending, dress the part in a ball gown with all the style but less expense.
  • How To Care for a Trench Coat

    Depending on the material, trench coats can be quite an investment. However, with the proper care, your trench coat can last for many, many seasons.
  • How To Care for Your Denim

    Here are some tips you can use to take care of not just your jeans, but also all your denim clothes.
  • How To Buy Nice Dress Clothes

    It is not difficult to buy nice dress clothes that are both stylish and reasonably priced. You can find major sellers of brand names offering great discounts.
  • How To Choose a Gothic Trench Coat

    Buy a gothic trench coat today and you can wear it and still be stylish after twenty years. That’s the magic of a gothic trench coat—it’s always in style.
  • How To Buy Used Leather Jackets

    If you don’t own a leather jacket and find the cost a tad expensive, here are ways for you to buy second-hand/used aka vintage leather jackets.
  • How To Choose a Clutch Handbag

    During special occasions, the most convenient bag to carry is a clutch handbag.
  • How To Make a Tiara

    Most young girls like to play dress up and put on costumes for special parties and costume balls, and no princess should be caught dead without her tiara.
  • How To Buy a Women's Bathrobe

    Bathrobes are sometimes called dressing gowns, cover-ups or housecoats. The variety of robes to choose from can overwhelm you when you buy a women’s bathrobe.