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  • How To Buy Youth Soccer Turf and Indoor Shoes

    In order to purchase an effective pair of shoes, you will need to know what the different surfaces are and what kind of soccer shoes are suitable for the specific...
  • How To Buy an Asymmetrical Skirt

    The first thing noticed in an asymmetrical skirt is its uneven hemline. It gives the wearer a flirty look because the unevenness teases the imagination.
  • How To Buy Your Baby's First Pair of Shoes

    Buying your baby’s first pair of shoes is critical, since as soon as your baby learns the basics, he will definitely want to do the same thing when you bring him...
  • How To Make a Wiccan Robe

    A Wiccan robe symbolizes your oneness with nature and commitment to the ceremony or ritual you are performing.
  • How To Buy Costume Jewelry in Bulk

    Costume jewelry has become an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe and it’s never been as easy to buy them in bulk. Here’s how you can buy costume jewelry in...
  • How To Make a Men's Braided Leather Bracelet

    To make a men's braided leather bracelet yourself or as a gift for a favorite man in your life, below are the instructions on how to make a three-stand mystery braid.
  • How To Buy Youth Soccer Shorts

    Soccer shorts are made with fabrics that allow maximized comfort and optimum movement while providing effective groin and thigh protection.
  • How To Make a Witch's Robe

    A witch's robe can be expensive, especially those that are elaborately designed. But you can have a beautiful witch robe by creating your own. Here’s how.
  • How To Make Venetian Style Masks

    If you need a Venetian style mask, there is no need for you to visit Venice. Here’s how you can create your own mask from scratch.
  • How To Buy Authentic Designer Bags at a Cheap Price

    There’s always that allure of having your own designer bag to flaunt in the office or on weekend walks in the park.
  • How To Buy a Leather Jacket

    A leather jacket is undoubtedly one of the best ways to keep yourself warm on chilly nights. If you want to buy a jacket, then this guide will help you.
  • How To Buy Fashionable Designer Plus Size Clothes

    Women with round figures often face difficulties when buying designer clothes. To buy fashionable designer plus size clothes, consider the following suggestions.
  • How To Buy a Two Piece Bathing Suit

    A two piece bathing suit can be daunting piece of clothing, but when properly selected, it can complement your body shape and your face.
  • How To Buy Cheap Name Brand Shoes for your Teen

    To help your child get the brand name shoes of his choice at the least expensive price, consider the following tips.
  • How To Make Homemade Barrettes

    Making a homemade barrette can be a fun project. You can even personalize your barrettes and make one-of-a-kind accessories.
  • How To Buy Custom-Tailored Clothes in Asia

    Aside from the tourist attractions, one of the good finds in Asia is cheap and efficient tailoring that can produce stylish, custom-tailored clothes at little expense.
  • How To Buy Clothes for Hard-to-Fit Tween Girls

    Tween girls are usually difficult to deal with when it comes to fashion and clothing. If you are buying clothes for your hard-to-fit tween girl, consider the following...
  • How To Buy a Straw Hat

    Now you can channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw style and go Sex and The City fashionable by buying your own straw hat!
  • How To Make Jeans Look Vintage

    Vintage jeans are the rage in fashion these days. Here’s how you can make your jeans look older using materials in your own home, and your own pair of jeans.
  • How To Buy Boy Shorts

    If you yourself want to try wearing boy shorts, here are some tips and guidelines for choosing the best pair for you.
  • How To Buy a Designer Bag for Less

    Designer bags are worth buying and keeping. They are durable, trendy and functional. So if you truly want to buy one for less, consider these tips.
  • How To Make Metal Chain Belts

    A metal chain belt can be very fashionable. It can work wonders in further accentuating and accessorizing your favorite clothing.
  • How to Buy Vintage Stockings and Underwear Online

    Vintage clothing has a lot of old world charm unsurpassed by today’s modern creations. Thus, there are specialty shops that are selling vintage stockings and underwear.
  • How To Buy Clothes for a Skateboard Look

    The Skateboard look is not as disheveled as Grungewear, it’s close to it but in a very cool way, and it has most definitely crossed-over to Haute Couture.
  • How To Buy Wholesale Discount Designer Lingerie

    Designer lingerie may be hot sellers, but there is a fast design turnover, so you have to be on your toes to keep with what's hot in the wholesale market to remain...
  • How To Buy Heely's for Less

    Though Heely’s are difficult to find, and while the price tag at the local shoe shop can be overwhelming, discounted Heely’s are available online.
  • How To Buy Vintage Rodeo Buckles

    If you are a serious vintage rodeo buckle collector, then here are some tips on what to look for and where you can get these vintage buckles.
  • How To Be a Redneck

    Originally, a redneck referred to someone with an unsophisticated upbringing in the rural south of the United States. Today, it's a proud lifestyle.
  • How To Make a Propeller Hat

    The propeller hat has been a symbol of geekdom for a long time, even before geek meant more than a circus performer who bites heads off of live chickens.
  • How To Make Realistic Face Masks

    Whether you’re making real looking face masks or just beautiful masks with glitter and feathers, this is a fun project.
  • How To Make Decorative Flip-Flops

    You can see various kinds of decorative flip flops in the market, but you don’t have to purchase the ready-made products if you know how to make your own.
  • How To Make Clothing Fire Retardant

    Many fabric items meant for children today now come treated with flame retardant solution. Here is what you need to make your child's clothes a lot more flame retardant.
  • How To Buy Ballet Costumes for Boys

    If your son is about to have his ballet recital and needs to have his ballet costume ready, what will you do? Here are some easy tips and pointers you could use.
  • How To Make a Rabbit Costume

    When Easter, Halloween, or a costume themed birthday party comes up, plenty of kids will ask for the rabbit costume.
  • How To Make Fake Breasts: Breast Enhancements

    Need help creating fake breasts? Whether you’re a guy or a girl, try these breast enhancement tips. Here's how to make big fake breasts.
  • How To Buy Shoes for Your Child

    At the rate children’s feet grow, the entire process of buying and choosing shoes for your child can be quite the ordeal, not to mention expensive.
  • How To Buy Sexy Men's Swimsuits

    When it's time to buy men's swimsuits, it comes down to the kind of guy who will wear it. A man can look sexy in a boxer-style swimsuit if he has the body to carry it...
  • How To Make Simply Sexy Lingerie

    I will instruct you on how to turn those old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, into a sexy little lingerie outfit for you to tease and seduce your lover.
  • How To Buy Quality Clothing for Less

    Achieving the dream of buying quality clothing for dirt cheap is highly possible, even when it seems hopeless.
  • How To Make Short Legs Look Longer

    There is a way to turn those stubby stumps into sexy, lean, looking legs that go on for days. It's as simple as making a few minor adjustments to your wardrobe.
  • How To Buy Plus Size Lingerie

    Knowing how to buy plus size lingerie is not hard, you just have to make sure you know how to go about doing it.
  • How To Buy Plus Size Jeans

    When you decide that you want to go shopping and look for the perfect pair of plus size jeans, you should make sure you do not do your shopping online or through a...
  • How To Make a Sub-Zero Costume

    You can try making a Sub Zero costume for a party or gathering, or maybe just for fun. Here are the steps in making one.
  • How To Buy a Thong Bathing Suit

    For daring women who can expose their skin, a thong bathing suit is great for a day in the beach or as a treat for your spouse or partner.
  • How To Make Bellbottoms from Old Jeans

    Instead of throwing away your old jeans, one of the best ways to recycle them without compromising your style is transforming your old jeans into bellbottoms.
  • How To Buy Bikini Fabric

    If you're tired of wearing store-bought swimwear, you do have the option to make your own. Here are some easy tips and guidelines for buying bikini fabric.
  • How To Make Bottle Cap Belts

    Now that you have a bottle cap belt, you can keep your pants up without letting the environment down.
  • How To Find an Executive Briefcase

    The executive briefcase is no longer just an ordinary leather bag stuffed with important documents. This particular item has crossed over into the fashion world.
  • How To Make a Robot Costume

    A robot costume is a Halloween costume favorite and big hit in costume parties.
  • How To Be an East Village Hipster

    If you want to be real about your life, be an East Village Hipster. Here's how.