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  • How To Be a Smart Clothing Shopper

    You can definitely be smart and fashionable at the same time. Becoming a smart clothing shopper takes some genuine effort, but no special skills.
  • How To Find Discounts on Designer Shoes

    Being fashionable nowadays can set you back big time. The prices of major designer shoes can make a grown man cry. Admittedly, you are paying for quality and not...
  • How To Look Sexy in Plus Size Lingerie

    Pick the sexiest plus size lingerie available and wear them it confidence and sultriness. The next time you hit the bed, there will surely happen a steamy encounter.
  • How To Make a Wrap Dress

    These are the steps on how you can create your very own wrap dress. You can choose patterned fabrics or plain fabrics, depending on your style.
  • How To Make a Scarecrow Costume

    There are hundreds of characters that you can choose from when it comes to costumes. But one of the most endearing costumes of all time is the scarecrow costume.
  • How To Make a Mermaid Costume

    People fascinated with mermaids become one during plays or costume parties. If you want to become a mermaid for a while, make a mermaid costume.
  • How To Look Like the Girl Next Door

    You can be like the girl next-door too! Read on and transform yourself into the girl next door everyone loves.
  • How To Make a Mickey Mouse Hat

    Instead of buying a Mickey Mouse hat that may cost you about 15 to 20 dollars, just make your own.
  • How To Make a Men's Vest

    It is relatively easy to make a men’s vest, as long as you are familiar with pattern-making and sewing.
  • How To Make Clothing Store Displays

    One of the tried and tested ways to attract clients for your clothing shop is through store displays. A good clothing store display can emphasize the quality of your...
  • How To Make a Lined Alligator Clip

    Lined alligator clips are often used to create the ponytail effect, making the hair appear longer than the actual length.
  • How To Make an A-Line Skirt

    An A-line skirt is a simple and classic style of skirt. This cut is great for women as it is flattering for all figure types, and it is simple enough to make yourself.
  • How To Make an Egyptian Costume

    An easy costume that you can make is the Egyptian costume. With just a few sheets and accessories, you will surely be looking like one of the Egyptian kings or queens.
  • How To Build a Basic Underwear Wardrobe

    All women should have a basic wardrobe of underwear for all occasions and activities. Different undergarments are needed for active sports, formal wear, and everyday...
  • How To Build a Wardrobe on a Budget

    Building a wardrobe takes patience and time, but when you are on a budget you really have to look at the pieces you are buying.
  • How To Build a Classic Wardrobe

    What comprises a woman's classic wardrobe? Clearly it's built from pieces that remain in stylish use from year to year.
  • How To Build a Chifforobe

    A Chifforobe is a combination wardrobe for hanging clothes and a bank of drawers for folded clothes. Some Chifforobes have a dressing mirror on the wardrobe door.
  • How To Find Side Tie Swim Suit Bottoms

    Side tie swimsuit bottoms, also called string bikini bottoms, have come into fashion lately. Women choose this type of swimwear because it is both functional and sexy.
  • How To Be Mistaken for a Celebrity

    If you are craving for attention, you can dress up like a celebrity so that the paparazzi can mistake you for one. Here are some tips.
  • How To Make a Hooded Jacket

    These are the steps on how you can make a hooded jacket from your old jacket and hoodie. You can easily come up with new clothes if you know how to be resourceful.
  • How To Make a Leather Whip

    A leather whip is something that you can use for costume parties or for decorative purposes in your home.
  • How To Make a Hooded Cloak

    One of the most useful costume pieces is a cloak. A hooded cloak can be used for different characters, such as elves, princes, kings, a vampire and many more.
  • How To Maintain a Leather Jacket

    If you have a leather jacket in your closet and want to keep this fashionable piece in fantastic condition, here are helpful tips for you!
  • How To Find the Latest Fashion Trends in Black Tights

    You don’t have to be a rocker girl, a skater chick, a schoolgirl, or a glamorous fashionista to pull off any outfit with black tights.
  • How To Learn About Waist Cinchers

    If you are tired of dieting and exercising to achieve a slim figure, there may be other solutions for you—you can have a waist cincher as your new best friend.
  • How To Buy Vintage Leather Jackets

    As the temperature drops and the weather changes, a change in wardrobe is also in order. One of the most popular clothing for fall is of course, the vintage leather...
  • How To Make 80s Clothing

    If you are thinking of making your own 80s clothing for a theme party, watch some 80s movies or music videos to get some inspiration, then follow these tips.
  • How To Make and Design Children's Clothing

    If you are looking for a fun, worthwhile project, make and design your own children's clothing. You don’t have to make a full line of clothes. Start with one or two...
  • How To Find Garment Labels

    If you are starting your own clothing or garment company, you can design your own company logo and name and get a printing company to do the garment labels for you.
  • How To Look Skinny at the Beach

    Whatever reasons you have for visiting the beach, you want to ensure that you look good while having a good time. Here are ways to look skinny at the beach.
  • How To Make a Poodle Skirt

    Wearing a poodle skirt can be really a fun thing to experience. Aside from its being trendy, poodle skirts also look cute and very flexible.
  • How To Look for Yoga Apparel

    Considering how helpful yoga is to your life, it is important also that you always wear comfortable yoga apparel whenever you engage in it.
  • How To Make a Superhero Costume

    Costumes do not have to come from a signature clothing line in a mall. Here are steps on how to make a superhero costume that will suit your or your child’s needs.
  • How To Be a Stylish Man After Forty

    Well, there are a lot of simple yet effective ways on how to be a stylish man after forty. But before you think about that, define what fashion means for you first.
  • How To Make a Gorilla Costume

    If you plan to make a gorilla costume, there are some things you must do before you begin the project.
  • How To Avoid Panty Lines

    The biggest mistake women make when wearing pants is having panty lines. There are ways to avoid panty lines by wearing the right panty and clothing for your size.
  • How To Become a Bikini Model

    If you have already thought about becoming a model, but are not sure how to go about it, here are a few suggestions.
  • How To Alter a Bridal Gown

    Rarely does a bride fit perfectly into an off-the-rack bridal gown. Fortunately, bridal gowns are designed to be altered, with generous length and seam allowances.
  • How To Afford Trendy Clothes

    There are some sure ways to get yourself some trendy clothes for less and make sure that you are not in last season's rags trying to look this season's hip.
  • How To Learn the Gymboree Lines of Kids' Clothing

    As far as high quality children's clothes go, Gymboree is definitely at the top of my list as a parent. Also, it is often easy to find coupons and special offers.
  • How To Accessorize a White Outfit

    With spring and summer clothing filling the racks, it’s a great time to get tips on how to spice up that white outfit. That is exactly what you are going to find here.
  • How To Accessorize Plus Size Clothing

    Accessories not only enhance your plus size clothing but can be used to highlight a favorite features, minimize your least favorite parts and improve your overall...
  • How To Accessorize a Bikini

    They will never go out of style, but wearing a bikini can be scary for a lot of women. With the right accessories, you can wear a bikini without any worries.
  • How To Accessorize Your Black Dress

    To learn to accessorize, wear your black dress before a full length mirror; write down the looks you can come up with accessories from your closet.
  • How To Make Your Own Halloween Scarecrow Costume

    Unlike elaborate costumes, scarecrow costumes are open to adjustments – in fact, the messier the costume, the more effective it is!
  • How To Find a Suitable Bath Robe for Toddlers

    How do you keep your child in the playing mood while drying him off? You have to find the right bath robe for your little one. Here are some tips.
  • How To Choose a Woman’s Satin Night Gown

    A satin night gown is supposed to be comfortable, but like everything else that women want, they should be presentable.
  • How To Know What to Wear with Green

    When trying to match an item of clothing to compliment the color green, be sure you have chosen a color of green that is the right shade for your skin tone.
  • How To Make Your Travel Bag Unique

    This article will show you how to make your travel bag stand out and get the attention it deserves.
  • How To Find Fashion Chateau Coupons

    Fashion Chateau is an online shopping website where you can find different brands of clothing. Fashion Chateau has now merged with Couture Candy.