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  • How To Use Compression Shorts

    Very active sports need durable but comfortable attire. Here's how to understand the uses and benefits of compression shorts.
  • How To Make a Puppy Costume

    If you're looking for an easy-to-make, fun costume, why not create a unique, homemade puppy costume?
  • How To Wash Vintage Clothing

    Be sure to take proper care of that rare fashion find! Read what follows and find out the best ways to wash vintage clothing.
  • How To Make a Cowboy Costume

    Whether for a child or adult these costume tips will have you looking like an authentic cowboy for your next dress-up party or Halloween trick or treat.
  • How To Make a Doctor Costume

    Make a unique Doctor costume for your next dress-up party by following some of these ideas.
  • How To Find Strapless Bras with a Good Fit

    Follow these tips to help you find a strapless bra that fits you perfectly.
  • How To Find an Affordable Prom Dress

    Planning for the prom is the most important event in the life of all young women. Learn where to find an affordable prom dress for your special event.
  • How To Look Like a Hippie

    To look like a hippie starts with feeling like one. If you bear this seed in you, everything else is easy.
  • How To Make a Pocahontas Costume

    To make a Pocahontas costume, you'll need a few very simple and inexpensive items. Some of them you may even have on hand already but, if not, they are available at...
  • How To Make a Pokemon Costume

    There are so many different Pokemon characters to choose from, Ill explain how to create a basic Pokemon costume and then you can add your own flare to the design.
  • How To Make Indian Clothes

    Westernization has certainly had a big effect on styles of clothing. Although styles have changed over the years, traditional Indian garments are a constant.
  • Pick Out Baby Baptism Outfits

    A baby baptism outfit is as important as a bridal gown in a wedding ceremony.
  • How To Buy Ballet Dance Costumes

    Learn how to access some of the best websites on the Internet to buy quality ballet costumes and dance wear for all occasions.
  • How To Find Deals on Oasis Clothing

    Great tips for finding the lowest prices on women's fashion clothing from the UK Oasis clothing line.
  • How To Dress Colonial

    If you’d like to make your own clothes so you can dress like the colonials, then start with some research into the types of clothing they made.
  • How To Make a Simple Minimalist Wardrobe

    Seeking to make your wardrobe a minimalist one is a wise decision, and one which will allow you to streamline and shape up your clothes choices.
  • How To Wear Hijabs

    The word Hijab is Arabic and means curtain, or cover. This article will focus on how to properly use and wear a Hijab.
  • How To Find and Buy a Monarchy T-shirt

    Still young in the fashion business, the Monarchy Collection has become one of the leading men and women’s brands for clothing.
  • How To Buy Inuit Clothing

    The clothing the Inuits wear reflects the environment in which they live as well as their available resources. Learn how to buy Inuit clothing.
  • How To Tie Up a Sarong

    A sarong may be dyed, ornamented, fringed, or plain, but if it's a rectangle of fabric large enough to wrap around the body a couple of times, it can be tied as a sarong.
  • How To Wear Black Tights

    Black tights have never faded away from the fashion scene. People who are into wearing black tights love them for the simple reason that they're so versatile,...
  • How To Find Vintage T-Shirts Online

    Shopping online is convenient and easy with Internet access. This article gives some tips on how to find vintage t-shirts online.
  • How To Understand What Compression Shorts Are

    Compression shorts are a type of underwear that is mostly used by athletes. Learn more about what compression shorts are and their uses.
  • How To Buy Plus Size Maternity Jeans

    Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't wear jeans. Here's how to access some Web sites where you can find plus size maternity jeans.
  • How To Take Off a Bra

    Wouldn't it be lovely if we were all as skilled as Joey Tribbiani on Friends, and could make a bra pop open using nothing but a clear line of sight and extreme focus?
  • How To Dress Like a Wizard

    Read these tips for dressing like a wizard for your next costume party or Halloween.
  • How To Find Pirate Clothing

    Johnny Depp isn't the only person who can dress up like a pirate. Here are some tips on how to assemble a believable pirate costume.
  • Designer Brands of Formal Shirts

    As men become more interested in fashion, formal shirts are becoming more prevalent and popular. Here are some tips to help you find the top designer brands of formal...
  • Popular Styles for Formal Shirts

    Do you find it hard to mix and match your formal shirts? Read this article to learn the popular styles for formal shirts so that you wear your tailored shirt the right...
  • How To Find Monarchy Clothes

    Monarchy clothes are loved by many people. Here are some places where you can shop for Monarchy clothes.
  • How To Find Popular Brand Name Children's Clothing

    There are different brands for children's clothes that are available in the market. They use different materials for kids as kids may have sensitive skin that may be...
  • How To Find Cheap Brand Name Clothes: Top Designer Fashions

    If you are a big fashion fan but you don't have the budget to buy expensive clothes, there are other ways to buy brand name or designer clothing without having to...
  • How To Choose Swim Suits

    Some women dread the idea of swimsuit shopping. To know how to choose the swimsuit style that flatters your body, let's narrow down what styles look best on a certain...
  • How To Find Discount Girls' Easter Dresses

    Many parents do not want to spend a fortune on Easter dresses that their children will only wear once; they prefer to find discount Easter dresses.
  • How To Fold a Sweater

    Here is a great way to fold a sweater so they will be out of your way in a snap!
  • How To Choose Tank Tops for Plus Size Women

    If you know how to play with pieces of clothes, styles, prints, colors and fabrics then you can go and have the fun of wearing swimsuits, camisoles and tank tops.
  • How To Pull Off Golden Globe Fashions

    Golden Globe fashions are synonymous with edgy, fun, high style and design. Here's how to get the look.
  • Tips in Making Dance Costumes

    How you will make your dance costumes depends on what type of dance those costumes are for. This could be ballet, ballroom, jazz, tap, or modern dance, among others.
  • How To Shop for Belt Buckles

    Choosing the proper belt buckle for the proper outfit and occasion may be a little difficult. Here are some tips on how to shop for the best belt buckle.
  • How To Dress for a Nightclub

    It's important to look your best when going out to the club. Dressing like you are confident with yourself, yet are open for some fun is the key.
  • How To Find Gowns Worn by Jennifer Lopez

    Have fun creating your own Jennifer Lopez-inspired look and wear it proudly. Do it well and those who see you will think, I want a gown like that!
  • How To Make Renaissance Costumes

    Planning on attending a local Renaissance Fair? Want an innovative costume idea for an upcoming masquerade party? Think Renaissance.
  • Finding Varsity Lettermen Jacket Patches: Sew on Patches

    When you purchase letterman jacket patches it can be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for at the quality you deserve. Yes, the patches are sold...
  • How To Find a Lara Croft Holster Belt

    With the popularity of Tomb Raider, Lara Croft's famous outfit is a great Halloween costume. You can easily buy or make a Lara Croft holster belt.
  • How To Buy Harley Davidson Leather Jackets

    Harley Davidson jackets are designed for fashion and protection. Use this article as a guide to get the best leather jacket for you.
  • How to Buy Thermal Underwear

    If you work or play in very cold weather, thermal underwear not only makes you more comfortable but may save your life by preventing hypothermia.
  • How To Shop for Sexy Underwear

    The best part of any sexy underwear collection is the corset. A well-made one can be expensive, but it's worth the investment.
  • How To Find Sexy Stockings

    Finding sexy stockings to wear can be a fun adventure for you, and nothing shows off your legs in a more appealing light than some sexy stockings.
  • How To Care for Ladies' Leather Gloves

    Here is a generalized set of instructions on how to maintain leather gloves.
  • How To Dress for a Casual Night Out

    A comfortable, fashionable look is the way to go when dressing for a casual night out. Choose figure flattering garments with unique details.