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  • How To Make Homemade Depilatory Wax

    You can make your own homemade depilatory wax out of ingredients from your kitchen. Here are the quick and easy steps.
  • How To Make Homemade Temporary Tattoo Ink

    You can have temporary tattoos using homemade tattoo ink that can be as beautiful as a permanent tattoo and feature more contemporary designs.
  • How To Make Whipped Glycerin Soaps

    Whipped glycerin soaps are popular not only because of their cleansing and soothing properties, but also because of the sheen and glitter that the soap naturally offers.
  • How To Make Homemade Black Hair Care Products

    There are natural recipes that you can prepare at home that are organic and chemical-free that can be more beneficial to black hair than commercial preparations.
  • How To Make Hands Look Younger

    Take care of your hands the way you take care of your face and reveal your youthfulness and not your age.
  • How To Make Lavender Body Scrub

    Create your own salt scrub with a refreshing and calming fragrance of lavender. Follow the simple steps and make your own lavender body scrub.
  • How To Make Vinegar Hair Rinse

    One of the best ways to give your hair the relaxing break it needs from the harsh chemicals in most hair products is to use a vinegar hair rinse.
  • How To Make Lemon Perfume

    Instead of purchasing a bottle of designer perfume, you can create and customize your own lemon perfume.
  • How To Make Money Designing Tattoos

    The market for custom tattoos or “tats” is wide open for talented individuals like artists and designers, and the perfect avenue for you to reconcile art and money.
  • How To Bleach Dark Hair with the Least Damage

    If you’re a dark-haired person who would like to have a bleached hair style, here’s the best way to bleach your dark hair with the least damage.
  • How To Make Homemade Perfume

    There are various recipes for homemade perfume that you can try, and you can mix the scents that you really like, which is a major consideration.
  • How To Maintain Sideburns

    The sideburns are usually a forgotten area when it comes to grooming, since they are not usually covered by shampooing for the hair or cleansing for facial skin.
  • How To Cure Nail Fungus

    To learn more about how to cure nail fungus, here are some very helpful tricks that you can follow and apply.
  • How To Make Champagne Facial Masks

    A good rejuvenating ingredient for a facial mask is champagne. So start hydrating your face and make your own champagne facial mask.
  • How To Make Lemon Vinegar Face Freshener

    A lemon vinegar face freshener is a great way to remove the dirt that has accumulated on the surface of the skin, without the usual costs of branded facial fresheners.
  • How To Make Coarse Hair Soft

    You can turn your naturally coarse hair into soft hair just by using some products that you can get from the supermarket.
  • How To Make Oil Infusions

    When it comes to personal wellness and pampering oneself, one of the things that have been getting a lot of press lately are essential oils or oil infusions.
  • How To Buy Makeup for Oily Skin

    Makeup for oily skin is a bit different from beauty products for the regular types of skin, since oily skin is more sensitive and prone to blemishes.
  • How To Make Lavender Mist Spray

    A lavender mist spray is very beneficial at home. It can be used to refresh the skin. It can also be used for linens and pillows to add a calming scent.
  • How To Blend Gray Hair with Highlights

    There is another technique of concealing the natural gray color of your hair brought about by mature age – it’s called blending of gray hair.
  • How To Make Jasmine Lotion

    Jasmine lotion has been used for centuries to soothe and moisturize skin while leaving a charming scent on the body.
  • How To Find Products that can Improve your Skin Tone

    There are plenty of products to improve your skin tone, but finding the right product for you can be challenging. Here are some of the best products to help you out.
  • How To Make Honeysuckle Perfume

    Honeysuckle perfume can be perfect for your scented candles or as a personal gift. To start making your own, here are the necessary steps that you must take.
  • How To Make Homemade Water Based Perfume

    Water based scents are safer than alcohol based perfume sold in the stores. Here are the necessary steps in making your own homemade water based perfume.
  • How To Make Lavender Sugar Scrub

    Using a body scrub is an effective way of exfoliating the skin. Follow the simple steps below, which will show you how to make your own lavender sugar scrub.
  • How To Buy a Tattoo Kit

    If you are planning on large scale tattoos on your body, you can save money by learning how to apply your own tattoos and by purchasing your own tattoo kit.
  • How To Buy a Swimsuit Cover-up

    A swimsuit cover-up will not only make you look good, but can also help protect your skin from sunburn during dips in the pool and trips to the beach.
  • How To Make Cinnamon Scented Oils

    If you are interested in pampering you body with this product, then here are the steps on how to make cinnamon scented oils.
  • How To Buy Favorite Bath and Body Products on a Budget

    There are many other ways by which you can buy your favorite bath and body products on a budget. You just have to be resourceful, informed and alert.
  • How To Make Hair Stay in Place without Hairspray

    If you are one who would rather go for a natural look, here are tips on how to make your hair stay in place without hairspray.
  • How To Make Chocolate Face Cream

    Going to the spa to have your face cleansed can be really expensive. So just pamper yourself by making your own chocolate face cream.
  • How To Care for a Burn from Laser Hair Removal

    If you suffer from a burn due to a recent laser hair removal procedure, take note of the following tips.
  • How To Make Money Selling Your Tattoo Designs Online

    If you have the talent for drawing and design, one of the many ways you can use your craft for profit is to sell tattoo designs online.
  • How To Make Homemade Facial Masks

    Using facial masks is an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin and use cheap, natural ingredients. Here's how to make homemade facial masks.
  • How To Make Scented Jasmine Bath Oil

    Essential bath oils are not difficult or expensive to make. It just takes a few simple ingredients. You will need a carrier oil, Jasmine distilled oil, a funnel and a...
  • How To Find Cellulite Reduction Lotion

    With regular application of cellulite reduction lotion, you can decrease those unwanted dimpled skin patches. Learn more about how to buy lotion for cellulite reduction.
  • How To Make a Heel Balm

    In the kitchen, you can use the following to soothe cracked heels and make your very own heel balm solutions.
  • How To Make Ionic Detox Foot Baths

    Among the ways of detoxifying, ionic detox foot baths are one of the most convenient ways. Through these foot baths, there is no need to visit expensive detox salons.
  • How To Make Flowing Waves for Your Hair

    You can look sexy and add some excitement to your hairstyle by making flowing waves out of your straight hair, without having to chemically perm it.
  • How To Apply Hair Gel

    Whether you are a man or woman, applying gel will always help you style your hair. For more information or ideas on how hair gel is applied, follow the simple steps...
  • How To Make Hairspray

    You can make your own natural hairspray and not worry about the harmful effects of commercial products. Follow the steps below on how to make hairspray.
  • How To Make a Relaxing Bath Soak

    The bath is a sanctuary for tired and aching muscles, especially if you know how to make your own relaxing bath soak.
  • How To Make Hair Extensions into a Ponytail

    You can use other hairstyling methods such as a simple ponytail with hair extensions by following these suggestions.
  • How To Make Hair Grow Faster and Thicker

    There is no magic formula to make hair grow faster and thicker. The good news is - you can improve the growth potential of your hair through these techniques.
  • How To Make Scented Shea Butter Lotion

    Shea butter lotion is great for keeping skin soft, flexible and less prone to wrinkles. But often it is sold with unflattering scents or in an inconvenient semi-solid...
  • How To Make Skin Whiter

    There are many things you can do to make your skin appear whiter. These steps can be at home and most are completely natural. They will not harm your skin.
  • How To Make Silk Flower Hair Barrettes

    Silk flower hair barrettes can transform a simple hairstyle into an elegant up do. It just takes a few silk flowers to make a simple barrette a charming hair ornament.
  • How To Make Lavender Skin Care Pads

    Lavender skin care pads are good soothers for headaches and they can be useful in remedying insect bites and blemishes caused by acne.
  • How To Make Loofah Scrub Soap

    Whether as an easy to make and inexpensive gift idea or as a way to soothe and relax yourself, loofah scrub soap is one of the best ways to exfoliate luxuriously.
  • How To Brighten Blonde Hair Naturally

    There are some things that you can do in order to restore the brightness of your blonde hair. You do not have to go to any parlor and have expensive treatments.