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  • How To Apply Concealer Makeup to Dark Skin

    You should know how to properly apply a concealer for dark skin. Improper application will only make your skin appear full of weird patches.
  • How To Apply Cream Blush

    Cream blush can give the same effects as the regular powdered blush, but the former needs a different approach for application. Here’s how to properly apply cream...
  • How To Avoid a Butt Rash from Long Bicycle Rides

    If you do not have a butt rash, and never plan to have one, follow these tips and your long bicycle rides will be butt rash-free.
  • How To Apply Concealer

    Concealers hide blemishes and will also make your face look flawless and smooth. Below are steps on how to apply concealer.
  • How To Maintain a Razor

    A close, clean shave is what you need out of a shaving ritual, but it all begins with a super fine razor that can do the job.
  • How To Look Like a Plus Size Model

    Do you want to resemble the ranks of Emme Aronson and Barbara Brickner, stars of the plus size model industry? You might already see the potential in yourself.
  • How To Look Good at a School with a Dress Code

    Dress codes should not stop you from being your fashionable self. You don’t have to break rules to look good in your school uniform.
  • How To Find All Natural Skin Care Products

    More and more women are turning their backs to the highly-commercialized and artificial skin care products in favor of more natural and organic substitutes.
  • How To Make a Blackhead Mask

    There are plenty of skin care specialists that will help eliminate blackheads for you. If you want an affordable but effective solution, however, try a blackhead mask.
  • How To Make a Blueberry Facial Mask

    If you think that your face is showing signs of aging, is beginning to be afflicted with acne, or simply needs some love and care, try the blueberry facial mask.
  • How To Look Like Shakira

    Shakira is one of the hottest stars in the music world, and with good reason. Small wonder if you are really interested in looking just like her.
  • How To Look Hot as a Woman Over 40

    Some people attribute to cosmetic surgery all the wonders of staying beautiful over time. But the truth is, there are many natural ways to look hot as a woman over 40.
  • How To Apply Makeup for Photographs

    When applying makeup for a photograph, a little more effort is required to look great in a picture. Makeup that is acceptable for a regular day might not be enough for...
  • How To Apply Eyelash Extensions

    The advantage to applying eyelash extensions is that it is an easy and noninvasive procedure that gets instant results.
  • How To Apply Lip Concealer

    Lip concealers are hardly talked about. But just about everyone in Hollywood uses lip concealers! In this article, you will how to apply lip concealer.
  • How To Apply Makeup for Extended Wear

    Can the makeup you apply at 8 a.m.last until a dinner engagement at 8 o'clock that night? It can if you learn a few tips about how to apply makeup for extended wear.
  • How To Apply Powder to Oily Skin

    When it comes to applying face powder there are many techniques that a person can use; but if you have oily skin there is one technique that will work the best for you.
  • How To Apply Lower Eyeliner

    Eyeliner on your lower lid can really make an impact. It makes your eyes stand out and can give your look a little edge, without going overboard.
  • How To Apply Two-Tone Eye Shadow

    Wearing a two-tone eye shadow adds depth and dimension to your eyes and gives you an overall polished and professional look to your make-up application.
  • How To Apply Liquid Foundation Makeup

    For a flawless finish and the appearance of perfect skin, it’s necessary to apply a liquid foundation as the starting point for your make-up.
  • How To Apply False Eyelashes

    False eyelashes are a must for a dramatic make up look. False eyelashes add length and volume and can be applied as a full lash, demi lash or individual lashes.
  • How To Apply Under Eye Brightener

    A lot of consumers find themselves asking, ‘How do I apply eye brightener to get the best looking results?’ Well here are some tips on applying an under-eye...
  • How To Become a Redhead

    Becoming a redhead is exciting, but be sure that you choose your shade carefully and increase the red pigmentation gradually to achieve a natural look.
  • How To Apply Two Colors of Eye Shadow

    Applying two colors of eye shadow can make your makeup look much more professional and have that finished look. This article will give you a few tips and tricks.
  • How To Apply Mime Makeup for Kids

    Whether you’re looking for a unique costume or simply doing so for fun, applying mime makeup for kids is a great way to get into character.
  • How To Apply Foundation to African American Skin

    Foundation is used by almost every woman for one simple reason, flawless skin. For years, it has been quite difficult for African American women to achieve this goal.
  • How To Apply SPF Before Applying Makeup

    Apply SPF each morning before you apply makeup to ensure protection from the sun's harmful rays. You will find face lotions with SPF 15 to SPF 30 in your local pharmacy.
  • How To Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

    Glitter eye shadow comes in just as many colors as cream or powder eyeshadows, but is a little more modern and creative.
  • How To Apply Makeup for a Square Face

    Women with a square shaped face may need to pay closer attention to detail when applying makeup.
  • How To Do Dramatic Eye Makeup

    Dramatic eye makeup is great for an evening out or just when you need to add that finishing touch to your ensemble for a special affair.
  • How To Apply Powder Makeup

    Powder make-up has a light and airy texture that can give you a healthy glow all day and minimize the shine. The powdered products are also the easiest to apply.
  • How To Apply Tinted Moisturizer to Your Face

    Tinted moisturizer does the job of two products. It moisturizes the skin and gives a sheer color instead of a heavy foundation.
  • How To Become More Attractive

    When people become more attractive their confidence level will rise and they will enjoy life more than they ever thought possible.
  • How To Maintain Your Self-Confidence While Unemployed

    Aside from losing money, being unemployed may affect the way you view yourself and the way you communicate with your loved ones and the other people around you.
  • How To Look Fabulous with Little or No Makeup

    Believe it or not, you can still look fabulous even with little or no makeup at all. Trusting your beauty and being confident are the first steps.
  • How To Apply Eye Cream

    You need to apply eye cream regularly. These are very sensitive skin areas, and neglecting them can diminish your eye's natural beauty. Here is how it should be done.
  • How To Apply Lowlights to Hair

    Lowlights can change your look in a more subdued way. Although not as radical as having highlights, this hair coloring method has made fanatics out of men and women.
  • How To Make a Natural Petroleum Jelly Alternative

    It is undeniable that petroleum jelly serves many purposes. This is why it would be better for you if you can learn how to make a natural petroleum jelly on your own.
  • How To Make a Pore Minimizing Facial Mask

    Here's how to make a pore minimizing facial mask, and the best thing is there are no chemicals involved that will potentially harm you. So what are you waiting for?
  • How To Make a Perfume with Real Vanilla Beans

    All you need to do is follow these instructions carefully and before you know it, you have already created the sweet-scented vanilla perfume that you've always wanted.
  • How To Look Fierce

    Read up and prepare yourself for emerging as the untouchable, fierce person everyone will look up to.
  • How To Make a Super Softening Exfoliating Scrub

    You can have that smooth, soft and flawless skin without costing you a lot. You can make your own softening exfoliating scrub with ingredients around from your kitchen.
  • How To Make a Treatment for Age Spots on Hands

    The good news is that age spots, also called liver spots, are superficial. And as such, these can be removed through different treatment methods.
  • How To Apply Cake Eyeliner

    For someone who is in the early stages of discovering the joys of eyeliner, practicing with cake eyeliner is best. It is also the best choice for dramatic multi-shadow...
  • How To Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions

    You may want to use clip-in hair extensions for any number of stylish reasons, perhaps for a single glamorous event or for long term addition to your hairdo.
  • How To Add Weft Hair Using Bonding Glue

    Adding wefts of hair using bonding glue creates a great opportunity to temporarily change the look, texture, and length of your hair, and is not as difficult as it...
  • How To Make a Glycolic Acid Peel at Home

    Money is tight. Severely tight. But you don’t want to give up your beauty routines. In fact, your skin ages faster if you’re stressed… making it extra important...
  • How To Avoid Toxic Ingredients in Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

    Depending on the country one lives in, most manufactured sunscreen and insect repellent products are required to post ingredients on labels. That's not enough.
  • How To Lose a Pimple Quick

    Getting up, looking in the mirror, and discovering that you have a zit on your face could really wreck your day. Lose that pimple quick with these techniques.
  • How To Find Wholesale Outlets for Men's Cologne

    If you are a man who appreciates fragrance and understands the benefits of a good scent, a wholesale outlet for men's colognes is your best choice for affordable cologne.