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  • How To Mix Wella Hair Color

    Wella color holds a reputable line in the field of hair color. It has a variety of uses, from changing your natural roots to covering up for grey hair growths. This is...
  • How To Make Lipstick Last All Day

    Women love make-up. They put it on their faces to highlight their facial assets or to make them even more beautiful. They put it on before they go out and just retouch...
  • How To Minimize Laugh Lines

    Part of aging is diminishing skin elasticity. As you age, you will notice that your skin is no longer as firm as it was years ago. Laugh lines can form around the...
  • How To Prevent Claw Toes

    Claw toes is the term used to describe a foot deformity wherein the toes of the person resembles a claw. Patients with claw toes have toes that curve downward then...
  • How To Measure Eyebrows

    Need help grooming your brows? Get tips to make sure that your eyebrows are the right shape and size for your face. Here's how to measure eyebrows.
  • How To Moisturize Your Skin Before Applying Powder Foundation

    Moisturizing your face prior to applying foundation is an important step not only in protecting your skin but also making it easier to add the foundation. Moisturizer...
  • How To Make Shea Butter Creamy

    Shea butter can be a rejuvenating skin conditioner, but first you need to transform hard shea butter into a creamy shea butter.
  • How To Naturally Slow Unwanted Hair Growth

    Hair removal can be a painful process, especially for stubborn and thick hair. It is unfortunate that hair removal has to be done regularly, since it can be such a...
  • How To Make Your Nail Polish Stay On

    Having nice manicured nails makes your hands look cleaner and more professional. Women spend hundreds of dollars every year at nail salons to get their nails done. So...
  • How To Make Your Eye Color Stand Out

    One of the first things that people will notice when they look at your face are your eyes. The eyes have long been considered as the windows to the soul, because eyes...
  • How To Make Your Own Ionic Foot Bath

    Want to try ionic foot bathing without the price tag? Try this detox treatment at home. Here's how to make your own ionic foot bath.
  • How To Make Thin Lips Fuller and More Plump

    Want luscious lips? These tips can help you make your lips look full, pouty and kissable. Here's how to make thin lips fuller and more plump.
  • How To Braid in Hair Extensions

    Wearing hair extensions is getting more popular these days. Aside from enhancing your looks, you also get to do a lot of things to make your hair extensions more...
  • How To Make Your Own Hair & Body Products Line

    Want to care for your skin on a budget? Making your own products can be fun and economical. Here's how to make your own hair & body products line.
  • How To Make Cocoa Butter

    Do you want softer skin and reduced scars? Save money making skin cream with shea and cocoa butters at home. Here’s how to make cocoa butter.
  • How To Make Cuticle Oil

    Do you wish to take care of your manicured cuticles? Well, consider using cuticle oil regularly. You can massage your cuticles with it, especially after your...
  • How To Make Synthetic Hair Less Shiny

    Synthetic hair is a great convenience and can look wonderful, but it can be a bit too shiny to look entirely real.
  • How To Look Thinner in Minutes

    Everyone wants to look thin. However, not everyone has the time, discipline or the genetics to look this way all the time. As always, if you aren’t something, you...
  • How To Make Eyeglass Cleaner

    Want to keep your eyeglasses clean? With these tips, you can make your own cleaner. Here's how to make eyeglass cleaner.
  • How To Look Less Nerdy in Glasses

    Wearing glasses has always been associated with either being really smart and nerdy, or being old. Either way, it’s not a pretty picture. However, if you need to...
  • How To Look Good in a Toupee

    For many men, hair loss can be catastrophic. Many men start experiencing hair loss as early as in their late 20s and early 30s. For most guys, a solution is to wear a...
  • How To Make Corn Oil

    Corn oil is a versatile product. It is not just used for cooking but can also be used to moisturize skin and prevent hair balls on animals.
  • How To Make a Body Mask

    Making your own body mask has the advantage of homemade freshness and the benefits of natural ingredients. Here are four body mask recipes.
  • How To Make Eyes Look Asian

    Want exotic-looking eyes? Use these tips to give your eyes an interesting Asian appearance. Here's how to make eyes look Asian.
  • How To Make Eyelashes Grow Faster

    Wish your eyelashes were long and beautiful? Use these tips to help your natural lashes grow. Here's how to make eyelashes grow faster.
  • How To Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

    Love tattoos, but hate the commitment? Temporary tattoos can be changed anytime you want. Here's how to make your own temporary tattoos.
  • How To Make Your Own Organic Soap

    Love organic soaps? Get tips for making your own using essential oils of your choice. Here's how to make your own organic soap.
  • How To Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer

    Do you have blue eyes? Use these tips to really make them pop. Here's how to make blue eyes look bluer.
  • How To Make Black Tattoo Ink

    Interested in making your own tattoo ink? Use these steps plus sanitary precautions to create your own. Here's how to make black tattoo ink.
  • How To Make Chocolate Scented Perfume

    Some may love it while others may hate it but a chocolate scent for a perfume is something that you can consider. Chocolates as a food is known to relax and the...
  • How To Make a Coffee and Egg White Exfoliating Facial

    A good facial doesn't have to cost a fortune. This coffee and egg while exfoliating facial is great for your skin and perfectly natural.
  • How To Make Sugar Soap

    Bring the nourishing properties of antioxidants and exfoliation to your skin with this simple recipe to make sugar soap.
  • How To Decorate for a Spa Party

    Spa parties are a novel way for people to spend time together in a relaxing mood and atmosphere. In most cases, spa parties are held for bridal entourages. These can...
  • How To Make an Earring Remover

    Having trouble working with tiny pierced earring backs? These tips will help you make a remover. Here's how to make an earring remover.
  • How To Make an Aloe Vera Facial Mask

    Want a soothing treat for your skin? Get tips for aloe vera-based treatments for dry and oily skin. Here's how to make an aloe vera facial mask.
  • How To Make Beaded Hair Scrunchies

    Put together a few new hair accessories in no time with these tips on making beaded hair scrunchies.
  • How To Maintain Attractive Dreadlocks

    Contrary to popular opinion, dreadlocks do require some maintenance and hair care tips if you want attractive dreadlocks.
  • How To Make a Natural Odor Killer for Shoes

    Want to keep your shoes fresh? These natural alternatives to chemicals can really help. Here's how to make a natural odor killer for shoes.
  • How To Make a Natural Acne Fighting Soap

    Want to treat your acne without using chemicals? This soap recipe can help clear your skin. Here's how to make a natural acne fighting soap.
  • How To Latch Hook a Hair Weave

    Do you want longer hair fast? Find instructions for weaving hair extensions for a new look. Here’s how to latch hook a hair weave.
  • How To Make a Pumpkin Facial Mask

    Do you want natural nourishment to brighten your skin? Find instructions for making masks with pumpkins. Here’s how to make a pumpkin facial mask.
  • How To Make a Natural Wrinkle Reducer

    Are you finding wrinkles on your face? Find recipes for using food to smooth away lines and crows feet. Here’s how to make a natural wrinkle reducer.
  • How To Make a Lace-Front Wig

    A woman can cover up the look of a receding hairline quite easily with these steps to make a lace-front wig.
  • How To Make a Honey Sugar Facial Scrub

    This recipe for a Honey Sugar Facial Scrub will help keep your skin clean and glowing with natural exfoliation and moisturizing.
  • How To Lighten Blemishes

    You can reduce the look and visibility of any blemish by taking a few steps in a skin care routine to lighten blemishes.
  • How To Have Big Hair

    It is often said that the hair is a person’s crowning glory. All people have different ways of expressing who they are by doing different hairstyles. Some have...
  • How To Make an Afro with Straight Hair

    Transforming your straight hair to frizzy afro will take time and work so be patient to get the best results. The result will be a dramatic, sexy look!
  • How To Make a Wig Look Like Your Hair

    A wig is a way of changing an individual’s personality in an instant. You may be bored with your present hairstyle and would like to experiment on something new....
  • How To Make a Moisturizing Body Oil for Dry Hands and Feet

    Save money and your skin with these plans for a moisturizing body oil that is perfect for hands and feet or any dry skin.
  • How To Heal Dry Cracked Hands

    These skin care techniques to heal dry, cracked hands can restore your skin to their healthy, youthful look and feel in no time.