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  • How To Exfoliate Legs

    Want smooth, silky leg skin? Find tips for exfoliation to improve smoothness and circulation and remove dead cells. Here’s how to exfoliate legs.
  • How To Apply Eyeshadow, Eye Liner, and Mascara Like a Pro

    Need help applying eye makeup? Get the tips to make your eyes stand out. Here's how to apply eyeshadow, eye liner, and mascara like a pro.
  • How To Apply Eyeshadow to Eye Creases

    Want to make your eyes look more dramatic? Learn about the proper way to add eyeshadow to your creases. Here's how to apply eyeshadow to eye creases.
  • How To Design a Quarter-Sleeve Tattoo

    Do you want tattoos on your arms? Find tips for designing personal tattoo sleeves to put on your arm. Here’s how to design a quarter-sleeve tattoo.
  • How To Do a Blackhead Removal Facial

    Do you have blackheads? Find tips for using facials to reduce acne and clean pores to remove black heads. Here’s how to do a blackhead removal facial.
  • How To Make a Honey Salt Scrub

    Combine the exfoliating strength of salt with the soothing power of honey in this honey salt scrub for your skin.
  • How To Dye/Highlight Your Roots

    Need help covering roots? Learn the steps of using root and hair dyes to camouflage color growth. Here's how to dye/highlight your roots.
  • How To Apply Crossdresser Makeup

    Crossdresser makeup is going to use standard women's makeup, but how you apply your makeup is going to be different depending on your look.
  • How To Decide Between a Dermatologist and an Aesthetician

    Do you have skin issues? Learn about choosing skin specialists or cosmetic doctors. Here’s how to decide between a dermatologist and an aesthetician.
  • How To Do an At-Home Dermabrasion

    Dermabrasion helps exfoliate the top layers of the skin to remove scars. Here are tips on how to do an at-home dermabrasion to avoid high costs.
  • How To Look Younger with Less Make Up in 5 Minutes

    Too much makeup can itself make you look older. These light makeup tips can make you look younger in no time.
  • How To Find Discontinued Beauty Products

    Was your favorite beauty product discontinued? Get tips on how you can still find your favorites. Here's how to find discontinued beauty products.
  • How To Do Airbrush Makeup

    Airbrush makeup is the latest trick to applying makeup perfectly for evening or special event look you want.
  • How To Find and Use Natural Underarm Deodorants

    Do you have body odor and sensitive skin? Learn about natural deodorant and anti-perspirant. Here’s how to find and use natural underarm deodorants.
  • How To Enjoy a Finnish Sauna

    Want to try a sauna? Get tips on using a sauna properly and enjoying your time there. Here's how to enjoy a Finnish sauna.
  • How To Fill In or Draw Perfect Eyebrows

    Want to create an excellent eyebrow? Find tips for plucking, tweezing, coloring, and shaping brows. Here’s how to fill in or draw perfect eyebrows.
  • How To Enhance Hair Color Naturally

    Want to update your hair color? Get tips on enhancing hair color by using tea. Here's how to enhance hair color naturally.
  • How To Determine Skin Tone

    Need help choosing the perfect hair color and makeup? Learn about how determining your skin tone can help. Here's how to determine skin tone.
  • How To Deal with Ingrown Facial Hair

    Need help with an ingrown hair? Get tips on how to remove it safely and prevent it from recurring. Here's how to deal with ingrown facial hair.
  • How To Curl Hair with Thermal Self-Grip Rollers

    Want help using rollers and a blow-dryer? Get tips and tricks for putting curl in your hair using heat. Here's how to curl hair with thermal self-grip rollers.
  • How To Cut Your Own Hairpiece

    Need help trimming your wig or hairpiece? Try these hair styling tips when cutting hair from a wig. Here's how to cut your own hairpiece.
  • How To Create a Hair Bump Accessory

    Follow these simple tips to save money, be fashionable and comfortable at the same time! Here are tips on how to create your own hair bump accessory.
  • How To Exfoliate Your Body for Soft Skin

    Want softer skin? These tips and tricks will help you uncover fresher, softer skin. Here's how to exfoliate your body for soft skin.
  • How To Cut Women's Hairstyles

    Want help cutting hair? Learn these tips and tricks to create stunning women's haircuts. Here's how to cut women's hairstyles.
  • How To Cut Layered Bangs

    Do you have thick bangs you want to layer? Cutting your own bangs or fringes can save money and reduce volume. Here’s how to cut layered bangs.
  • How To Cure a Pimple Scar

    Need help treating facial scars caused by acne? These skin care tips can help. Here's how to cure a pimple scar.
  • How To Cure Dry Cuticles

    Need help treating dry cuticles? Get nail care tips to make your nails look beautiful. Here's how to cure dry cuticles.
  • How To Create a Signature Scent

    Your signature scent should take note of your own personal scent and add overtones that accent your beauty and personality.
  • How To Create a Quick Chic Messy Bun

    The hair bun is back in style with a chic messy bun look that sheds the old prim and proper image of the hairstyle.
  • How To Create a Spa Menu

    Consider these tips when you design the spa menu that will best suit and inspire your spa clientèle.
  • How To Choose Makeup Colors Based on Your Eyes and Skin Tone

    Your eyes and your skin are the key determiners for the makeup colors you should be using to highlight your best features and bring out your best look.
  • How To Choose Makeup for Blue Eyes

    Blue eyes are best highlighted with makeup products and makeup application techniques that suit blue eyes and the look you are aiming for.
  • How To Use Piercing Needles

    Piercing needles should be properly chosen then cleaned and prepared before you follow these steps to use piercing needles safely and for the best look.
  • How To Choose Natural Soap for Sensitive Skin

    Natural soap can be the best choice for sensitive skin, but it can be hard to decide which natural soap and soap ingredients will soothe and treat your sensitive skin.
  • How To Choose a Hair Stylist

    Need help finding a hairstylist? Get tips on finding the perfect professional to cut and color your hair. Here's how to choose a hair stylist.
  • How To Pick the Right Makeup for Green Eyes

    Need help accentuating green eyes? Get tips on using eyeshadow to make green eyes look better. Here's how to pick the right makeup for green eyes.
  • How To Pick a Hair Color that Suits You

    Hair coloring is almost standard these days. What isn't a given is that people pick the right hair color to flatter their appearance. These tips will help you get the...
  • How To Cover up a Scar

    Need help covering up scars? Get skin care tips to help you get rid of scars. Here's how to cover up a scar.
  • How To Cut Your Own Hair

    One way to save money and time is to cut your own hair, and depending on your hairstyle there are many ways to make it easier to cut your own hair.
  • How To Highlight Hair

    If you want to add a few touches of light and color to your hair and give it more visual appeal, follow these steps to highlight hair safely and effectively.
  • How To Layer Cut Your Own Hair

    Cutting your hair yourself saves you plenty of money. If you wear your hair in layers, or want to layer a blunt cut, you need scissors, a good mirror and some knowhow.
  • How To Buy Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa butter is returning to popularity as a skin conditioner and skin care lotion component, but first you need to find a source of cocoa butter.
  • How To Buy Mineral Makeup

    Skin rashes and early aging are common due to traditional makeup with unhealthy ingredients. Learn to buy mineral makeup to prevent these problems.
  • How To Benefit from Ultrasound Facials

    Ultrasound facials are the latest in skin care treatments to restore the youth, beauty, and overall health of the face.
  • How To Buy a Toupee

    Suffering from male pattern baldness? Get a toupee. Learn how to buy a toupee that looks natural and feels right.
  • How To Build a Girl's Vanity Table

    Give your daughter a place to keep her makeup and accessories with a girl's vanity table.
  • How To Build a Hair Dryer Caddy

    For safety and convenient storage, learn how to build a hairdryer caddy to store your hairdryer when not in use.
  • How To Clean Electric Razors

    Need to clean your electric razor? Use these tips to remove the hairs. Learn how to clean your electric razor for a better shave.
  • How To Use PanOxyl

    Benzoyl peroxide is a proven compound for treating acne. PanOxyl is a brand of benzoyl peroxide with a 10% solution. Here's how it can help your skin.
  • How To Clear Up Blemishes on African American Skin Naturally

    Need help treating acne on African American skin? Get skin care tips to help. Here's how to clear up blemishes on African American skin naturally.