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  • How To Use Clearasil

    Clearasil, including the StayClear line of products, is the most trusted set of skin care products to care for your skin and clear up your acne problem and acne...
  • How To Use Home Skin Peeling Treatments

    Simple home skin peeling treatments can give your skin the exfoliation that it needs to cleanse your skin of dead cells and restore your skin's health and appearance.
  • How To Use Highlighter on Cheeks

    A bit of highlighter on your cheeks can subtly draw attention to your face and highlight the cheekbones, and these highlighter tips can make you a makeup expert.
  • How To Use Lemon Juice to Remove Blackheads

    If you have trouble with blackheads or other acne problems, common household lemon juice can be the perfect remedy to dissolve oils and remove blackheads.
  • How To Use Large Hair Curlers

    Large hair curlers can make your long hair up into a cascade of softly bouncing waves and curls with the right hair curler techniques.
  • How To Use Kitchen Ingredients for Face Cleansing

    Ordinary kitchen ingredients can offer you a better, more natural face cleansing system than the expensive skin cleaners you find in stores.
  • How To Use Make Up after Age 40 to Look Younger

    Make up is meant to highlight and enhance your natural beauty. Here are some tips on how to use make up after age forty to look younger.
  • How To Use DermaWand

    DermaWand is an electronic skin care device that uses thermal (heat) energy and enriched oxygen in order to rejuvenate the skin.
  • How To Use Marcel Curling Irons

    Follow these tips and learn how to use marcel curling irons for the best results and the least damage to your hair.
  • How To Use Ozone Therapy to Treat Acne

    Ozone therapy helps cleanse and detoxify the skin. Learn the three ways that ozone therapy can help to treat acne.
  • How To Use Velcro Rollers for Waves

    Here's how to use velcro rollers for waves - they are a great alternative to heated products which can cause damage more easily.
  • How To Turn Thin Hair into Thick and Sexy Bed-Head

    Need help making your hair thicker? Get hair care tips for thick and sexy hairstyles. Here's how to turn thin hair into thick and sexy bed-head.
  • How To Use Bobby Pins

    The art of using bobby pins can transform your hairstyling efforts and give you an elegant hairstyle that sets off your outfit.
  • How To Turn Pierced Earrings into Clip-0ns

    A few jewelry making steps can turn your pierced earrings into equally stylish clip-ons for clip-on earrings without the need for piercings.
  • How To Trim Arm Hair

    If you have too much arm hair or arm hair that is too dark and obvious, you can trim your arm hair and improve your appearance.
  • How To Treat, Cure and Prevent Peeling Lips

    In most cases, peeling lips are more a nuisance than a problem and you can take skin care steps to treat, cure, and prevent your peeling lips.
  • How To Hydrate Around Your Eyes

    The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive to hydration and the environment, so take these steps to hydrate your skin around your eyes for a healthier look.
  • How To Help Your Teen Treat Pimples and Acne

    Need help getting rid of pimples and acne? Get skin care tips to cure acne. Here's how to help your teen treat pimples and acne.
  • How To Use Hard Wax for Hair Removal

    Hair removal from sensitive areas can be done at home if you have the right wax and practice using it. Maybe a salon can do it faster, but home kits sure are cheaper.
  • How To Use Murad to Remove Age Spots

    Age spots are a reminder that you're getting older, but who wants to remember that? Many companies offer products to fight this skin problem. Here's how to use Murad.
  • How To Use Noxzema

    Noxema is a classic skin care product. Just like other creams and lotions, it's good for cleansing, but it can do much more as well.
  • How To Use Pipe Cleaners in Hair

    Pipe cleaners can give your hair an unexpected twist. Add style to your look with a few quick tricks.
  • How To Use Highlighter on Eyes

    Calling attention to your eyes will make you look and feel more beautiful. The right makeup products are just what you need to choose a highlighter.
  • How To Trim Sideburns

    Is it time to start trimming sideburns? Get hair care tips to take care of sideburns. Here's how to trim sideburns.
  • How To Use an Ear Piercing Gun

    An ear piercing gun can make the ear piercing process quicker, more efficient, and less painful for ear piercing clients.
  • How To Hide Acne Scars

    If you have frustrating acne scars that won't go away marring the appearance of your face or other section of skin, try these makeup and other tips to hide acne scars.
  • How To Use a 3-Barrel Hair Waver

    A three-barrel waver can give your hair horizontal waves that add body and life to you hairstyle.
  • How To Hide Cigarette Odors

    There are a number of tricks that can help you hide cigarette odors on your breath, fabrics, furniture, and anywhere else tobacco odors reside.
  • How To Twist in a Nose Ring

    The following steps will help you twist yourself your own nose ring. It is easy, but you still need to be cautious in going about the process.
  • How To Hydrate Aging Skin

    Here are some suggestions to help you hydrate tired and aging skin from the inside and the outside.
  • How To Treat Hyperpigmentation with Microdermabrasion

    Hyperpigmentation is the name for dark patches of skin caused by sun exposure, aging etc. Here's how to treat hyperpigmentation with microdermabrasion.
  • How To Treat Soft Corns

    Soft corns are thick skin formations that generally occur on your toes - a problem if left untreated. Here's how to treat soft corns.
  • How To Use a Sea Salt Scrub

    A sea salt scrub is a wonderful way to restore your body and cleanse your skin.
  • How To Take the Brassy Color Out of Blonde Hair

    Blonde hair coloring can leave you with a brassy color to your blonde hair, but you can take steps to reduce this orange shade in your dyed hair and get back to true...
  • How To Give a Professional Facial

    Learn the steps to give a professional facial to strip away the years along with the damage and poisons soaked into our skin.
  • How To Get Perfect Highlights with a Streaking Cap

    A streaking cap can give your hairstyle a look unique to you with perfect highlights wherever your hair needs them.
  • How To Skin Polish

    Dead skin cells -- ugh! -- can dull your skin. To brighten your complexion and overall appearance, you need skin polishing. Don't wait, exfoliate!
  • How To Get a Fake Summer Tan

    Maybe you're not a beach person. Maybe you'd rather use sunscreen. You want a tan that doesn't involve roasting yourself. Here's how to add summer to your skin.
  • How To Take Nicotine Stains Off Skin

    Even after you quit smoking, some telltale signs will remain, and one of them is nicotine stains on your hands. They can't be washes away, you need to take action.
  • How To Heal Dry and Cracked Hands

    Dry, cracked skin on your hands is painful and unsightly. It might keep you from activities you enjoy. Lotions and creams can help, and you might try a home remedy, too.
  • How To Feather Hair

    Feathering is a technique used to texture hair, creating lightened delicate ends and removing volume. Learn how to feather hair for an 80s look.
  • How To Use a Streaking Cap

    A good haircut enhances your look, but maybe you want to add highlights, too. A beauty salon can give you a professional look, but you can color your hair at home, too.
  • How To Tame Unruly Hair without a Blow Dryer

    Need help styling hair without blow drying it? Use these hair care tips to style hair. Here's how to tame unruly hair without a blow dryer.
  • How To Tease Hair to Create a 1950s Hairstyle

    Follow these steps to tease hair into a dramatic, Hollywood starlet 1950s hairstyle.
  • How To Have a Glowing Face, without Makeup

    Makeup can actually reduce the natural glow of your skin. Try these skin health tips to get glowing skin without the work and expense of makeup.
  • How To Treat Facial and Other Scars at Home

    These home treatments can reduce the appearance of facial scars and other scars at little cost.
  • How To Take Care of Tongue Piercings

    Tongue piercings can easily become infected and painful if you do not take care of them properly.
  • How To Glue Hair Extensions to a Wig Cap

    Did you know you can glue hair extensions to a wig cap to protect your hair? Here’s how you can glue hair extensions to a wig cap.
  • How To Give Yourself a Quick Facial at Home

    Save money on the beauty salon and take some pampering time for yourself - here are tips on how to give yourself a quick facial at home.
  • How To Give Yourself a Facial Sauna

    Why pay for a machine that puffs steam at your face? Here's how to give yourself a homemade facial sauna using only natural ingredients and kitchen tools.