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  • How To Store a Wig

    To store a wig, first comb out the hair to remove tangles. Use a wig head to keep its shape and cover it with a wig net or scarf to keep it dust-free and beautiful.
  • How To Straighten Nappy Hair

    Straightening nappy hair requires processing with chemicals, but you can temporarily straighten your hair using hair products and a flat-iron or blow dryer.
  • How To Strip a Relaxer from Hair

    Hair relaxers are treatments to make curly hair straight. If you want to change your style, you need to know what hair products were used to straighten it.
  • How To Find Natural Ways to Stop Itching

    Want to get rid of an itch? Get tips to stop scratching and itching naturally. Here's how to find natural ways to stop itching.
  • How To Strengthen Hair

    Keep your hair strong by getting good nutrition and by taking care with how you style it. Straighteners, curlers and dryers can damage your hair. Choose products to...
  • How To French Braid Long Hair in a Crown

    French braiding hair into a crown creates a beautiful look. Shampoo and conditioner smooth out tangles. Use a brush and bobby pins. Hairspray keeps the style in place.
  • How To Stimulate Eyelash Growth

    Long and thick eyelashes make a big impact on faces by highlighting and framing the eyes. Learn how you can stimulate eyelash growth to get this look.
  • How To Stop Using Proactiv Solution

    Wondering how you can properly stop using Proactiv acne treatment? These skin care tips can help. Here's how to stop using Proactiv Solution.
  • How To Stop Peeling Fingernails

    Want to get strong and healthy nails? Use these nail care tips to strengthen your nails. Here's how to stop peeling fingernails.
  • How To Stay Young After 40

    Life after 40 can be the best time of your life. Learn tips about hair, diet and exercise that will help maintain your youthful appearance.
  • How To Fix Damaged Brassy Colored Hair

    Hair coloring and other treatments can leave you with brassy colored hair, but you can fix the hair damage and the color with these hair care steps.
  • How To Flat Iron & Style African American Hair

    African-American hair needs a whole different set of ironing and styling techniques. Check out these tips on how to style your hair with a flat iron.
  • How To Stop Pulling Out Your Eyelashes

    Trichotillomania is compulsive hair pulling. Here is help on how to stop pulling out your eyelashes or any other body hair.
  • How To Find the Longest Lasting Nail Polish

    You don't want to have to paint your nails or use nail polish remover any more than necessary. Use these tips to find the longest lasting nail polish.
  • How To Set Up the Paint for Nail Art

    Simply putting on nail polish is yesterday's nail care routine. Today you can use a variety of nail paints to create your own nail art.
  • How To Select Lipstick that Complements African-American Coloring

    Need lipstick for African-American women? These make-up tips can help. Here's how to select lipstick that complements African-American coloring.
  • How To Shave Your Upper Thigh

    Want to start shaving your upper thighs? Use these shaving tips when shaving your legs. Here's how to shave your upper thigh.
  • How To Shampoo Sewn-in Weaves

    Hair extensions are becoming ever more popular, and the most resilient style are sewn-in weaves. Learn how to shampoo and care for your own sewn-in weave.
  • How To Exfoliate Heels

    Need help exfoliating your heels? Use these skin care tips to take care of your heels. Here's how to exfoliate heels.
  • How To Shade a Tattoo

    Need help shading a tattoo? Get the right tattoo equipment and then use these tips when shading tattoo designs. Here's how to shade a tattoo.
  • How To Find Hip Hop Tattoos

    Hip hop artists from Tupac to 50 Cent sport tattoos to elaborate and mark themselves as icons. If you want to give yourself the same mark, get a hip hop tattoo.
  • How To Even Out a Ruddy Complexion

    Extra red skin is caused by a skin condition called Rosacea. Here are the steps on how to even out a ruddy complexion.
  • How To Even out Your Skin Tone

    Want your skin tone to be even? These skin care tips can help with evening out the tone of your skin. Here's how to even out your skin tone.
  • How To Even out Your Skin Tone Naturally

    Need help getting rid of uneven skin tones? Learn about naturally evening out skin tones. Here's how to even out your skin tone naturally.
  • How To Select a Retinol Cream

    Looking for retinol creams? Use these tips to get healthy, younger looking skin. Here's how to select a retinol cream.
  • How To Find Buzzed Haircuts for Women

    The buzzed haircut, the crew cut or the waffle can lend a very strong aura to your feminine look. Here are some tips on how you can find buzzed haircuts for women.
  • How To Find a Moisturizer for Men

    To find the right moisturizer for men take note of the following tips.
  • How To Exfoliate after Tanning

    If you exfoliate your skin after tanning it helps produce a better quality tan while at the same time making it last longer.
  • How To Erase Eye Wrinkles Instantly

    Eye wrinkles happen to the best of people, especially once aging starts to advance. You can erase eye wrinkles instantly with these tips.
  • How To Enlarge Breasts Without Using Silicon

    Want larger breasts? Get tips for enlarging your breasts without silicon implants. Here's how to enlarge breasts without using silicon.
  • How To End Benzoyl Peroxide Peeling

    While benzoyl peroxide is very effective at treating acne, excessive use and stronger preparations can make the skin very dry and result in skin peeling.
  • How To Roll Hair in Curlers

    Curlers come in different sizes and shapes to roll your hair into different types of curls from tight ringlets, to spirals to big and bouncy waves.
  • How To Enhance Your Cleavage with Make Up

    Make-up does a lot of wonderful things for your appearance, but did you know you could use it to enhance your cleavage as well?
  • How To Dye Hair with Coffee, Tea or Spices

    You can actually dye your hair with the use of coffee, tea or spices - all natural ingredients that are safer than chemical hair dyes.
  • How To Drill when Giving Acrylic Nail Manicures

    If you are giving acrylic nail manicures and you intend to use an electric nail drill, you should know how to use it properly and safely.
  • How To Dread Hair with a Flat Iron

    There are several ways to form dreadlocks. The easiest way to dread hair is with a flat iron.
  • How To Double Strand Twist Your Hair

    Whether your hair is long, short, straight, or curly, you can wear a double strand twist and experiment on several variations you can do with it.
  • How To Do Temporary Dreads

    If you want to try dreadlocks in your hair but are unsure if it will suit you or not, you can do temporary dreads instead of permanent locks.
  • How To Do Your Own Glue-in Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions can thicken thin hair and add glamor to a temporary hairstyle. Glue-in hair extensions are quite easy to do with some patience and maneuvering.
  • How To Remove Cuticles from Toenails

    The process of having great toenails starts with the removal of your toenail cuticles.
  • How To Remove Chin Hairs

    Removing your chin hairs is quite easy and can be done using a variety of methods that will allow temporary and permanent reprieve.
  • How To Remove Lice Nits

    Anyone with school age children knows how tenacious lice eggs (nits) are. Here are the simple steps you must follow to remove lice nits.
  • How To Remove Unwanted Leg Hair and Underarm Hair

    Fashion and personal choice dictates the removal of body hair. Read on for several easy options to remove unwanted leg hair and underarm hair.
  • How To Remove Scars & Age Spots

    There are scars and age spots that need to be removed and not just masked by make up or cosmetics.
  • How To Draw a Rose Tattoo

    The following are the easy to follow steps in drawing a rose tattoo, one of the most popular and adaptable tattoo designs.
  • How To Remove a Homemade Facial Mask

    Some facial masks dry into a thick crust that can be hard to remove. Here are some of the ways to remove homemade facial masks.
  • How To Cure Toenail Fungus with Lavender

    Toenail fungus can be cured with many over-the-counter or natural remedies that have antibacterial effects. One such natural remedy is lavender oil.
  • How To Curl Hair with Foam Rollers

    Using a curling iron can be tough on your hair. Foam curlers, on the other hand, are gentle on hair, and there are different ways to curl your hair using foam rollers.
  • How To Curl Hair with Hot Rollers

    Curling your hair using hot rollers involves a few steps, and you will usually require about an hour of preparation until your hair is ready.
  • How To Curl Thick Hair

    Thick hair can look voluminous and healthy, but it can also be difficult to style. You can curl your thick hair, though, with some patience and with the right tools.