Add 1920s Fashion to Your Modern Wardrobe

When you mention 1920s, most people immediately think of flapper fashion. The Roaring Twenties did not only involve long, calf-length dresses, but also daring above-the-knee ones. During this period, the world of fashion began seeing the possibility of rising hemlines. Dresses were shapeless and did not hug the hips. The trend was towards wearing skirts with scalloped and asymmetric or uneven hemlines. The fashion of 1920s showed unpredictable patterns and therefore confused the public a bit whether to make their skirts long or short.

To add "oomph" and a touch of elegance to your rather usual getup, however modern it may be, try putting a little bit of Roaring Twenties in you.  Shapeless shift dresses can be paired with a pair of leggings. It may also be paired with a wide belt to make your style "modern vintage." Matching the shift dress with a thin belt will also look hot nowadays.

Blouses in floating fabric were also a featured in the Roaring Twenties fashion. Instead of wearing long and wide skirts, complete the look with a pair of faded skinny jeans. The result is a sexy outfit that will draw attention to your shapely legs, and away from your seemingly wide hips and torso.

Calf-length coats and dresses may be given a modern twist by choosing the fabric which is the trend of the season. For example, coats may be plaid, denim, or corduroy. A long blue plaid coat looks perfect with plain white sleeveless top and gray cropped pants. You may also complete the outfit by donning a flesh flapper hat.

On the other hand, skirts with uneven hemlines may be paired with a ruffled sleeveless blouse. However, do not choose those with too many frills. It will be an overkill to do so. Play with asymmetric cuts. Shift dresses with scalloped hemlines look daintier and classier when you wear a bolero. The result is a girly-but-smart outfit.

The hairstyle is likewise a part of your wardrobe. The 1920s fashion is known for the ladies' sleek short hair. You can make your mane look more modern if you add bold highlights to it. Or better yet, add some layers, and then just swipe some gel or hair lotion for sleek and shiny hair.

The good thing about 1920s fashion is that bits and pieces of its trend still look good on modern attire. Besides, the styles just make a comeback now and then. Just play with the styles and do not be afraid to experiment. The major blunder that most people make is that they don the all-vintage look. Neither should you have the all-20s getup. If you have the loose, flowing shirt popular during the Roaring Twenties, match it with the fit fabric which is so marketable nowadays.

The ‘20s era was the time when people were not so sure yet whether to be conventional or liberated. In contrast, the 21st century is the time to explore possibilities and to forget your inhibitions. Be your own fashion guru and upgrade your wardrobe with the 1920's flair.


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