Assessing the Trend of Designer Clothing for Kids

Kids nowadays need to look good too!  That is why designer clothing has sprung everywhere to meet the need for kiddie style.  If you're interested in learning more in-depth information about fashion than this article covers, consider enrolling in an online design course.

Here are some tips on how to assess the trend:

  • Take a look at what celebrities are wearing. Tune in to your favorite style shows and observe what kid stars and the kids of stars are wearing.  You could also check out magazines.  You would notice that celebrities look alike, and that is because they are following fashion trends.  Write down whatever catches your attention, and look for these items around you:  if you see children everywhere are wearing the same interesting thing, then you have just discovered a trend.
  • Visit shops.   Take a look at what’s on display.  Much better, bring your kids along with you so that they can try items on themselves.  Are these clothes that your children will like?  Would they actually wear them?  Would these look good and feel good on them?  Different clothes mean different things to children, so it is important that you ask what your kids think about them.  A shy child wouldn’t want to wear shocking pink dresses, nor would an unruly boy want to be dressed in a tuxedo. Consider comfort in choosing clothes; an uncomfortable kid in a pretty costume wouldn’t look cute in any way.  Also, big fur jackets would overwhelm the tiny child, while revealing clothing wouldn’t be proper to someone very young.  Match clothes to the child’s age, appearance, personality, activities, tolerance and preferences.  Don’t forget to account for weather conditions also.
  • Check for quality.  Just because it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean that the materials used are of high quality.  It may just mean that the clothes are stylish and everybody wants them so much that they are willing to pay more just to get them.  Remember, some clothes are just imitations of designer clothes, so don’t expect that you would get the same results as that of originals.  Check if the material of the fabric is good, the cut is done properly, and if it would fit your child just right. 
  • Stick to classics.  Trends don’t hang on for long, and you would soon find out that the clothes you have bought for your kids aren’t that fashionable anymore.  That is why it is better that you bring home tried-and-tested attire: plain shirts, jeans, jackets, dresses and blouses.  Also, you could buy costumes and accessories for special occasions that are held regularly like Halloween, birthdays and holidays.  Just take a trend or two and mix it with their regular clothes or with past trends.  Your child will look fresh and stylish even though he or she may not be dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes.

For more insight into fashion trends, think about taking an online course in design - you'll learn everything you want to know about how designers make decisions when designing clothing!

Designer clothes for kids are designed to be like toys: colorful, playful, kid-friendly and enjoyable.  They should have fun in wearing these and look good while they’re at it.  No matter what the trend may be, the first thing you should assess is whether your kids are having a good time playing dress up with you. 


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