How To Avoid Tan Lines

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Many people undergo the tanning process to improve their physical and sexual attractiveness. While sun tanning, the portion of the skin that is not fully exposed to the sunlight can produce a lighter skin shade, than the parts of the skin that have been completely exposed. Since the exposure to the sun is not even, stripes or tan lines can be formed on the body.

Some people may like showing off their tan lines as a fashion style to show proof of a natural tan at the beach. But for those who do not want the tan lines, here are some ways to avoid developing tan lines:

  1. Do not expose yourself to the sun. The best way to avoid tan lines is to stay out of the sun. Especially if you have an upcoming event like a wedding where you are wearing a specific dress, avoid any exposure to the sun. If you want to enjoy yourself while at the beach, stay more often in the shade or inside, and cover your skin in dark clothing. Though light colored fabrics and white are more comfortable to wear, they do not prevent the sunrays from darkening your skin.
  2. Tan naked.  Another sure way of having no tan lines is to simply tan in the nude. Look for a private place or nude beach where you can get an all-over tan. Tanning naked exposes all the parts of the body to the sun and prevents uneven tanning. Make sure to apply enough sun protection factor lotion appropriate to your skin to avoid reddening or over exposure. Higher levels of SPF ensure that anyone in the nude can stay longer in the sun.
  3. Apply sunscreen. Prior to exposing yourself to the sun, be sure to apply the appropriate sunscreen properly, at least half an hour in advance. This allows the lotion to completely absorb into your skin and prevents it from quickly wearing off. Reapply the lotion often with longer exposure. Since various skin types have varied levels of tolerance to UVB or UVA, it is best to consult an expert on the right SPF to use. The higher the sunscreen’s SPF the better it will prevent tan lines. Apply sunscreen to your exposed skin around your tank top or bathing suit as well, to prevent it from creating unsightly tan lines. 
  4. Go nude in a tanning salon or tanning bed. Tanning yourself nude in a tanning salon will be a real tan that will last longer than just applying tanning lotion. You can easily position yourself to tan all parts of your body with equal exposure to the tanning spray. All you need to do is to wait for a few hours to dry. If you go to the beach wearing a swimsuit, your pale skin will become a golden brown in exposed areas, while the covered parts of your body will remain white.
  5. Adjust your swimsuit strap. A tan with minimum to no tan lines is considered a perfect tan. This method is actually a simple low cost solution to avoid a tan line problem and its works. Simply adjust the straps of your bikini to minimize the tan lines, pull down your straps, off your shoulders when you are under the sun and undo the back straps of your bikini top while you are lying on your stomach sunbathing. You need though to be vigilant, to regularly adjust your straps if you use this method and cannot fall asleep especially if your straps are in the wrong place. 
  6. Buy products that will not give you tan lines. There are various varieties of indoor tanning lotions, strapless sandals, bathing suits, tops, clothes, towels, and other products that offer options to have no tan lines.  Tube tops, bandeau bikinis, and strapless one-piece outfits can make you look great. Consciously buy swimming outfits that can avoid tan lines. Keep in mind the types of clothes you usually wear like low-cut or backless dress, get a bathing suit that is low cut or dips low at the back. If you like wearing attire that exposes your shoulders, buy strapless swimwear.
  7. Use tan-through swimsuits. You can now buy special swimsuits that allow UV rays to pass through the swimsuit which is made of highly developed and technologically advanced fabric that tans your body, but prevents strap tan lines.  These swimsuits allow the sun’s rays to pass through the fabric and prevent both the UVA and UVB rays from tanning areas that are not usually tanned. Regular swimsuit materials block the sun from touching your skin. These tan-through swimsuits are made of a special weave with tiny pores that have an equivalent of 6 to 10 SPF that serve as a barrier to the most of the harmful rays. Even when wet or when dry, the material is not see through, though the weave material is porous. The small pores allow air to pass through, keeping the wearer cool even in hot weather. The swimsuits were carefully designed to show patterns embedded into the fabric. What one sees on the outside are the bright colors and designs on the suit. They are now more affordable and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Most say, they are some of the most comfortable swimsuits in the world.

You may use some, if not all the methods to avoid tan lines but avoiding the sun is still the best way to avoid tan lines. Know how much tan your skin can handle and needs. Determine when you have exposed yourself too much and need to avoid over tanning yourself. Your natural skin color is still your best skin tone.


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