How To Create Beautiful Red Carpet Hairstyles

Are you fond of experimenting with your hairstyles? Do you like imitating the outfits of the celebrities? Do you also have an intense desire for their gowns and matching hair accessories? If you are, get your seat belts on because here is a showcase of both Oscar’s and Emmy’s red carpet hairstyles. You can use these red carpet hairstyles as your weapon to outshine everyone at any occasion.

Reese Witherspoon Style

  1. Let your hairdresser give you a textured choppy hairstyle. Do not forget to include the bangs – this will enhance your sexiness.
  2. If you do not have enough money, you do not need to join a fashion academy, you can create the style on your own through using a styling cream. After the application, you may now use your blowers to dry your hair. The final touch will be the shaping and styling of your hair with the help of your fingers.
  3. Face the mirror and see how stunning you look with your hair that has a celebrity style.

Melora Walters Style

  1. To achieve this hairstyle, you need to follow this cycle: roller setting, bantering, and spraying.
  2. Hair styling gel can also be used to enhance the ends of the hair.
  3. You may also boost your looks by allowing your bangs to fall over your eyes. Following this celebrity fashion style will give you an alluring look.
  4. For your bangs, do not apply too much gel because it will make the look undesirable.
  5. This hairstyle can be used in all occasions from formal to the most informal ones.

Beyonce Style

  1. Use a hair straightening cream in your hair.
  2. Use your blower to dry your hair. Make sure that you use a big brush in order to brush and straighten all your hair.
  3. If you have difficulty in managing your hair, use a flat iron. The use of an iron will give additional smoothness to your hair.
  4. Pull some hair in the crown area. Lock your hair in a ponytail.
  5. You can also be in the celebrity news spotlight with enthralling makeup and accessories.

Jennifer Lopez Style or Beautiful Waves Style

  1. You can make exciting waves through the help of a big curling iron.
  2. If you want to create an additional look for your hair, you may vary the waves using big and small curling iron.
  3. In order to create a more stirring look, you may also combine the size of your curls. To maintain the curls, you may apply a finishing spray.
  4. Do not be runners; if you have a long hair, you may also wear a straight crown to create a more glamorous look.

Evan Rachel Wood Style or Chignon Style

  1. To create a bun behind your head, you have to choose whether you want a high one or not.
  2. After deciding, you may now create a ponytail.
  3. In order to make a bun, you have to enfold the ponytail in itself.
  4. Locking ponytail can be done through bobby pins.
  5. It is up to you if you want to leave the ends for a casual style or to tuck the ends for a more elegant one.

Mandy Moore Style of Classic Twist

  1. Pull up your hair. Do this through a French twist.
  2. To add a more modern touch, you may comb your hair’s tresses toward your head.
  3. This style is the easiest to do. This style also fits any occasion.

Choose one of these red carpet inspired hairstyles and see how heads turn as you walk on the red carpet or even down the street. 


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