How To Have Beauty and Self Confidence

For most women, confidence is the only beauty tip they fail to follow.  Confidence is the final ingredient needed to produce a beautiful woman.  You may have designer clothes and a beautiful face, but unless you actually believe that you are beautiful, your beauty will not shine. Instead, what people will see is a woman who looks insecure and uncertain of herself, and that’s not a pretty thing to see!  Follow these tips in order to boost your self-confidence.

  1. Look into the mirror and believe that you have a beautiful face. Look for features that you think are the best; maybe you have sparkling eyes, a cute button nose, or luscious lips.  While you examine yourself, you’re also going to notice flaws and blemishes.  Ignore them and focus only on the features that are beautiful.
  2. Now that you’ve realized that you have a pretty face, take care of it! Coco Chanel once said that there is no such thing as ugly women – there are only lazy ones. Establish a skin care routine to help you avoid wrinkles, sunburn, and blemishes.  Invest in a good moisturizer that will lock the moisture in your skin.  As much as possible, opt for natural ingredients in your face care products.
  3. Less is more when applying makeup. Makeup is supposed to enhance the beauty that’s already there; it’s not supposed turn your face into a caricature.  Use eye makeup carefully and avoid heavy shadows unless you’re dressing up for a party. 
  4. Eat healthfully.  Losing weight isn’t the only reason people go on a diet; in fact, that’s one of the worst reasons to diet. A diet should be maintained so that one can eat right and healthy, and look good too! Did you know that a lack in essential nutrients makes itself shown on the body? For instance, dry brittle hair indicates a lack in zinc.  Eat three balanced meals a day rich in fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, avoid foods with artificial additives and supplement your meals with multivitamins. 
  5. Exercise regularly not just to maintain your physique, but to feel good too!  Not only does exercise allow you to stay physically fit; it’s also a good time to relax and clear your head of all the information you retained from the day’s work.  And when you feel good, it shows on your face. Most people often feel energized after a good 30-minute cardio workout.
  6. Wear clothes that are right for your body type.  One of the common pitfalls most women have is that they follow trends blindly without considering that they may not flatter their body type. As a result, they often look dumpy and fat when they see themselves in the mirror.  Know what your body type is and find out on what types of clothes will flatter your figure the most. Women’s magazines usually have a lot of tips on how to dress right for your body type.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people and friends who will help you affirm your inner beauty – but don’t count on them to always affirm you! You have to believe that you are beautiful too. 


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