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Oily skin ages at a slower rate compared to other skin types. However, many women feel that there is nothing beautiful about shiny skin. Your face is dull, with coarse pores that often lead to breakouts. You always feel self-conscious about the lack of smoothness. In order to get this under control you need to learn how to properly care for oil rich skin.

As with all types, oily skin still needs to be moisturized, but you need the moisturizer that does not make you look shiny. Here's how to find the proper moisturizer.

Find Out What’s In It. Your skin is already oil rich. So doing a little bit of reading will yield the best results. A product made for oily skin will usually display that fact on the front of the package. However, if this is not the case there are a few keywords that will let you know. Products that are best for oily skin will say light, water-based, or oil-free somewhere on the packaging.

Change It Up. Your face changes as it ages. This means that you should stay aware of these changes and adjust products accordingly.

Set A Regiment. The best way to care for your skin is to do so regularly. Use products such as facial cleanser, moisturizer, and treatments daily. You may need to experiment to find what time of the day is the best time carry out this routine. This consistency will keep your skin looking beautiful no matter what.

Be Vigilant. Noticing changes in your face is crucial to proper skin care. This includes the level of oil as well as the look of spots and marks. Any changes that seem to be abnormal should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Watch The Weather. Unbeknownst to some, the climate has a big impact on your skin. Cold weather will cause your skin to dry out, whereas warm air will help moisturize skin. Therefore, you may need to change products depending on the season.

If you are searching for the right skin care products, you can start with the following brands.

  • Oil Of Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer - Combination/Oily. This moisturizer from Oil Of Olay gives you all-day moisture for hydration, vitamin B3, UV skin shield SPF 15, and UVA and UVB protection. It also contains vitamins C and E for healthy skin. Its light and non-greasy formula makes it ideal for oily skin.
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Spring Fresh Oil-Free Nourisher. VMV moisturizers are formulated for sensitive skin. Spring Fresh Oil-Free Nourisher is formulated for oily skin. It keeps skin hydrated, nourished, smooth and soft minus unwanted shine. It is 100% preservative free and fragrance free.
  • L'Oreal Pure Zone Anti-Regreasing Moisturizer. L’Oreal’s moisturizer for oily skin leaves skin mattified, shine-free, smoother and healthier. It also helps even out skin tone and reduces pores.
  • Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free Formula for sensitive skin. Ideally for oily skin, Neutrogena’s oil free moisturizer is irritant-free, lightweight and does not contain alcohol. It leaves your skin hydrated without the greasy and shiny effect. It will not clog pores to cause breakouts.
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This face moisturizer from Clinique is an ideal base for makeup, great for oily skin and for dry skin as well. It is a lightweight, oil-free gel that softens and improves the skin condition.
  • Shiseido Mattifying Oil-free Moisturizer. Sheiseido’s Oil-free moisturizer mattes out the T-zone and protects the skin’s natural moisture. It leaves your skin smooth and shine-free.
  • Complex 15 Therapeutic Moisturizing Face Cream. Complex 15 absorbs quickly and is non-oily. It does not cause breakouts, and those who suffer from acne can apply it.
  • Kinerase Lotion. This skin care product moisturizes and improves skin tone. It is good for all skin types and restores skin from sun damage and aging. It has Avocutine, an ingredient extracted from avocado pears that reduces sebum production. Kinerase also has a care cream formulation, which is distinctively created for oily skin.
  • Paula’s Choice HydraLight Moisture-Infusing Lotion. This skin lotion is fragrance-free, water-based and oil-free but filled with antioxidants and water-based agents to keep skin hydrated, healthy and with a matte finish look.
  • 99% Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Cream from Mill Creek Botanicals. The main ingredients of these products are extracted pure from the Aloe Vera plant. Aloe Vera is known to improve skin condition, skin tone and relieve skin irritations.

There are plenty of other skin moisturizer brands on the market, but it is best to do your homework prior to purchasing your skin products. Consider using herbal based or natural skin moisturizers as they are known to be safe for any type of skin. Read labels and be cautious of the ingredients, especially alcohol, as it can harm your skin. Remember that all commercial products guarantee positive results. What may be perfect for others may not work for you even if it claims to be ideal for oily skin. Consult your dermatologist to be extra safe because the best brand is not the most famous name, but the product that works for you.


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