How To Choose the Best Hair Loss Products in the Market

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There is no such thing as a cure for baldness or hair loss, but there are many shampoos, prescription drugs and topical hair loss solutions available in the market today. Although most of these hair loss solutions have yet to be scientifically proven to work, there are two prescription drugs for hair loss approved by the FDA: monoxidil and finasteride. These prescription drugs have been effective in preventing baldness and even growing new hair. You don't have to take them orally. There are some hair loss treatments that contain these ingredients. Read on to find out what the best hair loss products in the market are.

  1. Rogaine. Rogaine has been approved by the FDA to prevent baldness and slow down hair loss. The brand name for minoxidil, Rogaine has been scientifically proven to be effective at reducing hair loss and can even stimulate hair growth for some users. However, any new hair that grows will fall back out if Rogaine use is stopped. Hair care products with a higher dosage of minoxidil are more effective than those with lower dosages, so make sure you check the ingredients label for the dosage.
  2. Loniten. This is another brand name for minoxidil, but the difference is that this is a prescription medication. Initially formulated to treat high blood pressure, doctors discovered that hair growth is one of its side effects, leading to its prescription as a hair loss drug.
  3. Extreme Hair Therapy.  This hair loss treatment protocol is offered exclusively at Hair Club. Made up of hair and scalp treatments with products containing minoxidil, many customers who have tried Extreme Hair Treatment were very satisfied with the result. The protocol also provides customers with a year's supply of hair loss shampoo, thickening treatments, and other hair care products. The only drawback is that Extreme Hair Therapy is expensive and cannot be afforded by most people on a budget.
  4. Retin-A. This topical drug was originally formulated to treat skin conditions, but today Retin-A is being prescribed to prevent hair loss. This product is a combination of minoxidil-based shampoos and treatments, as well as a Rogaine solution that helps hair follicles absorb the minoxidil. Retin-A also has ingredients that prevent sebum block, which is theorized as one of the causes of baldness.
  5. Propecia. This oral medication was originally developed to treat enlarged prostate in men, but many men who have taken the drug for that reason noticed it diminished hair thinning. This drug has been approved by the FDA to reduce baldness in men and women. However, it should not be taken by pregnant women or pre-menopausal women, as mere exposure to the drug can cause serious complications and birth defects.
  6. Laser hair loss treatment. Surgeons believe that laser hair loss treatment is a breakthrough in restoring lost hair. By using low level laser systems, more blood is redirected to the hair follicles, which stimulate hair growth. This procedure has yet to be approved by the FDA, but several studies in scientific journals conclude that laser hair loss treatment is a promising new hair loss solution. It can be done in a clinic or at home through a laser comb.


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