How To Build Your Own Letterman Jacket

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Ah, the Letterman jacket. Once a prized possession of high-school jocks and nerds alike, the Letterman jacket remains to this day a testament to unwavering school spirit and the pride that the jacket is associated with. Making your own Letterman jacket isn't as hard as you would think it would be. The major benefit to this is that you can customize everything - from the color, to the cut, sleeves, insignias, patches and more. Making your own Letterman jacket will showcase your sense of style and your individuality.

When making a Letterman jacket, you will have to decide on how you're going to do it. These days, a number of websites offer their services in making the Letterman jacket for you - all you will have to do is customize the jacket online, order it, and wait for it to be shipped. This is a very simple, easy and convenient way to have a Letterman jacket made. While there are a great number and variety of styles to choose from when ordering your Letterman jacket, the downside is that you will not be able to feel the texture of the fabric you choose.

In the event that you decide to custom design your Letterman jacket online, there are a number of sites that you can go to. If all you want is to order just one Letterman jacket, there are sites and small businesses that do not have a minimum order. This saves you the trouble of having to order in bulk and have too many Letterman jackets, so many that you will not know how and when to use them. As with any online ordering site, be sure to check all the terms of agreement before signing on and ordering a Letterman jacket. Take note of the site's pricing scheme and the products that they actually produce and deliver. If you know of anyone who has already ordered from a specific site, ask him if you can see the Letterman jacket for yourself. Be objective in judging the quality. If the presentation and the price are right, then you can be more confident in your buying decision.

This is why some people would opt to make their Letterman jacket the more traditional way. Your best bet would be to contact your school or a sports store near you. Doing this can give you the freedom to choose the fabric that is used for the Letterman jacket, as well as pick out color swatches, decals and patches that will suit your tastes. Be prepared, however, for a waiting list, as there may come a point in time when the sports store or the school will have to wait for a minimum number of Letterman jackets to be ordered before they start actual production on the Letterman jackets. You may even get lucky and be given a discount on the fabric or patches and designs that you will specify before they make the Letterman jacket.


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