How To Dress Business Casual for Men

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Being underdressed or overdressed at the workplace will make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Some company dress codes require business casual attire for men. Business casual may mean different things to different people. Casual generally means clothing that you wear when you go out of the house. Some might misinterpret this definition to what business casual means. Business casual requires less formality yet still appear presentable, business-like, and professional to clients, co-workers, and superiors.

Depending on the work environment, the trends in the employees' wardrobe, and the kind of work that you perform, you may clothe safely from low-end to high end. At work, business casual might mean formal clothes at some offices. Make sure to get a clear understanding of what business casual is regarded at your office.

Here are some general rules and tips to achieve that business casual look for you.


  1. Ties are not generally required in business casual attire. However, you should still keep a couple of ties at the office or in your bag just in case you need them for unexpected visits from clients.
  2. You may choose to wear polo shirts that have short or long sleeves. It should always be tucked in to maintain the business-type look. Make sure that your clothes are 100% cotton to avoid sweat showing at your armpits due to extreme perspiration.
  3. Khakis should be neatly pressed and stain-free. Make sure that it has a perfect fit on you.
  4. Leather shoes should still be retained although loafers may do as a last resort. Polish to a shine.
  5. Socks should reach to at least half of the legs so that no skin will appear if you need to sit down.
  6. Wear a bit of perfume or cologne. It can help you smell fresh and clean.
  7. Hair should be kept tidy and clean. Take a shower before going to the office.
  8. Always wear a belt. Belts can provide you with a professional look. Make sure that you are wearing one before you leave the house.


  1. A loose fitting t-shirt or a faded polo shirt is a not acceptable. Bear in mind that business casual still has the term business in it.
  2. No jeans and denim. If you need to go out for a business call or meeting, you give your company a bad name. Most of all, your physical appearance will be reflective on what kind of employee are you at the workplace.
  3. No flip flops, rubber shoes, sandals, and the like. Although you are after comfort and good hygiene, it is best to maintain a professional look. You cannot match a long sleeves tucked in shirt and khakis with such foot wears.
  4. No tight or baggy clothes. Tight makes you look like a gigolo. Baggy makes you look lazy and lacks credibility.
  5. Not wearing socks is improper. It makes you look badly dressed and may destroy your overall appearance.
  6. Smelly and dirty are not acceptable. Hopefully, you do not need an explanation for this.

You deserve to present a better image than what you have grown accustomed to. Finances may be a little tight but you need to invest in business attire that can very well further your career. Do not settle on worn out clothes. Your physical appearance could easily draw respect and high regard or inadequacy and inefficiency.


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