How To Buy Watches

Although the term ‘watches’ is used to refer to “wrist watches,” it used to refer to pocket watches, which were much larger and were carried in a pocket. These modern watches may show not only the time, but also the day, date, month and year. Many years have passed since the first watch was created in the 1600s.

In spite of their usefulness, watches are often bought based on their looks rather than on their functionality. This is why even if watches using quartz movement are cheaper than those more accurate watches with springs and mechanical movements, people still buy the former. This is because these mechanical watches had better designs and workmanship.

Nicolas Facio de Duillier and Jacob Debaufre introduced jewel bearings in mechanical watches around 1702. Widely used in mid 19th century, natural gems like garnet and quartz were ground into tiny pieces and used in watches. By 1902, synthetic sapphire crystals were invented and used in watches. Jewels are used in watches because they can reduce friction between the smooth and hard surfaces, increasing the watch’s accuracy. The jewels also increase the life of the bearings used in the watch. Automatic watches eventually replaced mechanical watches. These self-winding watches automatically wind based on the natural motion of the arm.

If you have any plans to buy watches, the sheer volume of choices available might overwhelm you. You would need to choose between quartz watches, mechanical watches, and automatic watches and then choose which brand you prefer. Here are some pointers, which will help you buy watches.

  • When you buy a watch, don’t go and check out those magazines that advertise watches after you have bought it or you will feel like you wasted your money on the watch you have on your wrist. You’ve chosen a watch already so be happy with it.
  • Buy that Rolex! If you have had a dream to have your own Rolex for years now, buy one! Once you have chosen the best watch, you won’t buy those other brands and clutter your dresser with unnecessary watches.
  • Don’t buy a watch instead of the one you really want to have because you won’t be happy with what you bought and you’ll just end up buying the watch you really want. Unless of course you are collecting watches.
  • Be on the lookout for discounts and sales. Don’t just rush in and buy that watch that is on display in the show window. Look around first and ask for the price. Watch prices can go down by 35% and you just might get a discount if you try hard enough.

There are a lot of inexpensive, vintage wristwatches available on sale in stores. There are also numerous quartz watches on sale that are able to tell time more accurately than automatic watches. There are really lots of watches to choose from, so no need to hurry in making that choice, just take your time.


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