How To Care for Long Hair

Wearing long hair can be a beautiful burden.  Longer hair never goes out of style, and can give you so many more options than the trendier, shorter look out there today.  Unfortunately, it's also a huge hassle.  The extra time and money that is needed for the upkeep of your hair can be exhausting.  Before you just give up and make an appointment with your stylist, try some of these suggestions on how to care for your long hair.

  • The best thing you can do to care for your long hair is get it trimmed.  Regular trips to the salon to have your split ends cut off is the best way to make your hair look sleek and smooth, instead of dry and frizzy. 
  • Your next line of defense begins when you step into the shower. There are shampoos on the market which are specifically designed to help care for longer hair. 
  • Place the shampoo onto your scalp and instead of rubbing it into your scalp, run your fingers down the length of your hair, all the way to your tips.  Rinse, and it's time for some conditioner.  Never put conditioner on your roots, only the ends. The tips of your hair are where you need the conditioner; putting it on your scalp will just weigh down your hair and make it look flat.
  • When you step out of the shower, grab a hairbrush that has bristles made from natural materials.  Plastic or metal bristles will just tug at your hair, and cause some serious damage to your cuticles. 
  • Next, if you have the time, allow your hair to air dry. It's faster and easier to use your blow dryer, but it is also ravages your already fragile long hair.  Go ahead and use styling products, but don't think that just because you have more hair you need more product.  A little bit can go a long way.
  • As for dying your longer hair, go ahead.  Most dyes on the drug store shelves are sold with conditioning ingredients in them that can actually make your hair softer than before.  It is, however, a good idea to avoid getting a perm.  This will cost you a small fortune, and perms are notorious for making hair brittle, which can spell disaster for longer hair.

Caring for longer hair can be quite a process, but it is well worth it.  These tips will hopefully help you save time, money, and your beautiful hair.


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