How To Choose Glasses

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Wearing glasses draws attention towards your face, which is why you need to choose your glasses wisely.  Here are a few tips to help you in selecting the best glasses for you.

  1. Get ideas from other people.  Browse magazines and ads and see whether a pair of glasses catches your eye.  Also, notice what glasses people are wearing, and find which ones you think would look good on you.  Then, remember what these glasses look like or take pictures of them in order to buy a similar pair.
  2. Consider your hairstyle.  How do you usually wear your hair?  Those with long hair or with complicated hairstyles ought not to wear fancy eyeglasses, because these would take attention away from their hair.  However, those with shorter and simpler hairstyles can wear eye-catching eyewear to balance the simplicity of their hair.  Go to your hair stylist wearing your glasses so that she can decide how to fix your hair to make your hair go along well with your eyeglasses.
  3. Select the frame that is most flattering to your face shape.  Frames that have opposite characteristics to your face will look the best.  For example, those with square-shaped faces will look good wearing eyeglasses with rounded frames, and those with rounded faces look better wearing eyeglasses with angular frames.  You could ask help from those who sell the frames so that you could choose the ones that flatter your facial features.
  4. Take note of the color of your eyeglasses.  See whether the color of the glasses is flattering to your skin color, eye color and hair color.  Those who have darker skin and hair can wear eyeglasses in bold colors, and those who are pale look better in pale-colored glasses.  Also, glasses can be chosen to match the color of the eyes or clothing worn along with them.
  5. Take your lifestyle into account when selecting glasses.  If you’re into sports, then choose frames that are sturdy enough to withstand the movements you do during sports.  If you work in brightly-lit places, consider getting eyeglasses that have anti-glare coating.  If you are constantly outdoors, then get eyeglasses with UV ray protection.  If you need to be trendy, choose stylish frames.  There are a lot of styles as well as features of eyeglasses to choose from.
  6. Choose the right size.  Ill-fitting eyeglasses cause headaches and strain.  You, and the people who see you, will also be bothered because of the constant slipping and sliding of your eyeglasses.  If your eyeglasses don’t fit you comfortably, have them altered.
  7. Try the glasses on and look at yourself in the mirror.  Do you look great?  Do you feel comfortable wearing them?  Do the glasses reflect your personality or make you look awkward?   Bring someone along with you to tell you how you look while wearing these.  You can also ask your companion if he finds other glasses that suit you, but it’s always up to you to choose the best pair.

Wearing glasses involves choosing the right pair to fit your facial features, lifestyle and personality.  Take your time; don’t be hurried into choosing, because you are probably going to wear your glasses for a long time.  Most importantly, have fun.


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