How To Choose Shampoo

All shampoos are not equal. You want to pick a shampoo that is right for your particular hair type. The first step in choosing a good shampoo is to evaluate your hair type. It makes a difference if  your hair is your hair curly or straight, frizzy or flat, oily or dry, or natural or color-treated?

If your hair tends to be frizzy and curly, you need to find a shampoo that will lock in moisture to help manage those locks. You may want to consider a shampoo which contains oils, or one that contains vitamins or other ingredients that can help repair damage. There are shampoos on the market that can help straighten curly hair. If your hair is flat and you wish to add volume, there are also shampoos designed for this.

If your hair is oily, you may want to go with a clarifying shampoo, or choose a shampoo without a strong detergent. If your hair is over-styled and looks burned, go for a vitamin shampoo or choose a shampoo specially designed to protect your locks from heat damage. There are even shampoos with ingredients that are activated by the heat of your dryer or straightener. These ingredients use the heat to make your hair look healthier and shinier.

If you have color-treated or permed hair, choose a shampoo specially designed for those types of hair. The ingredients in these types of shampoos help you to hold onto your color and/or perm for longer, and minimize the damage these processes can cause your hair. If you love your natural color, there are shampoos out there that can add shine to your beautiful honey blonde or chocolate brunette, bringing out your natural highlights. Sometimes these shampoos do such a good job of enhancing your natural haircolor that people may ask you if you color your hair.

If you have dandruff or dry scalp, choose an anti-dandruff shampoo and follow up any shampoo with an anti-dandruff conditioner. Most of these shampoos contain pyrithione zinc or other ingredients that help combat the growth of dandruff. Using a dandruff shampoo isn't torture like it was a few years ago.  In the past, dandruff shampoos had a distinctive scent and would often cause damage to even the healthiest hair.  There are now a number of dandruff shampoos that smell great and leave your hair looking shiny and beautiful.

If you have normal hair, it may be hard to choose a shampoo that is right for you with the abundance of choices on the market. Your best bet would be to choose a mild shampoo with no harsh detergents or a daily clarifying shampoo.



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