How To Choose Swim Suits

Some women dread the idea of swimsuit shopping when they know that summer is on its way and others simply can't wait to hit the shops to find that perfect suit. Whether excited or not, it helps to have an idea of what you're looking for before you enter the store. In order to choose the swimsuit style or cut that best flatters your body, let's try to narrow down what styles/cuts look best on a particular body shape.

For those who are skinny and have a flat chest, no need to fear about appearing shapeless in your swimsuit as many companies now make padded bikini tops. Textures, including ruffles or busy prints, can also help add to the illusion of a bustier silhouette. Also, experiment with bandeau tops or triangle tops as they often take attention away from a small bust and direct it towards the bare neckline. For bottoms, feel free to experiment with many styles, but for shorter legs, bottoms that have a higher cut on the hips will make the legs appear longer. If you have a flat chest but wider hips, definitely avoid boy-short style bottoms.

If you're concerned about a big midsection and wide hips, it's best to stick to solid colors, especially in the lower half of the suit and make sure it's made with a high lycra content to really help pull in at areas that you feel need to be pulled in. Typically one-piece suits are the most flattering on larger women. To help hide those wide hips, again try a higher cut on the suit bottoms. It's also best to stick to darker shades then the brighter colors when picking out a suit.

Some women with a full chest can consider swimsuit shopping a real curse which is why it's important to concentrate on support if this is the case. Choose a high neck with wide straps or under-wires for support and a wider cut bottom to keep you looking balanced. For those who have sexy legs and great shoulders, feel free to get a little crazy and try a string bikini or a strappy cut-out one piece with a plunging neckline.

Throw out last year's faded suit and get out there to find that perfect swimsuit! For people who have a particularly hard time when it comes to swimsuit shopping, try searching online for specialty stores in your area. It may be a little bit more pricey to shop at specialty stores, but in the end you'll feel its well worth it and the clerks are generally much more knowledgeable than at department stores. Good luck on your hunt and get ready to get wet!


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