How To Compare Fashion Designers

The world of fashion offers a virtual limitless range of styles created by fashion designers.  But, not all fashion designers are compatible with personal preferences.  Or, for that matter, with all types of styles.  So, it's necessary to compare fashion designers by the styles incorporated in their apparel collections. 

For instance, take care to compare Italian, French, Scandinavian and American fashion designers and note the difference in each.  Some fashion designers create apparel exclusively, while others design footwear.  Each fashion designer focuses his talents on styles which suit his creative experience, as well as those which suit his customers.  When it's time to compare fashion designers, follow these steps to make the best choices:

  1. Look for designers whose styles appeal to your comfort zones.
  2. Choose designers with a relatively good fashion industry following.
  3. Select designers with regular fashion magazine name recognition.
  4. Consider clothing and footwear for each season from designer's collections.

To make an accurate comparison of fashion designers, you'll want to narrow your choices down to designers with a fashion collection with flair as well as elegance.  For example, styles by Chanel are elegant, yet understated, while the fashions of Donna Karan offer a casual flair. The same is true of men's fashion designers.  Giorgio Armani offers a superlative elegance in both formal and casual wear that stands out far above others. 

Designer footwear is an area of fashion where it's absolutely necessary to compare designers.  Designer footwear should be attractive, appropriate for the occasio,n and make a definite fashion statement that completes a designer wardrobe.  Italian footwear designers compared to those of French, for instance, tend toward "edgy" designs.  Whereas, French footwear designs feature a sense of simplicity and functionality.

Compare fashion designers who offer a broader range of styles in both formal and casual wear.  It's possible to coordinate a complete wardrobe from within these ranges of fashion.  Usually, the deciding factors will be quality and price range.  Expect high fashion designers with name recognition to offer their collections in price ranges well above those found in department stores.  It's important to remember haute couture fashions designed by the best in the industry are an investment toward great looks, good fit and appealing designs.  These are the elements that comprise great fashion sense.  Owning a little black dress by Chanel is a fashion statement which rings with the same sense of fashion-consciousness that makes any man look great in an Armani suit.


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