How To Create the Perfect Eyebrow for your Face Shape

Woman shaping her eyebrows

The shape of your face and bone structure has a lot to do with the style of eyebrow that would perfectly complement that shape. Few women were born with perfectly shaped eyebrows, but you can learn how to shape your eyebrows to accent your facial shape so that you look your best.  Eyebrows that are correctly shaped can flatter both your eyes and your face.

There are five basic eyebrow shapes to consider.  

  • The first is an angular shape, most appropriate for those with round faces. This eyebrow shape also gives your appearance a quick lift that makes you appear rejuvenated.
  • Have a wide forehead or large eyes?  Then the rounded eyebrow is the best shape to enhance those features. Shape the eyebrow to follow the frontal bone and shape it to a taper. This style helps to soften all your features and is very feminine.
  • Have a large nose or wide mouth?  Shaping your eyebrows into an arched shape will help to balance out those characteristics. An arched eyebrow helps to open up the eyes, adding width and giving eyes a bright expression.
  • To lengthen a small forehead, a low arch shape to the eyebrow gives an illusion of length.
  • A flat eyebrow shape is best for those with an elongated face, helping to make the face appear shorter and more oval.

Before starting to shape your eyebrows based on your facial shape, invest in a premium pair of tweezers. Practice tweezing hair from your arms before starting on your eyebrows because once the wrong hair is plucked, you can't undo your actions.

To correctly measure eyebrow length, position an orange stick along the side of the nose extending to the liner corner of the eye. This is the right place for the eyebrow to begin.  Position the stick again, this time along the nose and reaching to the outer corner of the eye. This is the exact place where the eyebrow should end.

Be careful not to tweeze too much from the inner edge of the eyebrows, because this will make your eyes appear small and beady. The proper tweezing motion grabs each hair you want to eliminate at the root, and then gives it a quick yank in the direction of the hair growth. Avoid plucking too much hair from the bottom edge, and exercise patience. Pluck just one hair at a time and don't pluck hair daily.


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