How To Deal with Dry Lips

Dealing with dry lips

Dry lips can be a painful and difficult problem to overcome.  Licking lips robs them of their natural oils causing lips to become dry, cracked, and sometimes even bleed.  This can lead to intense chafing around the mouth area and cause embarrassing flaking of the skin.

Winter tends to be the season that causes the most painful dry lips so if you have had this problem before invest in a great lip balm with a moisturizer.  For women this means avoid glosses and long wear lip color which can have an alcohol base and dry lips out even more. This may allow you to prevent the dry lip cycle and the best offense for dry lips is a good defense.

If you are a few of the unfortunate ones who have already begun the cycle your level of effort to rid yourself of dry lips will depend on how bad the problem is.  If you are bleeding or the mouth is irritated you may want to visit your local doctor because this could indicate an infection of some kind.  However, for those with a less severe case you will want to start at night to begin to rid yourself of dry lips.

If your lips have not started to crack but are looking a little flaky and dull, the first thing you want to start with is an exfoliator. There are many great products on the market that will make your lips silky and smooth but a little sugar in your face wash goes a long way.  Apply a small amount of sugar to your regular face wash or lips balm and lightly scrub over lips.  This will remove any dry dead skin creating a fresh layer of moist skin.

Immediately follow this with Vaseline or a hydrating lip balm of some kind.  Doing this at night gives your mouth the best chance to heal because eating, drinking, talking and other things that can wreak havoc on your lips are not happening.   Also, investing in a hydrating lip balm that is free of flavor will keep you from constantly licking your lips which causes the cycle to continue.

If the area around the mouth is also affected do not exfoliate this part, which will only exacerbate the problem.  Wash face as normal and apply and extra thick layer of moisturizer to this area.

For days, keep your medicated lip balm with you at all times and reapply, reapply, reapply.


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