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Formal shirts with ties

Metrosexual, anyone? Well, why not? As more and more men are becoming more conscious of fashion and (thankfully) hygiene, a huge market willing to cater to this fashion evolution has sprung up. Men are becoming cleaner, more glamorous, and more conscious of color coordination.

In fact, people everywhere want to learn more about fashion.  If you're interested in going beyond the basics covered in this article, consider enrolling in an online fashion course.

One of the areas that metrosexuality covers is the formal shirts department. Formal shirts refer to collared shirts that can either be long or short-sleeved. It can be made of various material such as cotton, silk or twill. Some specific types of formal shirts include tuxedo shirts and men's designer suits, which are typically worn during very special occasions (such as weddings and formal dances), tailored shirts, and French cuff shirts. If you're interested in looking at some of the top designer brands of formal shirts available, then read on:

  1. Marks and Spencer boasts a wide collection of men's formal shirts and ties with different categories such as "Luxury," "Autograph" and "Easy Care." Generally, M&S' formal shirts have designs which are either pin-striped, plaid/check, or solid colors. You can also choose the style: long or short-sleeved, single or double cuff, classic or cutaway collar; the type of material is usually cotton or twill and there are also other unique features such as its "Ultimate Non-Iron" collection. M&S' formal shirts lend a professional and tailored effect to its wearer, without sacrificing his comfort thanks to the high-quality cotton or twill material of their fabric. Prices range from about $30 to $66. Check out their website at
  2. Hugo Boss' line of formal shirts for men speaks of high-quality and expensive tastes. The shirts show structured designs and clean lines, and its wide assortment of solid colors and stripes can accommodate anybody's tastes and unique style without sacrificing his atmosphere of professionalism. Available styles include a dress shirt with French cuffs and shirts with either points or spread collars. Prices are typically at $95, though you may come across discounts, bringing down prices to a low of $19. Check out
  3. Ralph Lauren's trademark is elegance and style. Choose from among its different collections - Polo Ralph Lauren (clean-cut, professional and comfortable, prices ranging from around $80 to $165), Black Label (very classic and timeless styles and design, with prices ranging from $275 to almost $400), and Purple Label (high elegance, with premium fabric. It also boasts of flamboyant colors and ties with prices at $395 to about $450). Check out their website at
  4. There are so many other designer brands you can choose from, with many up and coming brands enabling you to look your best without having to break your bank. One example is Joseph Turner Formal Shirts, which boast of fine attention to details such as its stitches and seams. You can choose from its different designs: checks, stripes, short and long-sleeved, along with its themed designs such as country and sea-island colors. Check it out at

To get the best deal for your money, visit websites such as to help you do comparison shopping at a glance. Also, make sure that you visit the brand's website to see if they have any available styles on clearance. Another option is to go to trading sites such as, and to score the best deals on brand-new and previously-owned shirts. Looking for some custom made shirts? Custom made shirts ensure that the dimensions of your clothing fit you exactly, and you may get a better deal on this than if you buy designer brand shirts that you'd have to have adjusted to give you a better fit. Try out for this option. If you live in India, try out

So whether you're a reigning king of fashion or if you're just starting on the road to good fashion taste, don't be afraid to invest some of your time and resources in this endeavor.  It's easier than ever to do this, with so many excellent online design schools available! Fashion for men is back, and it's likely here to stay.


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