How To Do Black Hair Twists

 Black woman with curly hair

People with natural curly or kinky hair most likely maintain natural hair looks that suit their lifestyle. A simple style recommendation for naturally curly or kinky hair is black hair twists. Black hair twists can be worn short, long, or placed into a ponytail. The more creative you are, the more style options you have with twists. The goal is to provide some simple step-by-step instructions on accomplishing the basic black hair twist.

A stylist should always consult with his or her client on what style they would like to have. In this case it would be the black hair twist style. Then, the client should provide the stylist with information on the size, length, and weight of the twist. The weight of the twist can vary from slim, medium, or thick.

  1. Hair must be shampooed and well-conditioned.
  2. Part the hair into four box sections with a rat-tail comb once hair is clean. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to untangle and comb through the hair in sections.
  3. Hair claws or clips are recommended to keep hair manageable in the sections. Also, the clips or claws will help the stylist get a visual on how he or she wants to create the twists.
  4. Once hair is prepped, part a mini-box, at the bottom of the hair shaft beginning right to left. The first initial part will be a half-a-box part. The part can be determined in several ways depending on the stylist. Some stylist use combs and other use their fingers to style black hair twists.
  5. Once you have the part, then the stylist will split the mini-part into two with comb or fingers.
  6. Stylists may differ on this step. Some stylists prefer three parts braiding the hair at the root and then twist. Others prefer twisting at the root or applying black rubber bands to the root of the mini-box and then begin twisting. The client can let the stylist know his or her preference. Black hair twist can be done in many variations.
  7. Once the mini-box part is split into two, the stylist will wrap the right hair split as firm as possible, without making the client uncomfortable, around the left split. Depending on the stylist, the split can go left over right. The stylist will repeat the twisting motion until the end of the hair length.
  8. To finish the twist, use the thumb and the index finger to roll the ends at least 3 or 4 times depending on the direction the black hair twist was started with. Repeat step over until the desired look is achieved.


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