How To Do Black Hair Weave Styles

African-American women want flexibility and variety when it comes to their hair. Now, more than ever, they seek to express their personality and mood through their hairstyles. What women do not want, however, is overstressed locks due to constant hair coloring and relaxing. Weaves have provided black women flexibility in achieving modern hairstyles with none of the stress on their own tresses, provided the weave is properly applied and maintained. Weave technology has advanced in the past decade. Below are just a few of the ways you can do black hair weave styles.

  • Bonding - This is the most temporary of weave application styles, usually lasting about a month. It is a bonding adhesive specifically designed for hair application. The adhesive is applied to the weft of the synthetic or human hair and then attached on the hair close to, but not on, the scalp. It is recommended that women test the adhesive on their skin prior to application to ensure there are no allergic reactions. Careful removal of the glue is a must to ensure healthy locks.
  • Sew-in - This method is economical and can last up to three months. The hair is natural hair and is braided into circular cornrows. Some natural hair can be left outside of the cornrows and blending at the top of the crown or around the edges for a more natural look; or you may braid the entire head of natural hair. Next, hair wefts are sewn into the braids. Provided the hair is not braided too tightly, this style can promote healthy growth of the natural hair. A down-side to this style is that tracks can sometimes be difficult to keep hidden.
  • Fusion - This is the most expensive, time-consuming and long-lasting weave. Tiny sections of your own hair are bonded to the extensions with hot wax. This look provides the most natural looking weave for women because it is virtually undetectable. As with the bonding method, special attention should be taken when removing the weave.

Weaves are an excellent opportunity for a black woman to update her look. Gone are the days that weaves were mainly used to provide length. Today, women get weaves in short, sassy styles to prevent cutting or coloring their own hair. Short styles also prevent unnecessary pulling of the hair, which can stress the scalp. It is important that one's own hair continues to be maintained while wearing weaves by using light oil and routine shampoos.


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