How To Do Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are traditionally a part of the eastern culture like the Arabian and South Asian part of the world. Henna tattoos are associated with celebration, festivity, art and beauty. In the eastern culture women adorn their hands and feet with henna tattoos for religious functions, weddings and festivals.

To do henna tattoos, first the henna leaves are picked from the henna plant, dried and ground to a powder which is called the henna powder. To apply henna it has to be mixed with water to a pourable consistency and then put into a bag similar to an icing or pastry bag though a lot smaller and thinner. A very minute cut is made into the corner end of the bag so that a thin line of the henna can ooze out. This gives the artist more control of the design and gives the pattern more detail and beauty.

Before applying henna tattoos to your body, make sure that the area is clean and test if you are allergic to henna by applying a little henna to the back of your hand and keeping it for five minutes, if it does not itch then your are not allergic to henna. Usually henna is applied to the palms and feet but now people are experimenting henna tattoos on other parts of the body like the lower back, upper arms, navel and the neck etc.

To apply the henna tattoo you can got to a henna artist or you can experiment by applying yourself. There are many design books available for different kind of henna patterns, so you can pick up one and let your creative juices flow. There are no limits to the patterns in henna tattoos, it can be traditional patterns like leaves and flowers, names or even geometrical patterns.

Once you apply the henna tattoo, make sure you let it dry for an hour or two and do not let it rub on anything as this will leave a red color on it. Once it dries you can apply lemon juice mixed with sugar with the help of a cotton ball for deeper color. Try to rub it off once it dries and it is not advisable to use water to wash it off as it will dull the color. This should result in a beautiful deep red color.

This is the traditional way of applying henna tattoos but there are ready made stick on tattoos available for quicker work. The traditional henna tattoos are not permanent and begin to fade away in two weeks.


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