How To Do Nail Designs

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If you're like a lot of women, then regardless of your age, you probably enjoy getting your nails done. Getting your nails done can be a lot of fun and there are many different nail designs available to choose from. You can get all kinds of designs, from your favorite sports team mascot to holiday designs or colorful abstracts.

A lot of women like to get designs that will complement their outfits.  If you enjoy wearing very basic colors such as black and white, you could get black and white stripes designed on your nails, or even affix black and white crystals.

For more daring looks, there are many options.  Some examples include getting images of flames on the nails, or other pictures such as stars, moons, flowers, leopard prints, zebra prints, rainbow prints and bright colors such as neon greens and pinks.  You can also opt to do neat prints such as tiger prints in a variety of colors like pink, purple and orange.

Some women like to pay respects to certain things that are very special to them.  You can choose to get designs on your nails like your country's flag, or you could get crosses or other religious symbols that are special to you.  Another option is to get initials designed on your nails, either for yourself or to represent someone you love.

One choice popular amongst younger women is to get their favorite cartoon characters designed on their nails.  You can get cartoon characters such as Tweety Bird, Tinker Bell or Mickey Mouse.  You may even find some older ladies paying tribute to their favorites! Along these lines, you could also opt for getting the image of your favorite animals on your nails.

Probably the most popular designs done to nails revolve around certain holidays.  Halloween is particularly fun: you can choose to get orange and black designs, spider designs, pumpkin designs, and witches just to name a few. For Christmas you could opt to get Santas, Christmas trees, presents or snowflakes. Valentine's Day is another popular holiday that women feature on their nails.  Here you can choose from a variety of hearts, cupids and other cool images in red or pink.

When you go to get your nails done, remember to ask the person who will be doing them to allow you to look through a gallery of available styles and designs.  If you already have something special in mind, try to find a picture of it to bring in so your manicurist will know exactly what you are looking for.


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