How To Dress to Look Thinner

There are only a few people who have the perfect bodies. Many have areas to improve on and imperfections to hide, such as flabby arms and heavy tummies. A dress can actually lessen your bulges if chosen carefully and properly. There are many proven ways to look slimmer than your actual size. 

How can you dress to look thinner? What kinds of dress should you buy? Here's some advice:

  1. Get the best fit at all times. Tight clothes will only emphasize your bulges. Baggy outfits can create an even more oversized look. Look for clothes that fit you well. That is the main purpose of fitting rooms in stores.
  2. Wear pin stripes and vertically printed clothes. This creates an illusion of a longer torso. Mix and match your wardrobe with different vertical styles. Be wary though of wide vertical lines for this will defeat your purpose. It will generally make you look bigger than your actual size.
  3. Choose black.  A black dress, shirt or skirt can minimize volume and helps create a slimmer appearance.
  4. Dress according to your body type. Some tips are not always applicable to your body type. It is best to try on clothes in the fitting room prior to purchasing.
  5. If you have a heavier top, wear cotton materials that are loose in the upper part and trims down at the waist. Wear plain color clothes from top to bottom. Although, it may sound boring, you can always wear accessories to create deviations. A matching belt can also enhance your overall look.
  6. If you have a bulky bottom, wear plain and solid lower body garments. Wear printed t-shirts or a blouse the length of your hips. This will significantly balance your figure. Choose knee-length skirts or dresses. A-line cut is preferred.
  7. For plus sizes, wear floral designs. Wear dresses as much as possible. 2 or 3 piece clothes such as a blouse or pants plus a jacket.
  8. If you have a voluptuous figure, accentuate your waist with a skinny belt (short 5'4" and under) or a wide belt (tall 5'7' and taller). Wear V-neck tops or even plunging necklines for the right occasions.  
  9. Invest on quality undergarments. Stores can provide you with support bras and panties than can significantly decrease the bulges here and there. This way, you get a comfortable and thinner look in one. Although, the costs for this underwear are considerably higher than the ordinary ones, you will actually save more in the long run.
  10. Lastly, develop a confident disposition and a positive outlook in life. If you are happy and satisfied inside, you will definitely glow outside. Your glow will illuminate all the positive attributes of your face and body.  Live happy, dress pretty.


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