Fashion Tips for Plus-Sized Teens

Bored of wearing black outfits that they say are slimming?  Do you want to wear cute and stylish clothes like everybody else but don’t know how?  Then here are some tips to help create the perfect wardrobe for the plus-sized princess in you:

  1. Size  Make sure that you buy the right sized clothes, not a size too large or a size too small.  By not wearing the right size of clothes, your appearance would look unnatural.  Loose clothes would make you look bigger than you already are.  The same goes with tight clothes: these would make you uncomfortable, and you may think about losing weight just to fit your clothes.  Keep in mind that clothes should make you feel great, not depress you or make you feel ugly.
  2. Outline  Don’t be tempted to hide your body underneath layers and layers of shapeless fabric.  Don’t try squeezing into a too-tight dress to make you look thinner either.  Instead, create a flattering silhouette that will show off your gorgeous curves while hiding any problem areas you may have.  Choose tailored jackets, skirts, tops and dresses that slim your body and create a sexy shape on you.
  3. Color  Find clothes that are in the colors that bring out your radiance, and avoid colors that make you look dull and sick.  Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see what colors are present in your eyes, hair and skin.  List these.  At the store, find clothes that are of the same color or similar to it.  For example:  if you have an overall warm (yellow-based) look about you, choose clothes that exude a yellow hue.  If you have a cool (blue-based) look, choose clothes that have a bluish tinge.  There are a lot more techniques for finding your flattering colors, so don’t be afraid to try out new colors you have never worn before.
  4. Details  Clothes can alter your appearance.  An outfit that makes the eye move without interruption would make you look lean and neat.  An example of this is to wear the same or similar colors at the top and bottom half of your body.  As much as possible, don’t wear contrasting colors, for these would cut the eye short and widen your appearance.  The thing to remember is that the area where the eye stops would be the area that would be the largest or widest visually.  That is why you should choose clothes that have detail only where you want the eye to look and plainer styles over problem areas that you want the eye to ignore.
  5. Accessories  The right accessories could do wonders for your appearance.  Know how to match jewelry to your outfits.  An example of this is to wear necklaces close to your neck when you are wearing shirts with a scooped neckline.  This would flaunt your gorgeous bosom.  If you are wearing off-shouldered tops, wear dangling earrings that point out the sexiness of your bare shoulders.  Pay attention to the effect that your accessories make and have fun trying things out.

Being plus-sized doesn’t mean you're missing out on all the fun.  In fact, there are so many things you could try to make you look your absolute best.  Now that’s bringing out the plus in plus-size!


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