How To Find a Stylish Cane

When you hear the word cane, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Sugar cane or the walking cane? In fact, canes are tall, flexible woody stalks that belong to the Poaceae family and are related to bamboo. These plants grow continually the whole year round in damp soils. One of the genera of Poaceae is sugarcane.

As an economic source of sugar, apart from sugar beet, white sugar is produced after the sugar cane juice is processed and refined. Brown sugar, on the other hand, can be partially refined or not refined at all. With partially refined, this means molasses remnants are mixed with refined white sugar, giving it the brownish color and soft texture. By-products gained from sugar cane are molasses, alcohol, rum, fuel, livestock feed, paper and wallboard.

Cane's stiff flexibility makes it ideal for weaving baskets, making furniture, tools, walking sticks and weapons. From a simple walking stick to a walking aid for the disabled, canes are now acquired not because of the physical stability and comfort that they provide, but solely for their ornamental value. Back in the old days, bamboo was used to make walking sticks, and so became "cane."

Soon enough, cane became associated with fashion. People from all walks of life have their own "walking cane." Materials such as wood, ebony, ivory and whalebone are now being used in the production of comfortable, stylish and practical walking canes. Handles are jeweled or intricately carved to suit expensive tastes. Some are made hollow to conceal a weapon or any important items. A sword cane is created to conceal a sword inside, while a cane gun is built to hide a gun. While there are still plenty of sword canes around the world, cane guns have become hard to find.

As a distinctive mark of a professional, canes have become ideal gifts for men. Here is a list of stores and makers of walking canes and sword canes:

  1. Boris Palatnik's Art. His gallery exhibits beautifully handmade designs of walking canes and sword canes. Since sword canes are prohibited due to weapon concealment, he offers a removable blade option. Handle designs are also customizable. Visit his artistic display at
  2. Nextag.Com. Sells not just a cane, but also an adjustable folding cane with a deluxe case. You can carry it anywhere anytime. Compare prices with different stores. Here's their website:
  3. Life with Ease. Elegance with safety, that's what they have come up with. Have you seen walking canes with a flashlight? How about an adjustable folding flashlight cane? Although the batteries are not included, it would be really cool to give it to granddad on his birthday. He might appreciate it so much that he might give you a spank with it. Check them out at
  4. Do you adore your pet so much? Well, this site's for you. Since they have cast-made dog breed walking sticks available, you can have your own hand carved with a little extra cost. Some of the cute ones are Cocker Dog, Rottweiler, Labrador Retriever, Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. Visit their website and see for yourselves:

Although it looks like a walking stick, a new self-massager called Thera Cane is being sold worldwide to ease sore muscles at the back, neck and shoulder. This is a wonderful invention for those who can't afford a massage therapist every night. It also saves you from a lot of pain.


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