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Like what you saw on the Oscar’s red carpet but can’t afford to buy a designer evening gown?  Little do you know that these dresses could be available at your local boutiques for a more affordable price, thanks to the ingenuity of LA fashion designer Allen B Schwartz.  For about a decade now, Allen B. Schwartz has been selling designer Oscar gown knockoffs.  His fashion lines Allen B and ABS Fashions feature very similar dresses to those found on celebrities in the red carpet, for a price that ordinary people can afford.  What makes his dresses so cheap is that he uses rayon instead of silk, and the dresses are mass-produced instead of being created as one-of-a-kind. About a month after the Oscar Awards Ceremony, the dresses find their way to department stores.  Read on how to find ABS Oscar dresses and look like your favorite celebrity for just several hundred dollars.

  1. Watch the celebrities trickle in through the red carpet and decide which celebrity gown you like the best. Allen B. Schwartz and the designers at ABS will be watching the red carpet as well, but instead of relaxing in their living room as they do so, they’re frantically sketching the dresses and translating these into patterns. In over 48 hours, they would have already replicated copies of the best gowns on the Oscar red carpet.
  2. ABS does not replicate all dresses worn on the red carpet though; Allen B Schwartz only chooses to recreate six or eight dresses. The looks he prefers are simple elegant looks that will stand the test of time.  At the same time, they also have to be new, and not too gimmicky. So when you’re deciding on which of the stars’ gowns you’d like to have for yourself, you’ll have a higher chance of seeing a cheaper knockoff of classic styles than avant-garde styles. Some of the celebrity gowns that ABS has recreated are the following:
    • Cate Blanchett’s canary yellow Valentino gown.  It originally costs at least $10,000, but the ABS version sells for just $400.
    • Charlize Theoron’s Dior gown with the ruffles and train.  The original dress was estimated to have cost around $15,000, but Allen B Schwartz will sell the knockoffs for around $200.
    • Renee Zellweiger’s white gown, which was recreated in different colors and retails for around $300.
  3. In about three to four weeks from the date of the Academy Awards Night, ABS Oscar dresses from the Allen B and ABS lines will be made available at leading department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and Lord&Taylor. You might want to give them a call and request to be informed once the dresses are in.
  4. Oscar dresses from ABS can also be purchased online through stores like  However, it might be better to buy the gowns at your local department store so you can ensure that the fit and cut goes well with your figure. A gown that looked stunning on Jessica Alba may not look as great on you because you might have a different body type.


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