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The Oasis clothing line features stylish women’s clothing and accessories that redefine “casual, yet elegant”.  Their full line of dresses, jeans, shirts, shoes, and more offers eye-catching, functional clothing for everyone ranging from young students to high-powered career women. 

Oasis clothes have long been a standard in the United Kingdom, and their stores have recently expanded to include franchises in Taiwan, Russia, and China, among others.  This clothing line isn’t available to shoppers in the United States through local franchises or through the Oasis website, but you can find online auctioneers who are willing to ship to the United States at eBay and eBay UK. 

If you want to find deals on Oasis clothing, you don’t have to look any further than their website or one of their brick and mortar stores.  The site has a page specifically for items that are on sale.  Those items tend toward end-of-season bargains such as bikinis and light summer wraps; but you can also find classic pieces such as form-fitting tees, modernized cardigans, and jeans.  Their sale page also offers special pricing on jewelry and shoes – often up to 50% off the original price. 

In their brick and mortar stores, you will find closeouts on end-of-season items and can occasionally find great deals on new lines that aren’t selling as well as they’d hoped.  Visiting a franchise also gives you the chance to try the clothes on in person, and you don’t have to pay shipping!  Franchises can be found throughout the UK and Europe; if you visit the Oasis website you can use their store locator to find one near you. 

The shopping website First Ball offers Oasis clothing that is often priced well below the Oasis site’s rates.  However, as any online shopper knows, you can also find great deals on Oasis clothes at auction sites such as eBay and eBay UK.  A recent search on eBay brought up about 500 Oasis clothing items; compare that to eBay UK, which returned nearly 10,000 results!  The prices at either site are much lower than on the Oasis website, and those who sell through auction sites are often willing to negotiate shipping to any country.  For United States shoppers, shipping rates through eBay ranged from around $5.00 to $15.00, while shipping from eBay UK sellers will cost you an additional $12.00 to $30.00.  However, since the purchase price of these items is usually much lower than the amount you’d pay an Oasis distributor, the overall cost may still work out to be lower than you would pay either through their website or at a franchise.  eBay and other auction sites also offer a “Wanted” section, so if you don’t find a piece you like on the site you can always describe the item you’re looking for in the “Wanted” section and wait for sellers to contact you.


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